60 Days of 60 Days In: Blood Rules (Season 4 Flashback) | A&E

60 Days of 60 Days In: Blood Rules (Season 4 Flashback) | A&E

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  1. What is this? A handful of civilians staying in a county jail like it’s a hotel or some sort of field trip?? Is that what this show is??

  2. Anybody else had to play this back lol
    So "On its" not a blood from the jump, so the guy fighting "on it" witch is a blood.. now the bloods jumping both😖
    They're all "confused💉bloods"😅

  3. When they started fighting they had no shirts on, then they had shirts on, then when they got jumped they popped out with no shirts on again. I’m lost

  4. Am I the only one that noticed that when they were fighting they had no shirts on then with shirts on, them back to no shirts when they being jumped.

  5. That's how it is with every race , you dont fight with your own people in front of anybody !! That's a no no .. doesnt go just for the bloods

  6. These fake actors blow my mind he's like I don't know what's going on I don't want to get killed or nothing. Dude it's County Jail this isn't prison real people with common sense understand this is just 30 days in the hole three meals and a cot it ain't nothing much more than that.

  7. Maybe home boy findin out what’s up was noble thing to do. Handling the problem.. if your not supposed to fight in front of other people that aren’t affiliated what about jumping someone in front of other people not affiliated. That’s complicated, but that’s primal jail house rule I suppose.

  8. Much respek for putting the code above even their own. That's how things should be ran in politics but the politicians an judges break the code everyday to show partiality to their own while punishing the rest to full extent of the letter of the law.


  10. Only Americans can make a reality out of prisoners smh, it is a beautiful place and yes there's plenty of nice people living there, but unfortunately psychos are in charge of the USA.

  11. This cannot be 100% real lool especially with these white mem talking and one minute their shirtless next minute they're fighting with tops on

  12. The irony is the same ones will join the gang does not like Authority, but has to answer to someone higher than them in the Gang.

  13. I don’t condone any of this BUT I can respect the code of conduct and the fact that when the fight was over it was OVER. Like I said I don’t condone it but definitely can’t look past the hug and let’s move forward attitude. That’s true brotherhood rather you agree with their lifestyle of not. Don’t be fooled, gangs may have a bad rep but some of the most disciplined people you will come across.

  14. They should do one in philly Pennsylvania we have 6 county jails all in row on state road they houses about 2500 each jail. There’s a lot of stabbing that happens on a daily basis. Y’all should check it out the real belly of the beast.

  15. They try so hard to be organized they’re disorganized. The original thief wasnt even punished; just the two people trying to punish him😂😂😂

  16. 2 guys fight infront of non bloods, then there are 6 doing it. Yeah real good rules haha and if you even call that fighting.

  17. Didn`t they see them fight or what? Like, they were just standing under the stairs, acting weird ("daz wa we do BOI!"), getting ready to fight, for no appearant reason and suddenly saw the two fighting and were like "DDDAAAAYYYUUUUMMMM!!!! Dem nigguz ovader be fi`tin!!! We gottsta jum` em nigguz cuh dey b fi`in in fron` `f no bloodz! No blood b fi`in in fron `f no blood! Lets jump em bloodz! SOOWOOOO!!!" Someone enlighten me, please

  18. All you can do is pray for these young men to get there lived on track with God and society;it's to many black men lock up in cages get right with God young men

  19. All of them need to be booked.. They all violated.. That never would of happened in Mississippi.. We don't handle business like that. Man Man never got booked for violating

  20. The only thing I dont get is on it said shyne wasnt a.blood why was he in blood buissness. Than they both get jumped for fighting in front of non blood members. So os he a blood or not that part disnt make sense.

  21. Wouldn’t one of the informants (Fake Prisoners/Police) had to be near in order for the sound to be good if they wore secret mics or the audio in those cameras are so good with all those men in their with hella noise and fighting. “Just my thoughts to it I may be wrong , just my opinion to it”

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