there we go there we go
smoke bomb started three two one open the ventilation system now the
camera picks us up that we’re gone the bear will be in here any second who
finds that we’re out of here sir I’ve run the math their calculations are
complete for your experiment the math was quite difficult on this one sir
all I care about is if it works does it work yes sir sorry it will work but what
we’re talking about zombies sir releasing this will affect the
population are you sure you want to do this there’s women and children sir I
don’t care infecting the people is the only way but I can ensure I’ll be the
richest person now is the serum ready yes sir the serum is quite ready its
potency is quite fragile we must carefully position the serum into the
extraction it could result in catastrophic care what the consequences
are I’m activating the virus now schlemm we wave but Sir what about Papa Jake now
the propagates out of the way we should have no hiccups it’s time to introduce
them to his new prison hey yo what’s going on guys Papa Jake you from tbfp
and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we are back and we are
making another prison except this prison isn’t like any other prisons we’ve made
this is a maximum-security prison the Baron has ordered us to build a
maximum-security prison out of this old restaurant but there’s one thing all
right guys this is actually my restaurant if you guys don’t remember a
few episodes ago we built a restaurant Appa Jake’s restaurant a Dilla five
stars the Baron thinks is gonna beat us by making us build onto something that’s
already built that we don’t have fail-safes
or back hidden doors but when I first built that restaurant I knew that one
day I might need to escape from it we’re not letting the Baron get away with what
he’s trying to accomplish we’re not gonna let him enslave the rest of the
population and release the virus and I take you guys inside the front door here
it’s pretty well done we’ve got lights we’ve got he is
everything you need in here but basically in order to turn this into our
maximum-security prison there’s a few things I need to do one I gotta build
the jail cell and – I got extended back because this thing has to be massive
gonna start with the additional jail cells being back here it’s a little bit
dark so you can’t really see it but back there is kind of where it’s gonna
connect to here with additional cells now the Baron wants us to make him a
special office that’s where he’s gonna keep all of his supplies all of his gear
and that’s very important guys because he wants us to build a maximum security
vault lock on the front of the prison so that no one can get in or out the only
way to break a vault is with his gun if we can get access to his office that’s
gonna be huge for us I think we’ll start with the ventilation system which
shouldn’t draw any attention because you know prison needs ventilation you gotta
have fresh air cold air Papa Jake escaping but he doesn’t even know about
that so we’ll get that built in and then we’ll start on the back cells so guys
the ventilation shaft is gonna come out from here which is gonna be the cell all
the way out here and around here and it’s gonna link up to the rest of the
cells as well as the Barons main office I chose to put it above the cell because
we’re gonna scape but I told the bear and that’s because you know inmates need
fresh air so that’s why we’re gonna put it up there so I think we’re gonna do is
for the ventilation system we’re gonna use this table here to kind of prop it
up and then it will jump down there which is where we’re gonna build the
rest of the cells we just finished working on the
ventilation system and it’s coming along looking great check it out it’s got a
full working ventilation system that attaches to the main prison goes along
here and then will attach to the external cells as well as the Barons
room now the vast done I got to go ahead and start building the cell slash barons
room which is gonna extend down that way up next I’m gonna start working on that
and then I’ll attach the vent to this room because you know it’s a normal
event nothing weird about that or suspicious like I’m gonna go through it
or anything is on out here but you’re we’re totally gonna go through a cosmic
okay I tell you guys everything that I’m implementing to help us escape because I
don’t know if the Barons gonna watch this footage but don’t worry
but yeah so uh next up on to the rest of the cellblock I’m just about done the
external cells as well as the Barons main kind of headquarters room if this
connects all the way to the ventilation system which connects all the way to the
main prison this truly is a maximum-security prison all I have to do
now is put the roof on top as well as a few extra things which man called tell
the Baron about cuz they’re totally gonna help us escape but that’s okay
because that’s between us so I’m gonna finish up that and then we’re gonna go
inside and start taking out the inside to make this truly a prison tomorrow you
