Andre & Cookie Discuss Life After Prison | Season 5 Ep. 5 | EMPIRE

Andre & Cookie Discuss Life After Prison | Season 5 Ep. 5 | EMPIRE

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  1. Cookie is a strong woman and does everything for her family and it would kill me if they get rid 9f any of the Lyons

  2. i`m so happy that empire is coming back on this week i`m glade to see andre and cookie are talking about life after prison and getting along i`m glade to see them together

  3. Honestly the Lyon deserved to lose Empire. They are evil and deserve every bad thing coming their way. They shouldn't mess with people and expect for them to not get even. That's dumb logic

  4. Love this. Cookie and Dre 's relationship has evolved…I love their bond she's gets him, she wanted to do the same thing with the girls she left behind.

  5. I like this conversation between Cookie and Andre. Finally, I hope Andre will be closer to Cookie. I always felt there was unresolved conflict and now Andre is coming forward. All good!

  6. Let's me honest, Cookie loves all of her children equally but she'd be lying to herself if she said that Jamal wasn't her favorite because we all know that he is. Cookie and Andre don't really ever have any casual sincere or hear to heart family moments together, unless Andre is going threw something and that's when Cookie and Andre have there rare talks (just like in this video). This has become very apparent while watching all the seasons of empire that Andre and Cookie really just don't have anything in common which is probably why she relates more to Jamal & Hakeem and it's a lot easier to talk to them then it is to Andre

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