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  1. Like everyone here I love Kana and her adorableness. Good hearted person. But one different note…. why doesnt grass in her yard 🤔

  2. 『キャバツくん』って何やねんw 誤字?狙い?w 

  3. นักมวยปลำใช่ไหมคนนี้ (ต้องใช่สิ)ดูอยู่ๆ

  4. She needs to take that cabbage and soak it in red wine vinegar overnight. Then she needs to put it on a toasted ham and cheese sandwich, top the sandwich with French fries and Crystal Louisiana hot sauce. A finer sandwich cannot be found.

  5. yo imagine you’re just chillin and your neighbor is just in the backyard yelling “EASY PEASY!!! PIECE OF CAKE!!!” wyd?

  6. この機械いいですね


  7. Kana you really know to sliced and diced Cabbages you sure do and your looking beautiful anyway are you gonna celebrate Halloween this year cause I know that I am I'm gonna play this like restident evil 1,2 for PlayStation classic games and eat candy and pizza also go dancing afterwards I'm gonna enjoy Halloween this year

  8. Kana chan this was A Interesting video you were fascinating indeed and whoa your looking gorgeous like you do I can't believe that Halloween is in two days and you sure know how to sliced and diced Cabbages your videos are getting more interesting and entertaining keep up the good work 👌😊

  9. So, I just spent 9 minutes watching a female Japanese wrestler cut cabbage…. Best Wednesday ever!

    So, as if I needed a reason to add Asuka to my Woman Crush Wednesday list…. she's in! 🙂

  10. Kana this has to be the best nine of my tire life and your always making it worth my while Asuka your super gorgeous

  11. I hate cooking shows.
    I hate product videos.
    I hate youtube.
    I hate pointless bullshit.
    Wait…is that Asuka shredding cabbage?

  12. Asuka as an innocent face? Has WWE flipped their script again? Expecting Becky Lynch to run in from the side and dropkick her to the ground any moment now…

  13. i duno what i am doing with my life, i just watch a girl spin up some chooped up cabbage, because she is a wrestler that i like…

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