Addy Comes Home from Camp

Addy Comes Home from Camp

(gentle music) – All right, kiddos, I’ll see you later. Big huggies. Big huggies, oh, you be good, okay? – Okay.
– Be good for Daddy and Grandma and Aunt Karen. Bye, Miss Maya. Give me huggies.
– Bye. – [Lucy] You be good too, okay? – [Maya] Okay. – All right, I’ll see you guys later. – [Maya] Bye. – Addy is away at a sleepover
camp with our church. She is supposed to be gone
for three nights in Kentucky at a place that’s about four hours away, maybe 3 1/2 hours away from home, and I got a call last night
that Addy wasn’t feeling well. So she’s running a fever
and she’s on her way to the doctor right now, but it looks like I’m going to have to drive
to Kentucky to pick her up because obviously we don’t want her getting all the other kids sick. We don’t know exactly what
she has, and we’re waiting for a phone call once she
leaves the doctor’s office. They think it might be strep throat because she’s complaining
of a scratchy throat. I just feel bad because
Addy is my child that never, and I mean never gets sick. I don’t understand her immune system, but she is healthy all the time. And of course the one time she gets sick is at her first experience
at a sleepover camp. So I’m bummed for her that
she’s gonna have to miss out on the last day and a half of activities. But I definitely don’t want
the other kids to get sick, and if she’s not feeling
well, I’d like her to get home and be in the comfort of her own home. But I do feel bad that she is
gonna have her trip cut short. Since we’re gonna have a
long ride home and Addy might not be feeling that
great, I thought I’d stop by Target on the way out
and pick up a new movie that she could watch on the way home and hopefully keep her just
comfy and help pass the time. “Nancy Drew” might be a good option. Addy is really into like mysteries and detective stuff
lately, so this might be right up her alley,
although “Harry Potter” is kind of calling me, too. Believe it or not, we’re
probably the only family in the country who has not
seen or read “Harry Potter,” so I’m considering starting that soon. But maybe “Nancy Drew”
is just what we need for the ride home, it will keep her busy, keep her entertained, and
hopefully keep her feeling good. I’ve got my iced tea, I’ve got my DVD, and I’m gonna head out to pick up Addy, get ready for my 3 1/2 hour drive. I actually got to speak
to her this morning and a little bit last night,
and luckily she sounds like she’s in a really good spirit. She didn’t sound like she was sick, she didn’t sound like she was
miserable or not feeling good, so that makes my mama heart
feel a little bit better knowing that even though
she’s 3 1/2 hours away, she is in really good
spirits and is happy. It is actually the next day now. Right after I left Target
yesterday, I got a phone call from the camp people, and they told me that they had just left
the doctor’s office and Addy tested negative for strep throat. And the doctor was pretty
positive that whatever she had was something that would not
be contagious to the other kids at the camp unless she
shared drinks with them. The camp people, the
doctor, and everyone agreed that as long as Addy was in great spirits, which she really was, and
she wasn’t at risk of getting any of the other kids sick,
that she could stay at camp. Just as I was getting on the highway, I turned around and headed back home. (upbeat music) Before we made the decision
to let her stay officially, I got to talk to Addy, and
she was in a great mood. She was really pumped
about the opportunity to get to stay for one more night before everybody came home the next day. And the people that were there with her at the doctor’s office said
she was just a Chatty Cathy talking away, so I felt pretty good. Plus I knew that she was in amazing hands. All the people from our church
that were there with her were gonna treat her
like their own daughter, take care if she needed anything, so she ended up staying the night. Now we’re getting ready
for her to come home today. It’s probably about good, buggy. Are those good? To welcome Addy back
home, we’re going to make one of her favorite sweet treats that we haven’t made in a long time. What are we making, Maya? – Cupcakes in ice cream cones. – Exactly, it’s one of
her favorite treats. I grew up on these, I
loved these as a child, and I still love them as an adult. And you basically just
buy a cake mix, check, cake ice cream cones, frosting, and you bake the cupcakes inside ice cream cones,
350 for, I don’t know, about 20 minutes or so, and
frost ’em when they cool, and they are really, really good. Hi, Colin. Did you sense that there was some baking going on in the kitchen? Do you wanna help lick the bowl? All right, we’re gonna pour the batter in about 3/4 the way to the top. I’m gonna let you lick the
bowl with Maya when I’m done. (Maya shrieks) (upbeat music) Cupcakes are in and the kiddos are already licking the bowl over behind me. – [Maya] This is the best
thing I ever had, Colin. – The best thing I ever had. (Maya and Colin laugh) – Knowing Addy, I have a
feeling she gave it all she had so that she could stay at camp
and muster up enough strength to get through all the fun activities. But I have a feeling the
moment she gets home, she’s going to crash. And probably any little
bit of not feeling well that she felt at camp will be
