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  1. These cowards use to strip inmates down to boxers and toss them on a cell, then the "SERT" "team" in full para- military gear with shields and batons, would run in and beat the inmate up. This happened almost everyday for years and years and years. 4 – 8 cowards with full gear against one inmate in boxer shorts. Cowards. Nothing more.

  2. the "more training" should include "how to survive in prison 101" for those cops that will commit a crime regardless of how much training they are required to take.

  3. Look how puffy her eyes are from crying when her BS came back to bite her in her fat ass. There’s no crying in law enforcement, take it like a “Man” bitch!

  4. Re: "MORE TRAINING". Let's see….Ok…hey new Recruits! How are you today ? Hows about we …being in LAW ENFORCEMENT " don't break the fukking law ! Got that ? OK? No drinky and drivey ….No punchy punchy at home…..No stealing shit ! No druggy druggy ? OK ! ?? Now, scamper off with your badge and be a good cop !

  5. @KENS 5
    Report the sheer magnitude of bad-cop videos on YouTube.

    How many NEWLY UPLOADED VIDEOS EACH DAY of police violating PEOPLES rights, lying, and acting like gang members (Not to mention killing and beating citizens) WILL IT TAKE for our elected Representives or the Supreme Court to FINALLY declare a State of Emergency regarding this epedemic of out of control, unaccountable police.

    Right now there are at least 1 million videos of bad cops on YouTube alone

    The police and their union have taken this country over…

    And Citizens are sitting ducks.


  7. The Chief is blowing bubbles out his Ass! How will training make a lying fuck Honest? All you clowns need to go away somewhere.

  8. No one hired who has not seen the inside of a army Hummer while on patrol in the middle of the night while trying to avoid road side bombs

  9. MS13criminals😠 Police officers around America criminals😠🚔😠 Both wear gang colors and both Murder innocent people and deal drug's🙊🙉🙈

  10. Good work by the sheriff keeping corrupt cops out of his department .
    Kick them to the gutter . Make them pay their own court costs / fines and stop using public money to defend rotten corrupt cops / public servants . Why should the public have to pay for these creeps wrongs ? That's why they do this bad shit because they know that they'll get a slap on their wrists and the public pay their court costs unfortunately . Pay out of their own pockets instead of playing the public for fools .

  11. Child sex abuse? Assault? This is why when a police officer is shot..there is no outcry from the community
    in their defense. They collectively become the biggest egostistical pieces of rat shit known to man once they
    get that gun and badge.


  13. People that used to be cops stopped applying. Why have a job where you can be arrested for doing your job. So now the bar has been lowered. Your seeing people that would never have made it past the 1st interview getting hired. And then you see the resulting consequences. Shitty police.

  14. Race mixing + filthy media + corrupt political dogma + capitalist economy where every one is knifing everyone for that money. Or others as worse as claiming socialist Providence, but whom want to destroy one race by another (being careful to allow no media exposure on this racial suffocation) then clean the land and rule it themselves.

    It's hard to understand the mind of a psychopath whom wants to rule the earth and remove 90% of its people through a charade meant to confuse them all, pollute them all , disease them all and fundamentally guaranteed; they will all die mentally ill minimally.

  15. why are so many people angry about this this is the system working you would never see a cop arrested for dui most places. good on the sheriff for not giving anybody special treatment

  16. What! What the hell? TWO Child sexual assaults and Medicare fraud are in that list! HOLY FLYING F, that is one fucked up department. Who the hell is working HR? Oh, wait, thin blue line. That gang really needs to be broken up and the "for profit" police system that the Republican Party created needs to go. They are supposed to protect and serve, not seize your shit. They hire thugs who have that in mind. Real police haven't served the public since Reagan upped the "war on drugs." It's sickening when property is stolen, it's on video, and the cops just want to take a statement over the phone, and tell you to have a nice day….. Or, they tell you where to look for your stuff on craig's list. I mean, what the fuck?

  17. It's not social media it's none of that it's not getting instant news the standards have been changed for blacks Mexicans and women white men cannot become police anymore and the Integrity has gone down you put in lower intelligence people people that are only there because of politically correct laws and coward politicians vote for this this is exactly what you get voice text

  18. The new training will start with Ways of how not to get caught and and the minimum pass will 90% those who fail will be taken outside and beaten up – handcuffed – sat in the back of a police car – and next day
    start their training all over again.
    Police armory
    – initially supplied for protection –
    783 people shot by cops so far this year – Washington Post
    Assault rifle

    Hand pistol


    Tear gas

    Pepper spray

    Tazer gun

    Stun gun

    I feared for my life Judge – honest –

  19. First clue she is a criminal. Blue lives matter patch on her shoulder. Stop desecrating my flag for your gang symbols.

  20. My cousin,I think is wanted in 14 states, if I hear from him I will tell him to submit an online application for sheriff and then turn himself in..

  21. But officer, how do I prove I didn’t commit a crime that hasn’t occurred and even if you think it occurred I can say I didn’t do it and even if I did do it you couldn’t prove it. How ya like them apples !,

  22. Haha what a stupid video look at :30 over the woman's right shoulder you will see a triangle that is her Masters. And that is who owns the system.

  23. Tyranny In AMERICA Does Exist. Random drug tests should be conducted regularly on these typically corrupt "Public Servants".

  24. 99% of cops are straight up law breaking tyrants. Why Majority of people these days do not respect cops since they have earned the hate among them.

  25. Makes Colon Kapernick now appear to be a National Hero? No wonder racists like Trump hate him. Good example of corruption and lying.

  26. Now that's how a real plublic servant should act that man that fired the bad cops he is an example of what every police department nationwide should do when a cop is caught breaking the law holding his fellow officers accountable for wrongdoing hell yeah I know that there are many cops that actually follow the law they live daily by the same set of examples that the plublic has to live by but it is well known that there are a lot of criminals that become cops so that they can hide their crimes under a badge thankfully that man is on the hunt for and the removal of all the criminals in his country

  27. When criminal cops are given a paid vacation instead of punishment for a crime, that is not a deterrent, but rather an incentive to commit more crimes and the idea that they are above the law and untouchable!!

  28. The classic police lines (lies) such as "This is an isolated incident and/or this does not reflect the nature of the police in this department" just doesn't apply. It never really does but especially for these cops.

  29. It's good to see these members of law enforcement are not above the law themselves. This should be the standard. Police have a reputation of letting their fellow officers get away with commiting crimes, and that needs to stop.

  30. I stand up & applaud the sheriff fir doing what's right. Way too many law enforcement people aren't arrested or charged. Finally…an honest cop!!!👏👏👏

  31. Of course that what they'll say because it's what sounds good to the ear but will never own up and admit his blue line bullsh!T was at fault and they will correct it more punishable with fines time probation or parole terminated permanently etc.

  32. Bexar county officers once saved my life. To see this is saddening. But it also shows the people in charge are not corrupt and will prosecute their own officers when they break the law.

  33. I don't think they need better training for their rookies they need more training for human recources! Oh sure…you only have 6 felonies…your hired!!

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