AVENGERS ENDGAME BOX FORT PRISON ESCAPE! Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Spiderman & More!

AVENGERS ENDGAME BOX FORT PRISON ESCAPE! Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Spiderman & More!

looks if you’ve got a couple guards up
ahead they’re blocking the gateway if we can get past that with this here we go no Jake no distractions just me and mapa welcome Logan come on man
is that Thor’s hammer Thor’s hammer Logan I used to break open your door
Logan we have an extreme emergency Jake there’s always an emergency with you
what is wrong this time what’s wrong this guy hasn’t seen Avengers infinity
war Logan half the world is gone how is that not an emergency
Jake the last time you came in here with Thor’s hammer you were playing way too
much Marvel future fight have you been playing too much marvel future fight yes
okay maybe I have what’s wrong with that stop the game with a hundred million
downloads yes yes it is even mister alpaca gets it and the fact that I could
play with over a hundred and 80 characters Logan that’s why I play it no
other game has not and if you guys think this game as as awesome as I do you can
download it below in the description completely for free for both iOS as well
as iOS plus I get to do crazy team ups like have Deadpool fight alongside
Thanos you know they’re normally enemies but not in this game Logan you can do
whatever you want so you’re saying that they Anna snapped half the world away
and you want us papa Jake and Logan to do something about it
just Logan that’s exactly what I propose we do don’t you remember
five months ago I was bit by a spider I still have my spider-man abilities I
know you don’t have a super power yet Logan but we’re gonna find you one maybe
they will sting you with a wasp or something so you see if that helped I’m
not getting stung by a loss okay Logan well that’s not important right now
right now we need to stop fan o’s because today we have a world to save what’s going on everyone is Papa Jake
AKA spidey man
we are back with a brand new video and today we are becoming Avengers today
Jake what am I gonna be who’s my superhero
maybe Logan everyone in the comments can tell you what you’re Supergirl should we’re gonna find you something but guys
as you know Thanos has erased half of the world and today we need to stop him
and figure out a way to save all of our superhero friends even though we might
not be the best superheroes Logan but not being a superhero at all
and yeah the Avengers are big and even if they couldn’t stop him how could two
dudes stop him that’s because we got heart right so every like this video
gets equals one smack in the face to Thanos and with a bajillion trillion
likes we can defeat Thanos single-handedly like this no but of
course guys if you are brand new to the channel do not forget to let subscribe
button as well as hit the like button down below so you never miss a brand new
video but Logan I think we need to go outside and start looking around for
Thanos cheek how are we even gonna find Thanos you know I I don’t know where
we’re gonna find him Logan but wherever we do find him I’m gonna look him
straight in the eyes and say hey you messin with Poppa Jake the greatest
superhero of all time alright dance you’ve got nothing what
think Bannos is right behind you what happened guys what just happened
where are we well good welcome wake up we saw those guys we we saw him it we
were gonna save the day and then he I’m gonna suppose be where he sends people
this this must be where he puts people Logan it’s not the Hulk looks like to me
Logan why are we currently in a room with the Hulk I don’t know Jake but this
is what you asked for when you came into my room with Thor’s hammer and started
saying hey let’s take oath a nose yeah I didn’t think we were actually gonna go
take out their nose I thought we’d get in the car drive around a little bit
maybe go get ice cream then he showed up we’ll take it looks like now we’re in
some kind of prison yeah this must be Thanos prison
wait this is sounds prison that that means we’re a Marvel future fight well
we were literally inside the game Jake how is that even possible I don’t know
if Thanos must have zapped us inside the game okay that’s okay I’ve played a lot
of this game we can just we can escape out of this prison and get back to the
real world and save all the Avengers while we’re at it new people is waking
up right now listen listen listen I know I know I know you’re trapped in prison
but we’re here we’re gonna help you we want to we want to get out of prison
– just like you Hulk we want to escape and Hulk
I am Papa Jake I’ve escaped from many prisons okay
we’re inside a video game called marbled future fight I know how to get us out of
here I’m gonna take my phone I’m gonna use it so that we can transform into
superheroes and break us out of this prison oh yes yes I know Hulk I know
okay all right we’re gonna get out of here
to figure out a way we can figure out a way to get out of business it’s time for
your exercise please make your way to the yard for some fun oh do you know
what exercise time is extra sausage time although super you also be you guys
right now we just need to play along okay we’re inside marble future by four
we can figure out a way to get out of here so they want us to go out into the
yard yeah we got some new prisoners oh okay it’s Deadpool we’re safe look sir
we’re trying to break off it’s just my yacht and you’re gonna find that out the
hard way before you know it you know what mr. Deadpool if you’re gonna play
like that tink I got this it’s my phone we can
turn into superheroes it’s just like normal future fight I can select our
characters and then we can take them on oh oh jenika be fast cuz it doesn’t look like
the Hulk at that much left in there there’s so many characters put me down
big man over twisting up the best abilities uh
okay I’ll be Iron Man there we go Iron Man we need to get you a character fast
okay who should I be ant-man don’t poke it not ant-man we need something big to
