A Boston College Minute: Refugee Portal

A Boston College Minute: Refugee Portal

Hi, hello. Hi, how are you? Good, good. Guys, what we do here, we kind of, we
are making a human connection. Like now we connect Erbil in Iraq. They are connecting with us and we are talking to them. We know about them, they know about us and so… So Rami, go ahead. When did you start playing soccer and why? From when I was like big enough to kick a ball, I was playing with it. Yeah, I was really little too. All right, you want to go like just do a little juggling? Yes? Yeah and then you raise it up. Hey! He’s good. He’s quick. So, we’d like to thank all of you. Bye. Thank you. Thank you so much. Keep in touch. Will do. Bye!

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