▶[BEATTV] Last Shelter _ 전투팁! 빠르게 공격하는법! ▶ 라스트쉘터, 비트tv, last shelter beat, KE

▶[BEATTV] Last Shelter _ 전투팁! 빠르게 공격하는법!   ▶ 라스트쉘터, 비트tv, last shelter beat, KE

Hello, I’m BEATTV. Nice to meet you. Today I’ll give you a simple and important battle tip. Take a nine-tier shot. Those of you who fight a lot. If you haven’t fought on the new server, Please keep in mind. Well, before we go to battle, we’re going to have to find out what’s in your item box. high-end urban mobility rights High-end urban mobility rights. You can use it at your disposal Click on the coordinates you want. If you click on the urban movement, Here’s the urban migration. Here’s the right to move to the city I saw earlier. If you don’t have the right to move to the city, If you use 2,000 diamonds,
You can move to the coordinates you want. You can’t move where it’s shown in red. There’s no such thing as a clown. When you click on a clown, it’s red on top. In this case, we can’t move. And the second item. random right of urban migration This is a random flight of the base when you click on it. Attention! The right to move to a high-end city, Your vehicles are out there. Even if the helicopter’s out there, Allows you to use advanced mobility rights. But this kind of random urban mobility is not a problem. The vehicle or helicopter must not be outside. Let me show you. I sent you a reconnaissance. in the presence of a spy. With the right to randomize, If you look here, the unit’s still out of town. It says we can’t move. No. So here’s the random movement. It’s great, very nice. The drawback is not available when the vehicle is out. I hope you know this. This is normal. If you’re a new server, Because it’s hard to buy a diamond. It’s usually here at the Federation’s warehouse. Available at the Federation Store. If you look here. I bought it here because I don’t have any diamonds. I bought it here and used it when I I used it. Right now, if we’re going to collect these things, In the fight between the king and the king, They give us the right to move. If you’re gonna level up later, and you’re gonna do a lot of work on the C.O.S. We can collect a lot. Most important! How to attack quickly! This is my farm. Assuming an enemy, I usually click on it and press the attack. Before that, I’d like to set up the vehicle. Here’s Vehicle One. Occupational transport vehicle (specialised transport vehicle) It’s a professional transport car. Set up a vehicle to attack here. I’m setting it up by car. I set the vehicle up here. When you attacked quickly, It will automatically be selected as vehicle number 1. So click on it, click on it, click on it, and then click on it. All you have to do is press exit. I’ll show you below. Click-Attack
It’s automatically clicked here. So when you attack quickly, All you have to do is press Click-Attack-Out Here’s the point. When you click on this station, Take a right corner here. right The reason is It’s more than just a click in the middle here. When you click to the right, the attack indicator is displayed. So, at the same time, I’m doing it to press quickly. Just press it. Click-Attack-Out In my case, I practice when I rob a farm. Click Attack -Out When you plunder the farm, Don’t just flirt with me. You can go to school while practicing this. Random movement is not possible when the vehicle is out. Now~ Remember this. And usually when they attack, You’re going to hit me by the side. There’s going to be news, isn’t there? when the news comes up He could be attacked, so we need to get away with it. There are two ways. It’s a way to get away after an attack. The first is that we’re going to have the right to random urban mobility. I’m waiting like this. You attack the enemy, Waiting for the car to come back… Here’s your comeback comment. I’m waiting for that comeback comment. We’re here. Return message Click and run. The second is how to use advanced mobile rights. after the attack You’re clicking on the ground next to it. When someone attacks, when the red light comes up, It’s a straight line-up. There are two ways. To get away quickly, this random right to urban mobility. It’s the easiest way to get there. I have to move once. I’m going to attack the farm character So, we’re going to the random all else. I’ll show you everything I’ve said before. Right click attack – exit – right of random movement I’ll show you how to use it and run. by the side Attack Right-click – Attack – Out Then random click after waiting Then there’s news. Click and run when you return There’s one way to get away like this. Click on the right to move to the city. Move and then right click – Attack – Out Then we waited randomly.go Run away when you say you’re back. Now~ I’ll show you how to run away. This time, when you hit characters that are far away, We wait for him to run. The disadvantage is that we use a lot of advanced mobility rights. Here you go. by clicking He’s got a quick attack, I’ll play something far away. under attack The car is far away. Just press it like this and hold it still. You don’t have to go far. When someone attacked me while I was waiting, Click and run. If you don’t have any enemies, you’s. Send a car, hit the city’s move. When there’s a red light, I run away.
After Using Advanced Move – Click on Random Move once more But it’s… Because it can be hit by acceleration. Be careful. It’s a waiting ride. So before the war, Well, first of all, I’m gonna need to know Check the quantity of random city tickets first. If you’re not good enough, you can buy it at the store here. when attacking Prepare to run away using the right of random movement. But if you’re strong enough to defend yourself, You don’t have to do this. You can defend yourself. But I used to run away all the time. He’s got one shot and he’s running. Or you can run to the side But I can’t do well if I fight hard. So when you plunder the farm, Right click and attack. I hope you practice. Practice when looting a farm. Red Right Click – Attack – Out Red Right Click – Attack – Out Click on enemy base, right corner. You can get into your habit. Then I can hit you a little faster. If you’re quick to attack, you can even before the base lands. in a second To attack in a second. We need to study the marching speed. That’ll take a second. If you haven’t studied, it’ll take two to three seconds. I’m not good at fighting. I’ve explained to you the battle tips I know. Thank you. Practice when you rob a farm. This was BEATTV. Thank you. Subscribe! Good! Thank you!

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