AOC Exposes ‘Manufactured Cruelty’ at Migrant Detention Camps | NowThis

AOC Exposes ‘Manufactured Cruelty’ at Migrant Detention Camps | NowThis

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  1. Border Patrol won’t let people provide water, food and clothing to the migrants we are keeping in cages. Shouldn’t the border patrol be more welcoming to people who want to help?

  2. Would not even be casted in a B movie. Perhaps she could invest in acting classes, because this is a poor performance void of facts, dishonest and disingenuous along with misleading.

  3. Why does YouTube keep suggesting this left wing propaganda to me I wont ever believe the lies of any government officials from either side they are all the same AOC exposes nothing and funny how all these people care now but when Obama was doing it and more kids died in these places while Obama was President nobody cared at all and if AOC cares so much why did she vote no on getting them all new beds if she really cared about them sleeping on the ground she would have voted yes but nope she doesn't care at all

  4. How is it that nobody cared when Obama was doing the same thing during his administration? All who stand with this lunatic should go and look at how many illegals died at the boarder before Trump took office. Go back and listen to what Obama, Clinton and all the Democrats said about illegal immigration at our southern border. It's exactly what your boogie man Trump is saying now.

  5. Nothing is more disgusting than a two last name woman not held in check. She is a delusional nut case. Whoever is doing that doesn’t have any pride or balls.

  6. Man, I can't understand how anyone would hate a politician who's actually fighting for the people. A few years ago, everyone said politicians only serve the corporation's, and now we have some politicians serving the people and some people's reaction to that is hate? My God,

  7. This lady's one to talk about manufacturing things. She literally faked a photo crying, acting like she was looking at one of the camps.

  8. The GOP needs to get with the program and start adding fresh new talent to their party. AOC brings an exciting new energy never seen before to the Democratic party and she's telling it like it is. That's why people pay attention to her regardless of her skin color. The GOP is full of old, stale people with old, stale ideas that fly at lightening speed over American's heads. AOC is revealing the horrors that this admin is putting people through. Only third world countries would do something like this.

  9. Why do you keep encouraging more people to come over when you don’t have the means to support them?

    Why don’t you actually introduce a bill to allow immigrants to come under some work programs and at least a path to citizenship?

    But no, you just want to divide the country and have open borders for the entire world. I mean, since when do Africans make the extremely long and dangerous trip to the Mexican border?

    Is it a new phenomenon because you offer free healthcare and free passage on tv?

  10. Your the reason this is going on! This is clearly hipocracy of the left after not letting trump build the wall then not giving them money at the detention centers!

  11. Yeah the democrats manufactured this crisis by ignoring the crisis months ago when trump and the republicans brought the issue to everyone. Democrats laughed and said “it was a manufactured crisis” that the republicans were lying and that there was “no crisis at the border” ridiculous.

  12. Exposed what? If you come into the US illegally, you're in violation of 8USC 1325. Anyone arrested for a crime, regardless of citizenship, gets separated from family. Keeping them together is actually more humane than the treatment of US citizens when jailed.
    Also, spare me the asylum garbage. Asylum seekers report to the POE and request asylum legally. Asking for asylum while being arrested for EWI is like asking a store if you can buy something while you're being busted for stealing it.

  13. AOC is so annoying if someone taped her mouth shut I think that person will be doing a great service to America

  14. Instead of complaining about the current treatment, why doesn't this lawmaker introduce a bill into Congress to make her and the (currently) illegal immigrants happy? Open the borders, defund (abolish) ICE and CBP.

  15. Well they are invaders… they just atracked an ice facility and tore down the amercan flag replacing it with a mexican flag and saluted it. Yeah these invaders belong in a cage.

  16. If you get arrested during a traffic stop and your kids in the car you are seperated so why shouldn't illegals who has done a crime not be seperated

  17. I am happy that Mexicans and Hispanics who were backing Bush , Obama and Trump to bomb and kill women , children and babies in Muslim countries…what Muslims been facing for 55 years since the creation of Israel…this is how Muslims are feeling for 5 decades of oppression!!

  18. The only emergency in this country is our overbearing law enforcement policies. Not just on the border, but throughout this country. I once bought weed legally in Colorado, and crossed the border into Utah on my way to Nevada and I got pulled over for going 10 mph over the speed limit in the middle of the desert, where there were no other cars and because the cop smelled weed in my car, he was allowed to literally pull me out of my car by my neck, kid nap me, and hold me for ransom. The only law I actually broke was speeding. It took an entire year of my life away trying to deal with the courts and the fines. The law enforcers in this country are being trained to treat everyone like a violent criminal and as a result, the cops are actually the violent criminals. The way cops are trained, or more likely, the lack of training they receive, destroys lives. It puts regular people as well as cops in danger. I don't care if you're a serial killer. Nobody deserves to be treated the way we are by our own law enforcers, especially before a trial has even been held. And the fact that a white, middle class male citizen was treated this way makes me incredibly worried about how less privileged people are treated, and I would be surprised if the people at the border were NOT being abused. Nobody applies for a job that requires you to do the things our law enforcement does if they aren't already violent abusers. A lot of the cops and border Patrol agents get these jobs simply to stay out of prison themselves while being allowed to get their fix of violence.

  19. This is outrageous. We should be giving this people houses cara and jobs. If you make It here you should be handed 5000 dollars.

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