Aztec Tents 20×30 ATC Canopy Installation

Aztec Tents 20×30 ATC Canopy Installation

How’s it going everyone? I’m Nick with
Aztec Tents and today we’re out here showing you how to set up the 20 by 30
ATC Canopy. Alright guys so first things first our
PPE. We’ve got our gloves, a hardhat, safety glasses, hearing protection, our
vest, and our safety shoes. Okay, first we’re gonna get started with a little
parts breakdown. First we’ve got our 20 by 30 ATC Canopy tent top, drop cloth,
sledgehammer, 24-inch hook stakes, you got our pole tops, our pole bottoms, and our two different sized center pole intermediate pipes, and our pole bag. Now you can identify the top part of our side poles and center poles it’s gonna
have a pin in our bottom sections are gonna have a cap on the bottom and then
two different intermediate size you’re going to use one of each for you center
pole and no matter what, whether it’s a side
pole or a center pole, you’re always gonna use one top and one bottom. All right, so our first step in setting up this tent is going to be to locate where our side poles and
our stakes are going to land that’s something we’ve we’ve already gone ahead and done. If you’d like to see how to do that you can check out this video right
here on how to square a tent. So we’re going to move forward with laying out our drop
cloth and then we’re gonna pull our tent top onto the top of that Okay so we’ve got our tent laid out on
our drop cloth. Our next step is going to be to assemble all of our poles and get
them all placed around the tent where we want them to go. All right we’ve got our poles placed
where they need to go, we’ve got all of our stakes dropped or we need to drive
them, so next step is to drive our stakes and then we’ll move forward with pushing
our poles okay so we’ve got all of our steaks in
the ground and our next step is we’re gonna take the attached rope tensioners
that are on the top, hook them onto each one of our stakes all the way around the
perimeter and then on one end of the tent we’re gonna give a little bit of
tension on those ropes that way when we go to start pushing pulls on the close
side of the tent here it doesn’t pull away from our excuse me it doesn’t pull
towards us and we’ll show you a little bit more about how to use those rope
tensioners as you start placing poles into the tent So as you can see we’ve got all of our
perimeter poles installed and essentially created a bowl with our tent top, so now
that that’s off the ground we’re going to pull out our drop cloth and we’re go
ahead and install our center poles. All right so once you’ve installed your
center poles you’re gonna notice there’s a jumper rope, we call it, hanging from
the top of the pole. First thing you want to do after you install your poles, is to
tie this jumper rope onto your center pole and that keeps the top from
jumping off of the pole just in case you get a gust of wind. So create the shape
of a “4” come around the center pole, back through your hole,
and you want to start wrapping the opposite direction and each loop you go above the previous. To finish you’ll pull it through your rope here with a little knot and cinch it down nice and tight. And that will keep your top from jumping off your pole. So now that
we’ve got our center poles installed and jumper ropes tied off, it’s time to move
to final tensioning. We will find the marks we’ve previously put on the ground
for our side poles and then we’ll tension up our rope tensioners All right, so that’s the complete install
of your 20×30 ATC Canopy. I hope it helps and everyone enjoyed the
video. If you want to see how to take it down
play the video backwards I guess

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