Alinity Massive OPSIE & COPYSTRIKE gets man 160 years in prison?! 📰 PEW NEWS📰

Alinity Massive OPSIE & COPYSTRIKE gets man 160 years in prison?! 📰 PEW NEWS📰

YouTube, did an oopsie! Alinity, did an oopsie! machinma did an oopsie Some random… (heck) (pewds not the tv how dare you)(lowkey shook rn) Some random guy, did an oopsie! And PEWDIEPIE, did. an. oopsie! Good evening, my name is Gloria Borger And you’re watching Pew News! *bwow wow a wow wow wo wow wa wow wa* *bwooop* *borgerborgerborgerborger* *BORGERBORGERBORGERBORGER* *BORGERBORGERBORGER* Our first news is absolutely incredible It’s one of the best thing I ever heard in ma… no, actually. I’m not supposed to give my opinion (then don’t) Well, it’s a thing that I’ve heard And it’s uuuuhhhhhh It came from Grandayy (hubby) That’s right, this news come from T-Series *Reading tweet* Now THIS is WHY (that’s how mafia works) You don’t copystrike (pokimane) videos *dies in swedish* *Narration*A high speed chase through FIVE metro denver counties At times cars were DITCHED (just like my friends ditch me whenever they realise I have the personality of a stale biscuit) And drivers THROWN out the door At one point a fOUr mOnTH oLD pewdiepie fan was sTRAPPED in a back seat. *laughs in gucci* *Orange Boi* My lawyer said I made the news in the UK AND ∀I˥∀ɹ┴S∩∀ So THISGUY went on an ABSOLUTE RAMPAGE… stole a CAR with a KID inside of it… almost ran over a cop dri-drove against TRAFFIC so that once the news footage came out on Youtube he was going to cOpYsTRIkE iT *thinking intensifies* That was an aCtUaL plan for someone You know all these dolandark plans… we always have on my reddit we’re like well if this chair makes it into rewind he can copystrike rewind This guy had that idea! (what a lad) *Narration* Driver Ryan Stone hoped to PROFIT from his Internet Fame after the video was posted online. *Orange boi* You get paid by Youtube so uh Channel 7 News, I believe, is gonna be the one thats gonna get paid for that. (Good luck rest of subtitlers! Its late and im tired. -Betsy) (thanks Betsy, very cool -Alicia) He wasn’t just going to C O N T A C T Channel 7 news, He was gonna C O P Y S T R I K E Channel 7 News Now the oopsie here is that, well… *pewds contemplates life* He got 160 years in prison. 1👏6👏0👏Y👏E👏A👏R👏S “You get to see two VERY different faces of this car thief,” “on the left” ON👏THE👏LEFT👏 BEFORE. OOPSIE On the right???? After👏Oopsie “He wanted to profit from ALL the clicks from the chase received on our own Denver 7 YouTube Channel. *nyooooooooooooooooooooom* yehahaha HEHEYEAHAHSYEYAHEHAYEHAHH I’m gonna COPYSTRIKE them This is, uh, what is it THREE years old I mean the man was before his time I gotta give him props for that. Although, unfortunately, however: “We looked into Ryan Stone’s claims that Denver 7 made money off of the YouTube video,” “We did NOT” “Our video only has 145,000 views” (lmao pathetic) “As with some YouTube videos, if one gets over 1 million views, our (parent?) company would’ve been given 2-3 thousand dollars.” 160 years in prison?! A couple thousand dollars… Now maybe, you might be thinking to yourself a couple things First of all, this is an old story (smh pewds) YES! I! KNOW! Second of all, does 160 years in prison seem a bit far? Well you have to consider the fact that he could’ve got many people killed while doing this. He almost ran over a cop! Those Angels up there actually pulled me out of the way Trooper element. He almost died stoned on his head. He was trying to barely knocks down and there was a kid in the back of the car as well. So I don’t know if his behavior is excuse. Just because someone didn’t get hurt when clearly someone couldn’t. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t make sentences. I just report the news now limited to see what what. How is this possible. Oh not the limit. What did you do. Ok well let’s watch a little bit these shows. D I see on stream but a lady has a penis. Ok so Jack looks like to me. Can I put it on the chart. Go there if you want to play like right now. Go go. Open it in no browser. Is she playing. Is she playing the zone out there. Write your name here and then wait for the code. What is happening here. What is. Why is she. Why is she playing the song of my people is Elaine Eddie secretly a nine. I want to give it to subscribers first down on the subscriber chart here undescribed. OK. If you’re a stop you. Jesus Christ what a noob see. This has to be the C of the century. No recovery for liberty. Obviously not. Well I want to know. Did she. Is she playing now. She can’t be playing that song. That makes no sense. I think the one recording the footage is playing that song right. Can anyone confirm this. This is very important. Next News Machinima is gone. Now I’m not supposed to give my opinion but this fills me with overwhelming joy and satisfaction. I’m not supposed to give my opinion but I hate Machinima and I couldn’t be more happy about their demise. Mission To Mars. YouTube gaming channel has effectively disappeared. I mean in a way it’s kind of sad. I used to be a staple channel for gaming on YouTube every gamer when I started