built the prison all right I’m ready to coach just put me inside now looks like
you’ve been working all night I’m exhausted
I just want to go inside not see your stupid face ever again you can just go
in there and sleep for the rest of your life and don’t think about anything
funny I’ve installed security cameras where I can keep an eye on you at all
time arthas fine just pull me away once you’re inside there’s no coming out you’re not gonna get away with infecting
the population you’re evil ah but you won’t get out of here this is
maximum security I’ve installed security camera and special precautions you don’t
even know about since you did build this prison in a very timely manner
I will reward you with this ping pong ball to play with and fine take a cookie
I want to see your face anymore all right but before I leave I must tie you
up all right not like I can go anywhere as you said run entrance is impenetrable
there’s no way for me to get out that’s right now I’m leaving you in here
forever goodbye forever be happy never seeing you again know these guys time to
make our move stop me tied up your pretty titles got me tied to the walls
time to escape as I said I put some fail safes in here so we could get out of
here but the problem is that main entrance the main entrance is a double
sealed vault door nothing can get through that it’s blast resistant fire
resistant biological chemical resistant the only thing that can break through
that is the Barons gun itself I have a plan to steal it from his office if we
can get out of here and get through these we could make her way through the
ventilation system to his office get back here and blow through that door to
get out of here I’m not staying in here for the rest of my life luckily for us
the Baron thinks that because this place was pretty built I couldn’t put it in
any fail-safes or hide any secrets but we were able to get some in here so I
want to get through these cuffs in through this rope we need some tools and
that that’s what’s gonna help us might just look like a regular outlet but put
in there for a reason it’s a dummy outlet here we go and it is holding some
valuable supplies I wasn’t able to salvage too much but I got a few items a
tub of z-9 20 ham ashes and a mini straw right now we need the c920 when I was
working in the laboratory we were working on this experimental compound
adding water to this would create snow and ice and freezing levels up to
negative 400 degrees this is how we’re gonna get out of here first I gotta
freeze off these cuffs it’s a little bit tricky but if I can get them cold enough
I should be able to break them just like when you freeze something with liquid
nitrogen and become super brittle gotta be very careful with this stuff this
stuff will get extremely cold extremely fast let’s freeze off
these cuffs the snows turning a little bit more water just adding a little bit
of water that temperatures already dropping in here I can feel it getting
colder there we go the snows for me Isis for me all that’s cold
time to freeze these babies because metals conductive it’s really cold
around my wrists but the main part is freezing off that middle section if we
can freeze it hard enough I’ll be able to bangies off let’s give it a little
bit more time and they look fairly frozen alright time to smacking oh that’s really cool all my arms you guys
can see where my hands are frozen by at least we’re able to bust them open when
they’re so cold we gotta keep moving barren slopes security cameras that’s
new for him we’re gonna block up the security camera I got to work on the
next part so I gotta get rid of this stupid leg harness luckily the bear and
let me keep my notebook most of my schematics are in here notes from
previous encounters with the Baron not only is escaping from this prison save
my own life but to save the life of everyone else if I don’t get out of here
and warn the world that the Baron is releasing a virus they’ll turn humans
into zombies the whole world will be destroyed all right I got my smoke bomb
notes in here shouldn’t be too hard to make with supplies I have we gotta get
through this I’m gonna even get out of here don’t need my battery ah got it we’re out should be able to
get this off alright I burned through the rope with the match and now we’re
free from the rope that means if we do get out of here we can escape without
that holding us back and not be able to see that we don’t have cuffs on in the
camera if we’re going to escape we can’t have the bear and following our trail if
he knows how we got out of here he’ll follow us and find us I gotta create a
smoke screen so that that camera can’t see us escape I’m a fairly crude note
section here on making smoke bombs it’s temporary and made mostly out of
household items but with the stuff that we have in here I should be able to make
one yes yes okay all right all right we got this where’s the ping pong ball he
gave me we’re gonna be making a smoke bomb out of the ping pong ball the Baron
gave us it’s a little bit rough but it should work we’re gonna puncture it with
