▶[BEATTV] Last Shelter _ 미사일~! 어디까지 쏴봤어요? (라스트쉘터, 비트tv, last shelter beat)

▶[BEATTV] Last Shelter _ 미사일~! 어디까지 쏴봤어요?    (라스트쉘터, 비트tv, last shelter beat)

We’ve put it all up. Yes! We’re going to do a missile test today. One missile at a time. I’ll take a look at that trait. First of all, as you all know,
The first bomb. It’s a force of six. Capacity is one. This is how the electricity goes. 666 chips. Destroy enemy base durability 1200 I’ll shoot you in here.
Bombing Missile Fire! It’ll probably fly in one shot. The bomb goes like this. Let’s shoot the most powerful ice missile. If you look at an ice missile, Reduced enemy marching speed by 400% The duration is 30 minutes. The 25-level ice missile has a destructive power of 50. Destructive force consumes enemy anti-missile systems. 50 anti-missile systems will be consumed. You know, anti-missile systems. Capacity up to 63 It takes up 10 of my missiles. So, normally, ice missiles are the only way to do that way I have one. And what’s unusual about ice missiles? There is a launch interval. If you fire, you won’t be able to fire another ice missile for another four hours. First ice missile launch. I’ll shoot. Missile~ Ice Missile~ Explosion, combustion, lighting, gas, ice. Let’s go. If you hit an ice missile, So there’s an ice sign of ice. There’s an ice sign, and the base energy is not going down. They’re using the other side’s anti-missile system. The base energy doesn’t decrease. So what I did was I blew it up. I think it’s only possible for a bomb. The rest are missiles that fit their characteristics. But once you shoot an ice missile, And then I had to wait. He said he couldn’t launch. Let’s test it! Missile~ Ice Missile~ This place is disabled. Ice Missile. Four-hour launch interval. I can’t click here for 4 hours. I was wondering if you could shoot an ice missile I was wondering if I could shoot another missile right away. Combustion Missile!! Combustion missile characteristics are chipping and destroying resources. Fire a Combustion Missile~ Combustion Missile
Launch~ Combustion Missile Plot The base’s energy is not going down. It’s just chipping and destroying resources. Destroyed the other party’s resources. next time Light Missile We’re gonna paralyze the enemy base counter-inspection, I can spy on the enemy. a destructive force of 20.
It’s 20 anti-missile systems that fly. Light Missile Launch~ Fire!!! It’s like this. This is a sign that you were hit by a light missile. This white one. This is an ice missile. This is a light missile. You can still do reconnaissance while you’re in reverse reconnaissance. This time, we’re going to go to the farm. with a protective shield Even though I’m wearing a shield, I got hit by a light missile. Reconnaissance…
Oh~ It’s going to be recon. Wow~ Even if the light missiles are shielded,
It’s recon. It’s amazing. The reconnaissance station even written or protection. A reconnaissance. A reconnaissance. Just one last step now. Gas missile Enemy Base Radiation Pollution / Red Army Injury / 2 Hours Launch Gas Missile~ Gas This is the gas missile. I’m sure many of you have seen it. Center green on base
I feel a little addicted. It’s shown here.
Just because it’s gas pollution, It’s two hours long. Gas missiles last two hours. You keep hurting your soldiers and sending them to your duty. Missile It’s only a bomb that reduces the energy of the base. The rest is used according to the characteristics of the missile. as it usually turns out I use gas and ice missiles a lot. Bombing, ice, gas missiles… I use 3 more like this. The missile has a capacity of 25. When I finish shooting 25 levels of the silo building,
It has a missile capacity of 25. If you look at the missile, you’ll see the capacity for one. Ice missiles have a capacity of ten. Five gas missiles Four light missiles Two Combustion Missiles One bomber. Ice missiles have 6,666 chips. Electric 5M Water 2M I’ll have to make the rest of the gas. Five explosive missiles. on two gas rounds a pair of ice missiles I’ll hold it like this. Every time I fired a missile, I wondered. It’s definitely a bomb. I know you’re cutting the durability of the enemy base by 1200. The rest of the way we cut down on this durability and see if it’s going to take on that trait. I was confused if it wasn’t. Only a bomb can destroy the enemy’s durability. I’m going to have to hold on to the bomb. Don’t build a missile when it’s growing. I want you to shoot 25 levels later. You’re going to raise the chip building a lot. It’s a chip building like the Cooperative Operations Center and the Special Forces Center. Rip up a lot of missile factories and then make them. because It’s less to do my level up, the resources. Good missile, sometimes I think it’s good. Light gas missile, missile Find out to the ice missiles. I think ice missiles are the most powerful. Missile War Video There were no high-end missiles at the time. The missile is DD WAR. It’s used a lot in LC battles. Subscribe! Good! Please press it. Thank you for watching us until the end.

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