✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Tent

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Tent

Well, I mean if you’re using English subtitles, you must speak English… So… That means you can read English too, right? Ok, I can’t hear you right now, but I’m going to assume you said yes. So in that case, you just looked at subtitles to see if something funny would show up. Well what’s up with that?! Pay attention to the video! Ok if you’re still reading this, then that must mean you’re not in the mood to pay attention to this video. It’s fine! I’m totally cool with that decision ;( Wow! Look at me break that dirt! You really are missing out! Ok, fine. I get it, you’re not going to watch the video. So, how have you been lately? Great! That’s awesome to hear! Dang it, the brightness on my computer keeps shifting every time I type, somethings rigged. Look at me place that wool! Wow! 😉 *Exits room* Let me know in the comment section below if you’re loving this Under Tale music Pop quiz! What am I doing in the video as you’re reading this? Is it A. Placing Wool? Or could it be B. Placing More Wool? Or lastly but not leastly (That’s not a word but YOLO), is it C. None of the above? You have 10 seconds to answer! *Jeopardy Music plays in background* Well, what’s the point in telling you the answer, its not accurate anymore -_- So… Umm… Wonderful weather we’ve been having lately! I guess… Look at them fences! Oooooh! Here comes the Tripwire hooks! Detail is key More Tripwire hooks?! Things just got interesting! Now lets just get a nice review of everything we’ve built Neat, isn’t it 🙂 Oh wait, we forgot about them grizzlies… YOLO (Except for in Minecraft, you live an infinite amount of times…) Do you guys remember Harambe? He was a great gorilla… RIP Harambe If you are claustrophobic, I recommend leaving the video like right now Quick! I need to make a pun that would make sense in this specific scenario! Ooh I got it! I am really con-TENT that you enjoyed this video! NAILED IT! Oh gosh… I am really getting that spooky campfire tales vibe right now! You may not see them now, but I’m telling you, those grizzlies do not play easily! I’m pretty sure insurance doesn’t cover death in Minecraft, so be careful! Ooh! Here’s a great idea! Put your campfire directly next to your tent to achieve maximum lighting 😉 Don’t let the bed bugs (or grizzlies) bite! Morning! Wow. I’ve spent about 3 hours on these subtitles, what has my life become?! Oh and for those of you wondering, MagmaMusen is not the one editing these subtitles Trust me, if he was making these subtitles, he would have NO time whatsoever to upload a video today. and that would also be a waste of time. I feel as if you just toned out this entire video, unaware of the fact that we built a tent in it Well, I guess the outro is coming up so I don’t have much else to say. So good night everyone

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  1. The music is relaxing i love reading and i love you and your videos……WELL NOT LIKE LIKE LIKE YOU OR ANYTHING…umm…this is awkward for shure…..um…heh…im. just. go. know. Um bye heh….but I still love your ideas.

  2. This is gonna be super underrated, but I just personally think that this music is lovely. Wonder if it's sad, destroying all his creations for the next video?

  3. MagmaMusen did you know that in Minecraft trial, if you type adventure mode and hard mode and type survival mode in it you got full game

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