take down that door 20 minutes okay spider-man oh nice dude look what do you
look pretty good a little funny but I mean easy you’re spider-man okay mom put
him down oh all right Deadpool time to meet
spider-man here we go Jake do something man okay I have an idea
there’s gonna be another superhero in here I can use Oh perfect black panther
let’s go Deadpool all right it looks like you didn’t learn your lesson the
first time all right got him Logan now we got to
find a way out of this prison okay listen guys
we can figure out a way together this prison gonna be back home in no time
Oh Paul could you could you just could you just stop to stop playing your
guitar it looks like all the superheroes in this prison are not friendly I’ve
broken out a lot of prisons before so this is just like any other prison
escape but even better we’ve got super hero abilities man and
we found my phone but you just open up marble future fight maybe you can find
out some of the abilities we have we can use them to get us out of here all right
dinner’s ready welcome what did you make this isn’t this is not dinner Logan the
most disgusting thing I’ve ever yeah okay we’re getting out of here
we’re getting out of here look in the game all of our superheroes have
different abilities for example I have claw slash gun idea just a thermal
vision of my helmet Yeah right there what’s it there’s a
ventilation shaft okay well how are we gonna get in
that’s where claw slash comes in check this out okay alright coast is clear it
should be down into the rest of the prison compound and hopefully be the way
out of here I’ve got that yeah I’ll transform into
ant-man and sneak down through the crack there check it out make sure the coast
is clear and then come back and let you know let me shrink down into super small
size and check out what’s down there hi guys we’re now super small should be
able to go through here and check Oh looks like we have someone and if you’re
wondering yes my voice is extremely high pitch so none of you made fun of that
okay I’m gonna go back to let alone now oh we’ve got one guard blocking a
doorway I don’t think I’ll be able to use ant-man
but if I switch back to Iron Man we should be able to take him out no
problem well now all we need to do is take out
this guard if I check out my character’s abilities in Marvel feature fight looks
like I have a repulsor blasts hey it should be too hard I’ll take him out
with that covered me if something goes wrong the coast is clear okay
oh we’ve made it this far shouldn’t be too much more before we can break out of
here being able to use super powers really comes in handy did you get up
yeah Scott Oh should be able to get through here
let’s be able to grab this key card off of him
now typically this thing would need a retina scan I should be able to manually
override it and just use his keycard perfect looks like it works I don’t know
who’s buying this door get ready for anything we need to figure
out a way to take him out he’s got spin-down I think I have an idea three
two one and I’m Captain America to captain we’re gonna open that door and
I’m gonna use this shield to deflect his bullets and then I’m gonna use my shield
throwability to knock him out all right sounds good to me
let’s take out this bad guy all right get ready with your shield captain three
two what he’s out of ammo Rochelle oh dude that
worked and we’re back the Spidey I’ve never seen someone who’s a shield like
that before but Logan we’re where’s Hulk what are you doing Hulk saw a pretty
flower and decided to picked it okay come on buddy come on mister fight all
right guys let’s escape this prison way out okay you with us I know really who
is I can’t see in this did you trapped in here yeah Captain Marvel I’m sorry
but we just we don’t have time Logan we need to go we got to get out of here we
can’t take this we already brought Hulk with us any more superheroes I’m not the
Pied Piper of superheroes you can’t leave Captain Marvel I hear you guys
alright alright fine you know what I’ll rip the door off I can do that too
although you called the team you’re currently breaking out of this prison
and take it down Thanos so why you follow along well thanks for saving me I
know that’s what I do I’m a superhero save everyone
Jake you literally wanted to leave her in there what we’re doing now is we’re
breaking out of here the only way out of here is through the courtyard so
everyone follow along and take out anyone that isn’t me or Logan all right
keep an eye out for the escaped prisoners looks like we’ve got a couple
guards up ahead they’re blocking the Gateway if we can get past that we go
this is President Captain Marvel I think you should stay here and let us do what
we do best no no I got this
nope Captain Marvel I’m the guy with the Iron Man suit you can’t go alone Jake
maybe just let her do her thing she’s gonna blow this whole operation up and
then we’re not gonna escape all right so yeah sure let’s see what Carla can do
who let you out yourself this is you’re coming with me
just put your hands up and don’t move who’s next okay maybe she is good
fighting and that guys is how it’s done okay well
it looks like she took out all of the guards it’s a good thing we didn’t leave
her in our cell yeah well no that’s done I guess I should use my teleporter to
get us out of here what what do you mean your teleporter okay I have a teleporter
I am Iron Man I have a teleporter you had a teleporter this whole time well
yes Logan I had a teleporter this whole time but I had to see how this played
out okay all right let’s get us out of here before we go another huge show to
netmarble for sponsoring this video if you guys want to check out Marvel future
fight be sure to go ahead and download it completely for free on both iOS as
well as iOS and guys there is a new update that you can play with your
favorite Marvel heroes in their new Avengers and game team uniforms so go
download it for free and start playing now you

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