Agitos Foundation | NPC Greece Refugee Project | RAJAB

Agitos Foundation | NPC Greece Refugee Project | RAJAB

After five months in Greece, they came to tell me about Para sports. Before that, I was always depressed. I used to sit alone and remember the tragedies of the past. I used to be sad all the time. Now we are here at Mamalos’s, practicing powerlifting with the most courageous man. We are living our lives through sport. As I was training here, I’ve got a call from the Hellenic Paralympic Committee. They proposed a collaboration. It’s an honour to train these boys, and make them athletes, make them champions. That will make them stronger, more disciplined, experienced and socially worthy. I used to live in Iraq in Al Anbar, Housayba city. We don’t know exactly the reason of the war. Suddenly, our life turned upside down. We were in the garden, surrounded by plants and trees. An unknown group approached us. It was during the USA occupation in 2004. In the beginning they hit us with three rockets They fell near us because they couldn’t see us clearly. Then when we left to go home. They hit us with another rocket. We were five: two died and the other three lost their legs. Being a refugee with vulnerabilities, physical disabilities or other types of disabilities, it is very important for them to actually have an opportunity to do something better with their lives. This is actually a ticket for doing something better with their lives. I want you to pump with your back Here, right here! Not so low… here… Since I’ve started feeling good and comfortable. I keep practising sport until I win the championship. We want to participate in competitions, to live the life we couldn’t live during the tragedies

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