off making YouTube videos was on Machinima. It was an inspiring time for me when I was starting off because I wanted to be on Machinima. That was my goal because everyone else was. And now the channel is shut down and none of the creators of. That had made videos for Machinima were notified for a for this. So basically they removed their entire library. Obviously this sucks for a lot of people that you know recap for the win who has been making videos for mission about for 7 years just gone like that. It’s pretty crazy. I even had some videos of Machinima now. Why do I hate Machinima while machine amazing multi-channel network. Which basically means That they partner up with YouTube verse give them a contract saying hey we’ll put ads on your videos but we’ll take a percentage of your income. Now back in the day when I was starting off making youtube videos I was doing obviously gaming that was all I did and the only way to earn revenue at this point was if you got partnered with YouTube directly or if you got partnered with an MSM Machinima was basically the only M.C. n that existed for gaming at that time and YouTube wouldn’t partner gaming channels. So basically you were left with one option and one option only which was to partner up with Machinima if you didn’t partner up with Machinima then you and you are a gaming channel then you’re not going to earn any money whatsoever. I made videos for a year and I made no money on it whatsoever. I think I had like thirty thousand subscribers at the time and I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but it was back then and to not be partnered and have ads on your videos. When I literally had millions of use every month it’s kind of weird it was crazy and I just couldn’t get a partnership with Machinima so I actually got a partnership with and through someone else that I worked with. It was really weird but it was the only option I had to earn money on my videos and I went from earning zero dollars to an actual substantial income every single month because I got this Machinima partnership and I was really initially very happy about it. I thought it was great you know I could finally make money off my videos I could quit my job and I could just focus solely on that on YouTube. Obviously it was a good thing but we’ll get to why I hate Machinima eventually. I think it’s important to get that the facts down. The problem with Machinima was that since they had basically monopoly on own on gaming on YouTube there was no one else. They basically would take 50 for roughly 50 percent of your income and that’s after YouTube takes forty five percent of the income. So hey what a great deal about YouTube which are making so much money. I mean yes, teachinically I was but it was because I was already making a lot of videos and getting a lot of views I basically..since I got partnered through another person I worked with i had no point of contact with machinima directly whoever was paying me uhhh every single month which was very important because otherwise I didn’t get paid for some reason I wouldn’t be able to pay rent. I mean I wouldn’t be able to pay my bills so it was extremely important obviously that I would get paid each month. I had no idea if that was going to happen or not. I was just hoping that everything would work out fine because I had no contact with the company that was paying me and that went on for until I actually was about to become the biggest channel on YouTube. Imagine working with a company that’s taking a large portion of your revenue but you haven’t heard a single word from them whatsoever. That’s how bad the situation was media machine to mine. I think a lot of YouTube’s can identify with that. Obviously they did work closely with other creators that did like Call of Duty or whatever. It just showed to me how the company just wasn’t paying attention whatsoever and not unless not until I expressed that I wanted to leave the company that they came back and said oh actually you can’t leave mission about because you are a contract with the US to last forever which is an illegal contract so I’ll be assemblies being able to get out of it but it took four to five months. For that to happen. So it was a huge waste of money huge waste of time. The fact that I was almost the biggest channel long on YouTube and no one reacted. I think it’s pretty telling about what the company was like. They just took you to boost revenue and didn’t really care at all. Basically and they’re. Getting this treatment was part of the reason why I wanted to create an end myself. That’s what we did with Rebel mode because I wanted things to be better for creators. I think you know this is not how it should be. Sands shouldn’t just exist so that they can take a percentage of income and not give anything back. It’s a terrible business and this is something that I never really talked about because it would just seem stupid to bring up another thing that kind of annoys me about the whole situation was how I think I was at a YouTube event not long ago and everyone was talking bad about mission and my bro and saying how bad their experience