10 Truck Bed Campers That’ll Make You Rethink Your Camping Needs

10 Truck Bed Campers That’ll Make You Rethink Your Camping Needs

– [Reacher] Truck bed
campers, love’em or hate’em, they’re making a comeback
on a grand scale. I’m Reacher and here
are 10 truck bed campers currently making their
mark in the industry. (dramatic music) – [Woman Narrator] Number 10. – [Reacher] This first entry, from German-based Camp Crown
is the primary offering of a what a truck bed camper should be. The rooftop raises at an
angle toward the front, providing extra living space and protection from the elements. When it’s lowered, the low profile design allows for a safe, cost-efficient
driving experience. And just under nine feet in length with a 8 1/2 foot ceiling,
it offers plenty of headroom with a living area that includes a sink, a hideaway cassette
toilet, a u-shaped dinette that converts to extra bedding and a twin bed in the cabover. (light music) – [Woman Narrator] Number nine. – [Reacher] The Cirrus
820 from Ohio-based NuCamp is one of two hard-side
shortbed cabover models the company current offers. Coming in at just over 2,500
pounds and 17 feet long, it sports an all-aluminum framework with an alumnium and fiberglass shell. The interior is no slouch
in its design either, employing a layout that
has a lengthy kitchenette and fridge along one side, while opposite that is
the booth-styled dinette. Hidden out of the way near the entrance is a fully enclosed wet
bath with a fold-up sink and a wall-mounted showerhead. The cabover offers 3 1/2 feet of headroom as well as space for a
queen sized mattress. Rounding out the mix are
large windows all around including a skylight above the bed. (light music) – [Woman Narrator] Number eight. – [Reacher] Although it doesn’t look like your traditional truck bed camper, this entry from Outback Campers
functions in the same way, by sliding onto the vehicle
and having the option to use as a stand-alone unit. The roots raises at an angle, revealing a queen-sized sleeper,
while a panel on the rear folds down to create a
raised floor for added space. Below the bed, you’ll find
plenty of storage space as well as a slide-out
kitchen and refrigerator. In addition to this, an
awning can be extended from the side, along
with the option of a tent that can be attached to
increase the living area. The rugged design, low center of gravity and light weigh of 1,100
pounds make it perfect for the extreme off-road crowd. (light music) – [Woman Narrator] Number seven. – [Reacher] I think it goes without saying that the all-black
paint scheme on this one is as simple as it gets. The interior on the other
hand is a stark contrast, having no shortage of modern amenities. Each one comes standard with features such as kitchenette that
includes a stovetop cooker, sink, fridge and microwave. There’s also a dinette or couch that converts to extra sleepers as well as a full or queen-sized
bed located in the cabover. Currently offered in seven
layouts for half ton pickups, the Superlite measures
from just over 10 feet to 12 1/2 feet in length, with a starting dry weight of 1,100 pounds. (light music) – [Woman Narrator] Number six. – [Reacher] The weight
and size of this one create the perfect camper
for a half ton to 3/4 ton pickup truck, with a 6
1/2 to eight foot bed. It measures in at 16 feet in length, and seven feet in width, with
a dry weight of 2,100 pounds. It houses a kitchenette with a sink, a triple burner cooktop, a
microwave and three-way fridge. Across from that is a
dinette with bench seating that can be converted to
an extra bed if needed. And in the back by the entrance is a fully enclosed wet bath. The extended cabover
area includes a closet, a queen-sized bed, space for a TV, and extra storage along both sides. (light music) – [Woman Narrator] Number five. – [Reacher] This full
sized triple slide-out can fit all the features of home, including the kitchen sink. Measuring eight feet wide
and just over 19 feet long with a dry weight of 3,800 pounds, it’s made for trucks that usually have the word dually in the name. The side entry floor
plan has a rear slide-out containing the couch and
an optional wardrobe. The other two slide-outs are
on each side of the camper, one housing a u-shaped dinette that seats up to four people and the opposite one having a kitchenette. Moving forward is the bathroom, which has a separate
full-sized standup shower. The cabover provides the main sleeping are with four layout options for
