🔗 ⚖ASMR-JAIL⛓Escape with me 🏃

🔗 ⚖ASMR-JAIL⛓Escape with me 🏃

Hey, for what have you been taken? Are you smuggling triggers? Me – for the illegal distribution of triggers. The cops hunted me for 2 years. They took me in on illegal brushes battles
without rules. Pst pst, Do you want to catch a ride? I’ve got some triggers – managed to hide. Only it is necessary to watch out, so that
overseers do not catch us. I don’t want get into a jam. Otherwise they will shake me down and pick
up all the triggers. And I without them will not last long, brother. Quiet! So, looks like they’re gone … so lets start. When they arrested me
with brushes I hid one. Don’t ask me how. Want some brushing? Most of all that peaking me when I brush my
ears. Like that. Relax dude and enjoy. There is such a thing: it peakes you not always. If it stopped – you need to change something. Triggers or dealer. Or take a break. But its hard. Starts the shakes. And sometimes even the most unusual things
can peak you. For example, a toothpick. I asked the jailers to save it. It would seem innocuous thing but how it can
juice if you tinkle ears. Or face. or neck Or for example, a feather. I pulled him out of my pillow. Juice me too if stroking the face and ears. and ears don’t imagine, I’m not an asmrtist just I have fun But you have to be careful. Then the dude in the next cell dabbled with
a brush, fell asleep with her, and the guards caught him. He was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment without
triggers. The judge laughed very much. I tried to lay it off to be honest. But here’s the thing. Become keen on it and you can’t kick the
habit. I quit a couple of times but then I couldn’t
stop. Cause triggers are everywhere. I wanted to rob the shop. I approached the seller and she was speaking
with such a pleasant soft voice that I almost fell asleep. Close up whispering also knocks me out. Like this – from ear to ear. I like triggers that are always with me. Fingers sounds for example. Here it is. Jailers can’t forbid me to use my fingers. When did you get hooked on triggers? I did around 4 years ago. Back then there was not many of us in the
business. But our mafia is growing. I have an accomplice on freeside. She passed me something. surprice I have smth inside surprice (again) Do you see the ventilating stroke? Well and we now have a file and pliers. now I will use it Hold the pliers. You will unbend the grille with it like this. Let me I will show you And
I will use the file. It’s good that they put you with me. Before that I sawed the grill for three days
but now we will quickly cope. Give me the pliers, I’ll show you how to bend. Come on, it’s almost done. Seems like that’s all. you see the hole? I’m first, you follow me. If you get caught, do not dare to spill my
guts or my friends will punish you. All right, let’s go.

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About the Author: Sam Caldwell


  1. Hey, why did they take you? Do not worry, we'll run away today. First, will have a fun with triggers, and then we'll escape. Brush, file, feather, fingers, pliers – all come in handy 🙂

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  2. Please let me free I didn’t know raping grizzly bears was a crime

    Police officer: boy I saw you raping that bear like no tomarrow your in for along time

  3. Ok. Here's the plan. you cut the bars, I knock out a guard and take his/ her weapon and we silently make our way out of the prison, take a squad car and leave. Any questions?

  4. Cops hunting you for 2 years? I'm wanted by the fucking galactic federation because my brain is literally the most intelligent and powerful thing ever conceived. Great video, it's both visually and artistically amazing. Nice visuals

  5. Man, all i want is to watch prison asmr but no, i get bombarded with bad bitches in orange 😂

  6. Prisoner 1: I was sent to Gulag many years ago. I attempted to revolt against Stalin’s oppressive regime. I lost family, friends, and was tortured got most of my life. What are you in for?
    Valeriya: I gave people brain massages

  7. Как ты три дня пила решётку, если напильник у тебя только сейчас появился?

  8. Tools for escape: brush, feather , fingers and pliers? Any other scenario we'd be entering the kinky zone lol not to mention the hot babe

  9. Thanks for the video and thanks for the Arabic subtitles.for the first time I see an asmr video with arabic sub I guess not too many arabes watch asmr

  10. Только пришел в камеру, через 13 минут сразу сбежал😂

  11. Вообще кул!! Креативно! Спасибо за качественный подход к выпускам !!

  12. Человек, написавший русские субтитры, ты реально гений, настолько тюремного базара я давно не слышал

  13. Не дурно в концлагере), не хватает вертухаев ss или НКВД с овчарками)

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