was with Machinima and I agree I had bad experience with Machinima as well but they were talking about it. I said oh Machinima is so bad but you to be so great Machinima wouldn’t be able to do what they did. Unless YouTube permitted them to do it. I mean they had monopoly. There was no other options for gaming channels on YouTube at the time. So I feel like I had to go through such a frustrating period. When I was starting up my channel because both at fault from YouTube and both at fault for Machinima I know I sound really whiny but obviously things are a lot better now. I mean I’m partnering directly with YouTube finally and it’s just so much better. I think the future of M stands in general are just going to slowly diminish because unless they add a value which they haven’t for so many years and there’s. There’s not going to be any reason for them to exist. I think it’s it’s sad how it’s probably still happening where a lot of channels are just giving away a portion of their income because they didn’t know better you know you start of youtube you think “oh I should be part of a network right?? cuz uh every one else is part of a network” and then they sign off their channel for like a big period of time and essentially get nothing back from it *clap* i mean for better or for worse if i didn’t get partnered with machinima at the same time i probably wouldn’t have been able to put as much time and effort into making videos and maybe, maybe i wouldn’t have been able to get where i was because of it but thats also giving someone credit for something that they took advantage of idk it doesn’t really make sense to me but that brings us to the next news *clap* Another news from Brandy. I guess he’s my number one debt news source these days. YouTube has been demonic to using way too many channels recently and it’s not getting enough attention. And I agree there is a concerning amount of smaller channels just randomly getting them on enticed. We have this channel who got them monetize everyone. My channel is just democratized this Sunday morning I woke up to it to find my channel was no longer made available for the YouTube partnership program despite the fact that my channel has no community guidelines strikes. No copyright strikes against it. I’m in good standing in all fronts have not violated any of YouTube’s policies so a channel with one hundred and forty thousand subscribers just democratized out of nowhere for no conceivable good reason at least. It’s pretty crazy and it’s not just the only one team with the entertainment got to monetize as well. If they don’t do it as well another channel with that seventy six thousand subscribers. Same with cads YouTube who has three hundred thousand subscribers. Also I noticed DSL patches got to monetize as well who is sitting on two hundred thousand I think this is really concerning and upsetting especially thinking about now thinking about machinima and mypass yknow if i was just randomly demonetized during the time I was a smaller channel, it would be devastating to me and my career so, to see it happen so frequently to so many channels for no good reason its very concerning not just for these individuals, obviously, but also for *the future of youtube* yes you could say maybe youtube would’ve been better off without me but uhhh yknow it could happen to any creator less and less people are going to be incentive to actually become youtubers if this is the sort of thing that will happen and uhh i genuinely think thats something thats bad for everyone now, youtube reviewed some of these cases and Darklighter, the first guy was reinstated Timotainment was reinstated with monetization as well but i think its worth noting that MowtenDoo was another channel that got demonetized *twice* in 3 months it got demonetized and it seems that unless you’re getting likes on twitter and complain about it, then youtube aren’t really going to look into it wtf lol im going to link to all the creators i just mentioned honestly they’re all great channels you should check them out its not just some random channels like They’re legit channels that upload good content. It’s really strange to see in my opinion YouTube seem to be cutting out people with monetization and with just ridiculous standard. Initially it sounded possible but now it’s just getting out of control. This can’t be good for the future. Next News the final note separate body again Gillette. Yes. How interesting. So last week I brought up the Gillette commercial and not everyone but a lot of people were upset about me and. It seemed like a lot of people had the sentiment that I Gloria Borger didn’t care about any of the issues that the Gillette commercial brought up or that I was brushing them aside or I wasn’t able to recognize them. Well I have to agree. Yes. I wasn’t able to recognize some of the issues in the commercial for example the whole smile thing. Sweetie. Come on. I don’t think that reaction really justifies what he said. Smile is sweet. Come on man. Come on now. A lot of people told me that oh it’s because women doesn’t like to get told to smile more. That said sexist thing