magnified when she gets home. So I’m gonna still use the
DVDs that we bought at Target and I’m gonna set up
a whole crash pad area in the living room so
that when she gets home, the kids can just lay
down the rest of the day, get comfy, and have a full-on movie day and of course eat some delicious cupcakes. I think they’re ready. Perfect. Okay, we’re gonna let them
cool for a few minutes before we try to frost them. I think I may have filled
’em up a little bit too much. Some of them are overflowing a little bit. But most of them aren’t too bad, and they’ll still taste good. While the cupcakes are
drying, I thought it would be a great idea to have Maya work on making a “Welcome Home, Addy”
poster so we can greet her when she gets off the bus and
make her feel very welcome to be home, because we have
missed her very dearly. It’s the first time she’s
been away from home, other than like with
family members, this long. And it’s a really strange
feeling, so I’m gonna be so glad to have her home and back
under our roof tonight. – [Lucy] I’m gonna use this. – Here comes a helper. – Zoom. – I’m maker a poster that
says, “Welcome Home, Addy.” (upbeat music) – What did you miss most
about not having Addy around? – I missed playing hide-and-go-seek. – Playing hide-and-seek with her? You guys do love to play that. – Because it’s my favorite game. – And Colin’s not quite
as good with playing hide-and-go-seek as Addy is yet, is he? – Mm-mm. He counts to 20, he finds us,
but it kind of takes a while. (Lucy laughs) – Maya, your poster looks so good. Addy’s going to love this. – And guess what.
– What? – I’m done. – [Lucy] Let’s see it,
you wanna hold it up? Oh, wow, “Welcome Home, Addy.” She’s gonna love it,
what do you think, Colin? Is that cool? – Yes, cool. – Maya used a little bit
too much glitter glue, so it probably needs to sit
outside and dry for a few hours. Luckily, well, I shouldn’t say luckily, but we got a message that
their bus is a little bit behind schedule, so we’re
gonna have a little bit more time to let the
poster dry adequately. Kiddos, do you know what time it is now? – [Maya] What? – Time to frost the
cupcakes, wanna go help me? – Let’s go frost the cupcakes!
– Yum. (upbeat music) Mix in the sprinkles. – It smells so good! – [Lucy] (laughs) Does it? – You’re gonna get some
frosting, put on it, glob it and then smooth it out, try. – I need my spoon! – It’s right there, use that. – [Lucy] There you go, use this, Colin. – Okay. – See, you have chocolate frosting and Funfetti with sprinkles in it. And you can put it all over
the top and then eat it. While Maya and Colin
frost their own cupcakes, I’m gonna get the rest of ’em all frosted and out and ready for when Addy gets back. (upbeat music) I think Addy’s going to
like the Funfetti ones more, so maybe I’ll make a few
more Funfetti ones for her. Do you guys agree? – Mm-hmm.
– Yeah? When you bake these, the cupcakes become a little bit softer, which
sounds kind of weird and gross, but it’s actually really good. See if I can put this
on without hitting them. Perfect. (gentle music) We’re in the church parking lot right now waiting for Addy’s bus to pull up. Who’s excited? – [Maya And Jason] Me! – [Lucy] Do you wanna see Addy, Colin? – Yes! – [Lucy] Yes! (bright music) (bus horn honking) – I wanna hold you, I want a hug. Hey, did you miss me, did you miss me? (Colin yells) – We have Addy in the car now. Addy, how was camp, how was camp? – Awesome, we gotta stay up till 10:30. – [Lucy] You stayed up till 10:30? – Yeah. – I did not okay that, Addy. – Well, you kinda had to. – So what was your favorite,
most favorite part of camp? – Ooh, maybe competing
against the other team. – And there were a lot of
churches there, I think, and your group, our church,
won the competitions, didn’t they, Addy? What did you win? – Silver toilet plunger. – A silver toilet plunger?
– Yeah. – So silly. Well, we’re so glad to have you back. I’ve got your medicine,
they got her an antibiotic while she was gone,
and we’re gonna go home and we have all the crash pads laid out so Addy can relax and watch a movie. We made a treat for you, and Maya made a special
poster for you, too. Maya worked really hard on that for you. – That’s so cool. Thank you. – [Lucy] And look what’s over here, girly. – [Addy] Oh my. – They’re cupcakes.
– Oh my gosh, I remember those. (gentle piano music) – You cold?
– Yeah. – I have two blankets.
– I already got another one. – [Lucy] What, sugar? – I’m so cold and I have two blankets. (gentle piano music) – We’re glad you’re home. – Yes. – I’m sorry you’re not
feeling well, though. – Yeah. – She said she was shivering
the whole way home on the bus. – Well, the last 45 minutes. – The last 45 minutes? – Mm-hmm.
– Aw. We’ll keep taking your medicine
and get you all better. I think Sandy missed
Addy, too, didn’t you? We all, we all missed Addy-roo. Well, sure enough, Addy was
a little bundle of energy when she got off the bus,
but starting about 10 minutes into our drive home, we could
tell she started fading. She was getting cold, getting tired. And I think now that she’s
home, she’s just gonna crash. So we’re putting the
DVD on for “Nancy Drew” and hopefully she takes a little nap and we get some rest and get
feeling better very soon. Well, thank you for watching
“Tic Tac Toy Family.” We’ll see you next time, XOXO. (gentle piano music)

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