a queen or a king-sized bed. (light music) – [Woman Narrator] Number four. – [Reacher] I just want to point out that this one is a
borderline beast of a camper. It measures in at nine feet high, 20 feet in length, eight feet in width and it has a dry weight
of just over 3,600 pounds And like the previous entry,
you probably won’t be hauling this one on anything
smaller than a dually. Two slide-out sections on
opposite sides of the camper increase the living space, which includes a dinette area with bench
seating and a kitchenette with a three burner range,
oven and refrigerator. The cabover area has a queen-sized bed, an entertainment system, and
a closet with mirrored doors. The camper offers sleeping
space for up to four people using the dinette which
converts to a bed as well. There’s also a dry bath that has a toilet, sink and a
private standup shower. (light music) – [Woman Narrator] Number three. – [Reacher] This unique design is made for flatbed trucks instead of the
conventional pickup truck. This allows the owner to use their vehicle for work as well as recreation, with the added option of a tent on top. Like the previous entry at number eight, this one has a powder
coated all-aluminium body that has a large compartment on each side. The setup can be customized
to the user’s needs with options like a slide-out kitchen, a mini fridge and a rooftop mounted tent. It comes standard with
a 100-watt solar panel and a 135 amp power battery,
LED lighting throughout, and a massive 1,150 liter storage area. (light music) – [Woman Narrator] Number two. – [Reacher] Another one from
a German-based manufacturer, the Tischer Trail/Box
260S is one that can fit both a single and double
cab vehicle easily. The aluminum body has an
overall length of 20 feet and a width of seven feet. The interior height is 6 1/2 feet, allowing more than enough
headroom for the average person. The floor area includes
a centrally located u-shaped dinette, along
with a small kitchenette on one side and the
refrigerator on the other. The cabover has room for a queen-sized bed that can be set up front to back, or side to side as needed. Opposite the side door entrance
is an enclosed wet bath. It has a fold-up sink
and a swiveling toilet, providing more room to maneuver. The variety of windows and skylights provide plenty of natural light, creating the impression of a space much larger than it actually is. ♪ World, wake me up to
another good morning ♪ ♪ Time to go ♪ ♪ Oh we are all looking for adventure ♪ ♪ We are all looking for adventure ♪ We had this one in a recent video and I couldn’t help but sneak it in here. I can’t begin to tell you how much I personally love the look
and the layout of the Kimbo 6 but as I said before, if I were to buy a truckbed camper, this would be the one. I’ll put the link to the other video in the description below,
for those that want to give it a more in-depth look. (light music) – [Woman Narrator] Number one. – [Reacher] This final entry
has everything you need for a trip of just about any
length and any destination. The body is composed of a
molded fiberglass composite and it comes in at just over 26 feet long, 7 1/2 feet wide with a
total height of 11 feet. Features include a kitchenette
with an induction cooktop, sink, refrigerator and microwave. Across from that is a dinette that doubles as an extra sleeping area if needed. The main sleeping area,
which fits a king sized bed, is housed in the cabover. There’s also an enclosed wet bath and an optional hideaway mini
washing machine in the rear along with a small
entry that allows access to the camper directly from
the cab of the vehicle. Wrapping it all up, is an 850
watt roof-mounted solar array that provides power to the 20
kilowatt hour battery bank. (light music) – Hi everyone and thank your for watching. I’m Chandni with Mindseye Design. We’d love to hear your feedback, so please leave some comments below and let us know your
favorite from this video and why you liked it. If you have an idea for a future video, leave another comment and let us know. And if we use your idea, we’ll give you a shout-out in that video,
but don’t leave yet. Keep watching, because there’s more. (upbeat music)

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  2. Live this review and agree with placement. Even though the adventure xt is a full setup and not a removable truck bed trailer it's my choice for number one.

