10 Of The World’s Most Brutal Prisons

10 Of The World’s Most Brutal Prisons

Elite Facts Presents 10 of the World’s Most Brutal Prisons 10. Stanley Prison, Hong Kong
Stanley Prison is One of the six maximum security facilities in Hong Kong that was built in
1937 and is considered to be one of the worst of them all as the prison was a popular place
of execution before the government lifted capital punishment in the 90s. Between the 40s and 60s, it is estimated that
around 120 criminals were executed in Stanley Prison with the Gallows pole being the main
method of execution. It also became a major part of the Stanley
Internment Camp during the Japanese occupation, as the prison was used as a place of torture
and execution where around 600 prisoners were executed. Refugees from China who tried to cross the
border were also imprisoned there making its population grow to around 3,000 people. 9. Montelupich Prison, Cracow, Germany
Said to have been one of the absolute worst Nazi prisons in Poland and was used by the
Gestapo all throughout World War II. The prison was specifically to house political
prisoners, victims of the Gestapo street raids and British and Soviet spies. Between the years of 1940 to 1944, it has
been estimated that around 50,000 prisoners had passed through the prison walls
where it was said that ’medieval torture’ was employed as their main method of interrogation. In the years following World War 2, The prison
was used by the soviet army where they would imprison Polish soldiers from the Home Army
were murdered and tortured by the NKVD. 8. Vladimir Central Prison, Russia
Vladimir Central Prison was built in 1783 and became notorious for housing many political
prisoners during the Soviet Union era. As of today, the overcrowded and disease-infested
prison is known for the sadistic abuse that the inmates receive from the guards. Prisoners are forced out of their cells, ordered
to put their hands on the wall and given beatings that were so brutal that they have to be dragged
back to their cells with some cases ending in a prisoner’s death. As if being beaten by the prison guards wasn’t
enough, It had been reported that prisoners were also ordered to fight each other just
for the prison guard’s enjoyment. 7. Kamiti Maximum Security Prison, Nairobi, Kenya
Kamiti Maximum Security Prison is situated on a 1,200 acre lot and had became infamous
due to the unspeakable “Living Conditions” that the prisoners are subjected to. The prison, which holds a number of political
prisoners, has earned a reputation for instances of sodomy, beating of inmates to death, and
epidemics where malnutrition, cholera, and ulcers were normal occurrences. This prison is definitely up there with the
worst of the worst. 6. Black Beach Prison, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea
Black Beach Prison is notorious for its human rights offenses as it has been reported that
this prison has become well known for its guard brutality, malnutrition, overcrowding,
and rat infestations. It has been common for prisoners to die from
chronic disease which should come as no surprise considering the living conditions the prisoners
must endure. Inmates have been said to always be in a constant
fear of torture and prolonged beatings, which cause a number of deaths. 5. Petak Island Prison, White Lake Russia
Essentially what is considered to be the Russian equivalent of Alcatraz Island, Petak Island
Prison was isolated by the White Lake and was built to hold some of the most dangerous
prisoners. Although the prisoners in this facility are
fortunate to not have to deal with brutalizing guards or other prisoners, They instead have
to deal with a restricted life of living in cages and in isolation with no lavatories
nor washing facilities. These prisoners have no freedom whatsoever
as they are surrounded by freezing cold water and snow leaves the prisoners to deteriorate
and become psychologically devastated. 4. San Juan de Lurigancho, Lima, Peru
Said to be the toughest prison in South America, San Juan De Lurigancho was formed and built
in 1924 and is said to housed 2,500 inmates but now has 7,000 prisoners within its dilapidated
walls. Lurigancho has a very lax environment where
inmates can pretty much do whatever they want within the walls of the prison such as sell
anything they want like DVD’s, Gadgets, CDs and anything within that sort of area
of consumerism to selling recreational drugs. Cockfighting is a common sight as well as
visiting prostitutes who are disguised as ‘nurses.’ Prisoners are not segregated and are left
to their own devices, wandering around the facility, committing murder and other acts
of violence. If you end up here, Just hide. 3. Rikers Island Prison, New York
Probably one of America’s most notorious prisons behind Alcatraz Island, Rikers Island
was characterized by beatings, stabbings, and brutal treatment not only from the guards
but also from inmates who were deployed as ‘enforcers’ by the guards. A hotbed for violence and aggression, it gained
media attention in 2007 when an 18-year-old prisoner was beaten senseless with a billy
club by other teenage inmates as the guards looked on. It is also known for its cruel treatment of
mentally ill prisoners, who often turn to suicide just so they can “get out” of
there. It’s that brutal. 2. San Quentin Prison, California
San Quentin Prison is the oldest prison in the state of california as it opened in July
1852 and was known for being co-ed as both male and female prisoners were imprisoned
here. Nowadays, it is the largest death row for
male inmates in the United States. During the 1930s, corruption was rampant in
this prison where inter-racial riots became a normal occurrence and were encouraged by
the guards. 1. Alcatraz, San Francisco, California
Probably the most recognisable prisons on this list, Alcatraz Island also known as ‘The
Rock’ or ‘Devil’s Island’ is a prison hell that was built in the 1920s and was designed
in such a way that escape was improbable. As the inmates lost contact with the outside
world, they were subjected to abusive and arrogant guards who imposed complete silence
as prisoners were not only disallowed to converse with each other, but to show their emotions
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  1. what about the prison in Iraq that was under the control of the US army that witnessed all those inhuman torture methods and was discovered in 2006

  2. Alcatraz wasn't the hellhole this list makes out. The rule of silence was abandoned very early as unworkable; prisoners had access to free cigarettes and there were machines that dispensed free loose tobacco; the food was good quality and dished out in generous portions.

    Inmates could receive packages— Capone's wife, May, sent him a banjo and an instruction book, and he became proficient to the point that other inmates would request songs.

  3. top ten awesome physical appearance combinations like: red hair and pail skin or bark skin and blue eyes or blond tint, really curly hair and dark pigment skin, green eyes and red hair or pale skin and black hair.

  4. its a prison not a hotel i want chain gangs back put them to work if we are going to feed them put them to work farm their own foods , roadwork ect . quit babying these people

  5. It's hard to tell who's the criminals.Those who are behind bars or those on the outside of the bars? The human nature is truly..truly evil..corrupt..cruel..and full of non sense.

  6. While some of those prisons could do with a few more human rights, they are prisons. They aren't supposed to cater to the inmates. The inmates are there for a reason. They aren't there for a spa day.

  7. Alcatraz was not bad it just held bad people and I know I did a whole reasearch paper on it

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