6 Cool Camping Gear 2018 You Must Have

6 Cool Camping Gear 2018 You Must Have

Bailon one two and three person models a high-quality tent that's quick and easy to set up for a stress-free backpacking or camping adventure [Applause] with just two high quality lightweight aluminum poles setting up your circuit is a breeze to start lay out the tent body and stake out the corners next assemble the poles and crisscross them over the tent body like this insert the tips of each pole into the stake loop grommets then stand the pulls up attach the top Center clip over the poles then work your way around attaching the rest of the clips the no-see-um mesh is great for stargazing but if you're expecting inclement weather go ahead and install the full coverage rain fly by using the hook and loop attachments and the side release buckles at each stake loop this rain fly event paired up the tents mesh top provides lots of ventilation so you won't wake up damp the circuits proven and reliable architecture is quiet and stable in the wind through the big deed door you'll find a gear loft and stash pockets to help keep your tent organized for a stress-free setup and a great night's sleep on your next outdoor escape grab the circuit and go find that picture-perfect campsite developed by an aerospace structures engineer the mule of X mule chair uses an ultralight frame that locks onto a pair of trekking poles and covers it with a fabric seat weighing a mere 1.2 pounds it is extremely lightweight yet its unique features use of aerospace grade materials and injection molded composites provides a chair with excellent comfort durability and stability this patent-pending technology allows you to carry less weight overall without sacrificing any of your comfort I've refused to bring a chair on any trip that I ever took because they were too heavy they were uncomfortable they were unstable it's got to be bulletproof I mean I'm not gonna take something's just gonna fall apart like a piece of junk I'm gonna put it through its paces and I'm gonna beat it up I like my gear to be able to take a beating so when you go into the ultralight community and say I've got a camp chair that weighs less than a pound ears perk up and people go oh now you've got my attention let's talk about durability comfort etcetera Sara but that ultralight thing is what gets people immediately my background is from the military I spent the majority of my adult life traveling around the world I worked in Special Operations mainly more centered around the SEAL community but I was always traveling into austere environments with what we call it advanced force operations it's a fabulous chair and I think it beats anything on the market right now I think we're the mule of X kind of stands out is its comfort Steve's a patriot he's a veteran and one thing he is sticking to is he's wanting to keep these chairs manufactured in the US that comes at a cost to him for his profit line he could very easily take it somewhere else to get it manufactured but it's not about that he wants a us-made product he wants something that he's proud of I really want to share this with everyone I mean this is a better chair it really is another great mule Beck's product the Capra chair offers the same great seat as the mule but has a fully integrated frame great for off-the-beaten-path are perfectly suited for everyday use manufactured in the United States of America mule of X is proud to offer a premium quality product at an affordable price and let's face it it can be light but if not comfortable just not taking it mule Yvette's where would you sit our mission is to help people take back the outdoors from insects and we want to do that in a different way mosquitoes are actually a growing problem there's new diseases there's Zika there's dengue there's West Nile the season for mosquitoes is getting longer and longer and they just get in a way of spending time outdoors enjoying the activities that each of us love and spending time with friends and family in our backyard sprays and repellents that you put on your skin just get in the way of outdoor fun so thermos ale solution to that is zone repellency so we came out with radius radius is a new and better way to fight mosquitos you just turn it on and mosquitoes are gone the radius of ice is so easy to use it's push-button simple literally one button on the front of the vise push that to turn it on you instantly see the light come on and that lets you know that the device is active and working radius uses an epa-approved active ingredient that is based on a naturally occurring repellent found in the chrysanthemum flower and our scientists have worked on a formula that can be activated at a lower temperature which enables us to use a rechargeable lithium-ion battery as the heat source this is the first time that battery power technology has been combined with this active ingredient I love the refill of the system to deliver a simple refill system it had to last a long time longer than any of the products that are out there what we deliberated was an incredibly easy to use easy to replace refill process it was definitely a great moment for us when we were first able to put the product out in the field and see that everything that we knew on paper hypothetically was supposed to work actually did work we're really close to development we have everything about the product designed we have the approval from the EPA now we just need to do our first production run radius is convenient it's portable you can take it with you anywhere