  3. Lance, to me is still Number ONE as far as Flexibility and Price! The HOST is a close Second, but I think it needs an F-450, at the very least as it is a Beast! I do like it's Fluid Capacities, though! The others in my opinion are too Fluffy and way more expensive than they need to be! The Lance, & HOST Campers will be around way longer, as the rest are left in the Dust! Longevity I just don't see, in the construction. A BLACK RV? Ask anyone who owns a Dark Exterior RV, and they say they rarely use it, especially in Summer Months! Just WHY? Thanks for the Video, though, I do see one or two options that make sense in other models shown, and then I see their Inadequacies. Of course I am no Expert, as I have only been RV'ing, since 1977, owned a few of these, 2 – 40' 5th Wheels. and presently Semi-Full timing in a 40' Diesel Pusher! I miss my Lance the most for Versatility, I must say, though! But whatever fits ya, get on that road folks! America is a Wonderland!

  4. I'd have to pick the Kimbo. If I remember correctly it offered the most versatile layout and options that I'd like. What would you think about doing a video on different types of hammocks? Another awesome video. Thanks to everyone involved in bringing it to YouTube.

  5. Name's Sonny, my favorites are 5,4.2.&1. Awesome Coolness. Wish that I could afford something new.😎S.K.

  6. Please create a new solar electric rv for me. I am an independent 55 year old traveler who needs a shower, a toilet and kitchen. One Qeen sized bed. Oh and put in a rain catch system with a filter.

  7. suggestion, why not a program about making your own solar array, i don't mean assembling your own panel, i mean the mounting and finishing assembly, i have the panels now to assemble them.

  8. $340,000?
    Not even if i won the lotto!
    You could buy a much more capable and bigger unit for similar pricing!

  9. Hi so mind blowing but I m very unlucky can't have these I m from Mumbai Indian m a travel by road every year for a month kindly can u help if I wanted this camper here

  10. 10 looks spacious and smart,
    9 even more.
    5, looks nice and like all that's needes
    3, looks compact and great,
    1 is the one and ny favourite! Because it has all that's ever needed 👍🏻🏆

  11. The short bed trucks are the wrong platform for a camper. You need a minimum 6ft bed. These full sized four door trucks are for passengers and a 4ft bed is just a trunk

  12. I love the Mammoth Host Dually 3 slide – outs … and … that German Model Tischer … very sleek yet homey …

  13. All of these have the same flaw: They are priced beyond the reach of the average would be customer and for the same money, that customer could rent something else or make other arrangements for about 10% of the cost. Or less. Add to that, most of these will see a vast majority of their lifespans sitting idle.
    The dream seldom matches the reality.
    The Marketing sells a dream. The dream is the vehicle itself. The reality is the vehicle is a temporary base camp for whatever adventure the customer has dreamed up.
    Unless the customer has retired both early and rich, these machines are unlikely to be used to their full potential, or even close to it.
    I had a truck camper for years. used it maybe 4-6 weekends a year and maybe a week on vacation.
    Consider that when you're thinking about the pricetag. Bang/buck ratio is actually quite low.

  14. Looks like I’m stuck paying for a camper van…I’m too damn tall for these. Anyone know of any truck campers that have an inside height of at least 6’ 8”? I’m requiring I need to be able to stand upright in my camper.

  15. Travel lite builds a good camper,especially for 1/2 Ton trucks! They have a really nice one for bigger trucks called Extended Stay models.NuCamp Also now builds a Camper for 1/2 Ton Trucks called the Cirrus 670,It’s really nice as well💯⚜️⚜️👍

  16. What about campers for previous Ford Ranger, Chevy S10, Nissan Frontier, Dodge Dakota trucks? Need a lot more selection and also shouldn't be very heavy things. It has to be solid but not fort knox and so luxurious.