our note writing pen create a small hole inside the ping pong ball next up for
those cookies what’s important right now most important is this tune foil we’re
gonna take the straw on the ping pong ball put the straw inside the ping pong
ball like so and wrap it with tin foil I’ll like the bottom of it with the
match and this will start producing a lot of smoke that should cover the
security camera so we can make our escape now you’re probably wondering how
are we gonna escape well because this used to be a restaurant that I owned
actually know of an escape tunnel passage right up there through the
ventilation system we should be able to pull off the bolts the bolts are fairly
old and rusted if I can use my cuffs to pull down this section here we can crawl
through the ventilation system and make our way into the extended cellblock
that’s where we can make our way into the Barons room and steal his gun to
escape smoke bombs been made now all we have to do is light it and throw it out
there beside the camera it should create enough smoke to cover the camera and
cover our escape that may seem little but it packs a punch you don’t want to
grapple in around here I should be able to find a slit up in here there we go
right there all right if I pull this down hard enough it should break the
bolts and allow us to enter into the vent system there we go there we go smoke one
started throw it that should cover our path let’s go camera won’t be able to
see us ball let’s go let’s go run through the ventilation system now we’re
going in movies where the camera picks us up that we’re gone the bear will be
in here any second he finds out we’re out of here you see the end of the
tunnel it’s right there we should be able to hit that it’s an old panel board
but we should be able to make your way through that smokes gonna be setting off
every alarm in the prison but as long as the bear doesn’t know how we got out of
here there’s no way of him tracing us let’s keep moving through this
ventilation shaft and break into the next cell block cell block the entrance
should be over here we go ah bit of a hard fall still really smoky from all
that smoke as far as I can tell the bear has no idea how we got out of there and
he’ll have no idea where we are we got to be very careful guys this place can
be riddled with security traps lasers sound monitors if I’m gonna
detect the laser beams the only way is secures you Logan
Jake Logan is that you been in here for about a week don’t worry man I’m gonna
get you out of there I promise you if I can get through there and get the
baron’s gun I can blast open this door and you can escape with me oh thank you
very sweet this is exactly what I need thanks Logan now to detect those laser
beams there should be a ventilation pipe hooked up to this thing if I can bust
this off I might be able to get some of the steam in here it’ll allow us to see
some of the laser beams and make sure we avoid them there we go
Oh oh yeah that definitely hit the steam pipe but we got lasers
we’ve got lasers here lots of lasers as long as we don’t touch these we should
be okay all right the Baron definitely put a lot of security in here but as
long as we don’t trip one of these we should be okay the Baron definitely
doesn’t want anyone getting into his office luckily thanks to Logan you have
this I should be able to break into the control panel like that should sort
circuit the security system and disable the lasers avoiding the lasers you know
to do this here’s the control panel now time to short-circuit it there we go and now time is short at
three two one oh looks like it worked the lasers are off and the doors open the Barons office the parents got there
this this is more power than one man needs after I break out of here I’m
getting rid of this thing no one needs a gun of this magnitude when they use it
to get us out of here I’m gonna save it to a hundred percent charge but it
should break the door and allow us to escape time to free Logan alright buddy
Jake the Baron is trying to release the virus let’s get in I know I know I know
everything we gotta get out of here all right and see only way you can warn
everyone we have the bull the lock off the main door follow me through the
vents to myself how long have you been in here less than a few hours
I play my escape pretty early let’s go all right we’re bustin out of here dude
let’s do this let’s go come on there’s the parents ultra secure locked door
I’ve got a short-circuit this thing the guns gonna overheat and stop working but
it should give us one final blast to blast through it so it’s ultra and here
we go I’m ready to open this thing the door should be weak enough to blast
through it with this but Logan I gotta warn you before we go out there the
parent already released the virus I saw it in his office the virus has been
activated when we get up there there might be zombies
we’ll also activate the main alarm who wants you to follow me we’re gonna run
as fast as we can to the woods don’t stop her don’t turn back just run
– what doors open come on

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