【SIGHTSEEING CAMP△】Bicycle★2019.9「Kinomura Camp」

【SIGHTSEEING CAMP△】Bicycle★2019.9「Kinomura Camp」

Depart from Myoukaku Station and have lunch at a famous Tokian soba restaurant. Then camp at Kinomura Campsite. Speaking of a bicycle, it is a city cycle. Versatile and can do anything. A cup made by a famous potter. Looks like it is cracked. But this is “Wabisabi”. This is soba. Japanese food. The taste is delicious. This is Buckwheat tofu. Tempura is crispy and delicious. I’m using a square cup for the first time. Soba-yu is hot and rich. Drink sobayu and soba soup. Everything is sophisticated and very good. Go straight across the bridge. I brought new equipment to play in the river. Other than that, Bonfire stand food tent fuel and photography equipment. It’s raining. The tent is okay in the rain. Attach the rain cover to the pannier bag. The mudguard has been removed and cannot be used during operation. OK Improved equipment. New underwater equipment I can shoot from my eyes. Can float for a long time. Shoes that won’t come off in the water. Perform test operation. This is the power of the new equipment. Mayday Mayday Mayday Shoes are floating. No kidding! An emergency! Stop the test. Survived. I see, the cause is forgetting to close the shoelace. This also increased safety. Teaching how to use the shower. Insert 200 yen and press the button. Bring shampoo. Wipe my body with a towel. Swim towel that can be used many times when squeezed. This is good. There is a refrigerator and a trash can. Great facilities. If the pellet burns, just add a little at a time. Cheers to civilization. New item Sierra Cup If I just boil hot water, a Sierra cup is enough. Sierra cup is good. I like it! The warm dinner was delicious. Make smoked corn beef for breakfast. OK Make rice with water. The food I make is delicious. Withdrawal work started.

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