  17. In Australia we have extreme( Outback Camper) and conventional, some with slideouts all locally made, but surprisingly Truck Bed Campers are not that popular. Any imported ones have a short life span here

  18. #1 isn't worth $40,000, much less the $340,000 absurd hiway robbery price… unless they actually mean peso's or the Venezuelan worthless money.

  19. Back in the early 1970s I owned company which made two sizes of slide-in cabover campers. I was located in Amarillo, Texas. The short one was 8' to fit the standard length pickup bed and one 18" longer. They were stick-built with aluminum exterior and wood paneling interiors. We had four basic floor plans or could build out the interior to suit the customer's wishes. We kept a few completed units ready for sale but at least 80% were built to customer specifications. The normal turn around from order to delivery on a custom camper was a week. In a stroke of sheer good luck, I sold the company just before the gas crunch hit and RV sales went down the toilet.

  20. 2500 pounds? Well most pickups are 3/4 ton capacity. That's 1500 pounds. Beef up the suspension? OK but what about the rims and tires? What is the safe load capacity for them? And how about the wheel bearings? Is the axle floating or does the weight of the load affect them? I say all this because I've been told that my 1/2 ton pickup is too light for a certain camper. But that same camper is also too heavy for a 3/4 ton truck. Of course this simple bit of arithmetic escapes them completely. None of what salesmen say makes sense to me. I'd rather have a small trailer that can be easily detached and parked. If The truck is to be safe with this camper it'd have to be a 1 1/2 ton to begin with. And no just having dual tires is not enough. Every part of the suspension should be adequate for the load.

    I am a retired commercial truck driver with 35 years of experience. I know more than the average salesman.

  21. #5's listed price doesn't match with real sales prices that I looked up, which is mostly around $70,000. If it were only $18,995, then I will definitely consider to buy it.

  22. Still can't beat vintage Westfalia…hell westfalia anything really and waaaaay cheaper!
    I still like the vid so you get a thumbs up regardless.

  23. If camper specifications are going to be given for a product, don't block that information with your animations. Not a bad video – bad timing on the animations.

  24. Next time I like to know water tank size and packages and options. Also tell us more details like how long electricity last
    How often I have to dump waste. How much the gas mileage after camper. Pleased reply soon

  25. I still don't get why nobody offers a composting toilet. Cassette toilets fill in a couple of days and dealing with a full cassette… urg. Much less hurling potential with separate dry and wet containers.

  26. No, they are not "making a comeback on a grand scale" …sorry to disappoint you. Haven't seen one in years whether it's on the road or camping.

  27. I feel you missed it with the exclusion of the Arctic Fox line by Northwood. The line has much larger fresh water/grey water/black water storage and the dual 30lb LPG that comes standard are among the largest offered…

  28. Try living in one for 30 consecutive days and then do the reviews. Most of these have too much flash and too little function or convenience.

  29. They look nice and look like they'd be fun but I always wonder about being so vulnerable. Like, say you're out there and it's 3am and you're thinking how wonderful it all is when suddenly some yahoos sitting 3/4 of a mile away, and with their bellies full of beer, decide they want to have some fun by popping holes through the rig with a 7mm.:-(

  30. Trust me, camper since 40 years and all I have to say: All of that crap is not a solution for high winds and cold rainy weather! Go 2 month to Iceland for winter camping and you know what you want…


  32. The wife says she would not have a built in stove, there are endless appliances for cooking and hot plates for cooking, plus a small outdoor bar-b-Q for frying greasy, splatter-ie meat and why make a horrible mess in such a tiny space. There are ready to eat meals that need just a Micro-Wave and why get complicated when traveling, plus eating out. Forget the Stove, there outdated.

  33. A truck bed camper over 30,000 no thanks these things are so overpriced. Dont get me wrong theyre nice but a bumper pull is better and cheaper

  34. Отличная подборка, спасибо! 👍

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