A World Where No One Dies From Cardiac Arrest

A World Where No One Dies From Cardiac Arrest

[music playing]
Let me tell you something I want to give you something
to think about. It’s a number. A big number. About four hundred and
seventy five thousand. Four hundred and seventy
five thousand isn’t just a number. It’s people. People who died
from cardiac arrest in one year in
the United States. Big number. Bigger opportunity. Because we can get that
number down to zero. We can save all those lives. We can
create a world where no one dies
from cardiac arrest. Am I dreaming? No, I’m not
a dreamer, I’m a visionary. And I’m asking
you to be too. I want you
to see it first that world, and then do your
part to make it happen. I need you to
believe in your heart that it is possible and then focus
all you do, help focus
all WE do on that goal. On saving every single
one of those people. Because we can do it. It IS within our reach. How do we get there? You know how we get there. We’ll create systems that automatically
detect cardiac arrest and activate an
emergency response. We’ll mobilize an army of
trained and prepared responders to provide immediate
CPR and defibrillation. This means pairing
911 response with bystanders
through mobile technology, ensuring public
access to AEDs, and more training
through schools and kiosks. We’ll remove barriers to
getting bystanders engaged, creating TRY-standers
in the general public. We’ll eliminate preventable
cardiac arrests in hospitals, using monitoring
for early detection, and rapid-response teams that will stabilize
patients immediately. We’ll make sure all
healthcare providers deliver high-quality
CPR with innovative, quality improvement
tools and sessions. And finally we’ll personalize
resuscitation to each patient, leveraging the latest
technology to identify and treat underlying causes. To get that four hundred
and seventy five thousand down to zero… it starts with
you, right now. You’re doing
good work, We do good work. That has laid the groundwork
for us to be truly extraordinary. Believe in the vision. Let it drive everything
you do each day. Let it rise up in
you like a shout, joining the voices
of your colleagues, teammates, neighbors
and family – and then look around. See that number
start to decline, life by
precious life, bit by bit, until that one
glorious day when everyone who
would have died before all of this work, instead wakes up groggy
and thankful in a hospital to greet his
or her family. And we arrive,
gloriously, at zero. Because of you. Because of our vision. A world where no one
dies from cardiac arrest. Let’s get started. [footsteps]

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  1. Open Google Doc Rajendra sheregar And see images videos litreture medical science institution Cardiovascular details

  2. I sent an email to AHA detailing the inaccuracies in the video and the dangers of promising the public that if CPR is performed skillfully, "everyone who would have died will wake up groggy and thankful"…Β No response yet.Β  HOW did this get past marketing?Β  Are there medical professionals on your team?Β  Throw out this ad and start from scratch, ya'll

  3. In the case of Witnessed sudden Cardiac Arrest (V-Fib) and immediate intervention survivability should be near 100% IF all of the things outlined in the video are done correctly. There are many things that need to be addressed and one of them is proper intervention. For instance – is immediate intervention of CPR really the right thing to do to a crash victim? I pray for the day AHA does a better job of counseling students in assessment. In the wrong situation head tilt chin lift and pumping on the chest could actually hurt someone. In the right situation it is absolutely critical! Increased training is the answer but my fear is that we have dumbed it down just a little too much and made it sound as if CPR is a cure all. Take a step back to get the big picture then let's go save lives!

  4. I work at a public school and A couple of months ago I was frustrated because the principal made us take a cpr training. All day I was thinking how I could have been working on things work related. About a couple of weeks later, a four year old prek girl passed out in her teachers arms. The Code blue was announced and theΒ schools BRT immediately ran to the girl. I was the closest to her and my CPR training all came back to me. My colleagues also jumped in and did their part calling 911 andΒ obtaining the defibrillator.Β Β The little girl had already turned blue andΒ through theΒ compressions and mouth to mouth she came back to us. Never again will I take this training for granted. At the moment, the training kicked in even though afterwards I was an emotional wreck. Thankfully the little girl is alive and well today.

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  6. Just got my ACLS certification today (29/09/2019)
    Lets make this world together.
    Lets turn the number to zero.
    Lets get started.

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