and because it's lithium ion powered you can even take it on a plane so your next trip or adventurer destination you can take radius with you you [Applause] introducing the rover the rover is a rechargeable mobile task light that is designed to be lightweight durable easily packed and flutter room work area or campsite with hands-free usable light the rover features the same cast aluminum head as the Tri light the aluminum makes it incredibly durable but it's also a fully functional heat sink unlike halogen shop lights the rover's always cool to the touch and cool to look at this aluminum eye candy' pivots nearly 180 degrees to ensure that light can be directed exactly where you need it one same cycle through the four modes until you find the one that's right for you the steel exoskeleton acts as a stable base or frame to hang the light there's also a universal tripod mount on the bottom of the rover so users can elevate the light if necessary the robot is powered by dual lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that boasts four thousand milliamp hours and shirin plenty of power and long runtimes recharge by simply inserting the supplied USB cable into the plug in the back if you need longer run times the rover can be used while plugged in finally the rumor features a very unique variable lens when the lens is in the up position the CoV LED produces over 1200 lumens of light and spreads at nearly 180 degrees creating a massive flood of light slide the variable lens over the LED and this will focus the light to about 120 degrees adding more of a hotspot which will project the light a little further if you desire it you I'm polar and mountaineering expeditions the right physical training and mental preparation are crucial for success equally important is having thoughtfully designed high-performance gear for both me and my clients in these cold environments from working with thermal rest over the years I knew that we could design a sleeping bag that paired my real-world experience with their sleep system design expertise and commitment to quality the final product was a sleeping bag that makes zero compromises this is the bag that I packed on expeditions where I expect to encounter sub-zero conditions camping in this level of cold is all about having the right gear and knowing how to use it the polar Ranger is a minus 20 degree Fahrenheit minus 30 degrees Celsius sleeping bag that uses 800 fill down to keep the extreme conditions at bay in my mind this is the perfect temperature rating for an extreme cold weather bag super versatile and can be used in a wide range of temperatures and conditions the down has a nick wax hydrophobic treatment that resists moisture and retains a lot 60 times longer than untreated down this treatment is essential for camping in the polar regions to keep the bag warm throughout the night I really like the waterproofing because not only does it perform well but the process doesn't use any harmful pfcs the bag packs down small thanks to the high fill power and our decision to use thermo rests unique thermo capture material we line the bag with this reflective material to help retain and reflect your radiant body heat this lightweight material adds extra warmth without creating any additional bulk or weight to crucial features I knew I wanted in the bag or the snorkel hood and the overlapping side vents the snorkel hood helps control frost from your breath and eliminates frigid cross drafts it's made with synthetic fill to deal with the condensation from your breath the side vents are zippers protected by overlapping draft tubes that protect cold spots and provide customized temperature control they also allow me to eat as well as check my location and route from the comfort of my sleeping bag the polar Ranger also uses performance enhancing thermal rest features like the synergy link connectors which keep the bag securely on your mattress and at Oasis foot warmer pocket which provides critical warmth for your feet I venture out in confidence knowing the Polar Ranger has been built to provide the protection and security I need in the Arctic conditions that I've come to love

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  1. Well I never 'a bumper hammock'
    I always wondered why my sprinter van had a Roof Support Joint attached to the back lol

  2. We've used the Thermacell lanterns and what a difference they have made !!! I live in WI and we have our fair share of squito's ..

  3. Did you know that if you take vitamin B mosquitoes don’t like you smell or taste they will buzz around your face but most don’t land and the ones that do usually don’t bite and unlike with bug spray if you touch plastic it doesn’t stick or melt onto you which I’ve always hated

  4. LOL, "the Mosquito Season is getting longer and longer"? Where does he live,,in the Tropics. Please keep your Climate Change BS to yourself and sell the product. Thanks.

  5. That bumper hammock ad was cheesy as hell lol. Not to mention the fact that it wouldn't work with 95% of actual bumpers.

  6. The tent looks remarkably like every other tent in America
    All my tents have mesh windows and a rain fly

    The light is a high priced alternate to the magnetic LED light bar from Northern Tool
    The mosquito repellant is only effective in a 10 foot x 10 foot area ?


  7. if you are going to use this kind of gimmicks, just stay at home and walk about in your back yard, camping is to be in nature not to cocoon inside gadgets

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