because women shouldn’t always have to look pretty and smile and have this standard and it’s annoying. I get it. I a hundred percent understand that but it’s so poorly conveyed in this video. I mean literally previously you had this shot of people at a party dancing and smiling both boys and girls and and then you have this shot of a guy saying smile with a camera and we’re just supposed to assume that something bad is happening unless you’re educated on this thing or have experience with it you’re not going to recognize that it was an issue with that. And to me that just seems like you’re pandering you don’t care about changing the issue using one pats on the back. That’s is how I interpret it. And the second thing I call that was was this shot. And the second thing I call that was this shot of a guy that is about to approach a girl and everyone is going but he’s about to catcall her and catcalling is really bad. How can you ridicule that Felix. If he was catcalling in the video I could go yes that’s bad. But he doesn’t he doesn’t catcall. He’s just about to approach her. You have to say oh well he was about to. He was going to. It’s such a weird argument. Why are they so vague about these things. My point was how badly and vaguely they convey all these issues and that to me just seems like pandering. I’ll admit that I did a nude scene because I did. I really rushed through this story. It was at the end of the video and I just kind of like it sucks and I definitely could have done a better job at expressing what I was. Thinking. But at the same time so could have Jillette I think most people could who can agree with me that they could have done a better job with this commercial. And just because I criticized the commercial doesn’t mean I’m criticizing the issue that it’s trying to bring up. I was pointing out how badly of a job they do at portraying these issues. Everything is so vague in this video. You have to either have previous knowledge or just assume certain things. I mean what is happening here. Who knows unless you’ve seen the clip. Why people are so keen on defending a company a multi-billion dollar company is just beyond me just because they bring up issues doesn’t mean they care. And for someone that has worked with big companies they don’t work. It’s all about buying an image just because you bring up important issues. There’s an excuse that you do a bad job at bringing them up which is what I’ve seen most people saying like oh yeah maybe they didn’t do a good job. But you know these are important issues that needs to be discussed. Yeah. Why are you defending Gillette. No I think it’s funny for a company that clearly sells the female version of razors for more expensive price than the male version. I know a lot of women actually buy the male version of the razor blades because they’re higher quality and cheaper the source of these issues are something different. I just find it funny that she let edible companies decide that oh we’re gonna be the moral view in all of the sudden we’re gonna do the right thing. You know Gillette you know they don’t have the best history there and maybe that’s what they were trying to acknowledge. But. It seemed more like brushing aside using Gillette is owned by Procter and Gamble who are notorious for animal testing as well. Great. What a wonderful company out there just trying to do the right thing guys. I think the main thing. Reason why people were pissed off at the commercial was because it was grouping old men in old men to make them look evil or harmful like all men are bad kind of. And the response to that is what I’ve seen is that well they’re not saying that they’re just saying that men can do better. Yes no fuck everyone can do better. It’s annoying to be grouped into a lot of people and issues that you’re not taking part of. And I think especially if anyone can do better it’s a company that is value 230 30 billion dollars shares my opinion but I’m not supposed to have it. Please stop buying into that companies are moral beings they aren’t OK. They’re just trying to sell your. That said for this week’s pill news Wow 80 million club March is out for another three days only. It is selling like hotcakes. Whatever that means. I never use that expression for some reason you don’t want to miss out on the 80 million. Thanks for all the support on that. By the way I really appreciate it. Also I wanted to bring up that top to bridge simulator rooms. That’s right everybody. In January the competitions were good and evil and a winner was torn. Day. It’s crazy when people are doing this. It’s fun to be a tuba simulator. The next one was enchanted. And the winner was. Incredible. And the next one was crazy cat lady. And the winner was Ed Jill. Wow. Why this may be also hard core. And the winner was. Smallest. That accent Looks legit then. I like that. All right guys check out tuber simulator link in the description. Or download an IRS Apple store. That’s it for me for now. Thank you guys for watching. Goodbye to series subscribe and all that stuff. Bye bye bye. Bye bye.

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