Base 23!! Building CoZ! Last Shelter Survival!

Base 23!! Building CoZ! Last Shelter Survival!

this is acer of Spades team TSE state 268 we
are number one and I’m coming at you because I was on my state chat talking
to my good friend tried NT from Jo P listen the guy is incredible he’s one of
the best players we have in our state he is kicking butt day after day so shout
outs to you bro and chaos Terry who was the first president of our state to give
me a presidential leadership appointment and I really appreciate you too bro so
long story short they’re just talking about the fact that a lot of people
really don’t know what they’re doing and of course I always put out my youtube
channel guys because my state comes first but you guys are right there with
them you know what I mean what I’ve talked about was the fact that I wasted
a 100% ticket while doing my base upgrade that I want to instantaneously
do as you guys already know if you’re following my YouTube channel I am
officially base 23 but I talked to him about the fact that I’ve already got two
war rooms going a chip building base upgrade as you guys are just heard about
and now my wonderful base is purple is set it out gold which by the way gold is
cool too man but there’s nothing like purple man I like the purple we won’t go
ahead and go with that try not to turn myself pink if I could help it now as
you can see out of my eight construction workers I still have my Institute going
to level 20 I still have my fighter war room my vehicle war room my bank’s oil
wells everything is upgrading at the same time I’m gonna go ahead and do a
chip building I got 13 million dollars and plenty of our SS and farms to hit
and everything I might ever need is going to be done in this what I want to
talk about today and what this is really going to be about is be building coz now
I want to make this very clear because I did what I did not only did I
instantaneously give my team pretty much their first chest in which our team is
going to crush it anyway but just that one building up here which is the only
building the only amount of points I’ve gotten so far just that one upgrade gave
me 36 million coz points personally and then of course if I go
to the ranking that immediately put me in the sixth position along with my
other friends here who have clearly decided to add some other buildings to
it now here’s why I did not go any further guys and you guys know I have
all those things cooking that one base upgrade equivalent equivalent of 6
million points guys so that’s overshooting my chest and as you guys
know a sort of space does not like to overshoot chest also you should never
use a 100% ticket if it’s going to not be a part of a double dip but let’s just
be very clear and fair in my items I got 15 more and plenty of 50 percents and as
you guys know when you have zone completely finished out you have double
chest and long story short I know I’m not gonna run out as soon as I get to
this gold chest it’s immediately gonna give me four more classes own tickets
which is immediately another hundred percent none of that is the point I
wanted to let you guys know that I did the calculations and before I even
started today I had already set up a hundred and forty four million points
for coz with the buildings that you see here and you guys can go through each
one of the building details if necessary just to get an idea and how that works
I’ll just use the fight or war room as an example
okay currently it has thirty thousand power if you scroll down it says that if
I upgrade from nineteen to twenty it’s gonna give me thirty seven four hundred
that is a seven thousand looks like one hundred and eighty four difference and
what I would do is I would take that seven thousand one hundred eighty four
multiply it times the one thousand points that I get in building power and
then I would take that and do my six hundred percent which is five hundred
percent from coz zone commemoration as well as a hundred percent ticket and
that will tell you what my total score is just to give you an example I’ll do
the math on this video so my points should look something like this seven
one eight four times one thousand and then I can multiply that times six
hundred percent and that in itself guys should give me a very very large
whopping forty three million that means that war room level 20 is
worth a little more points to my base upgrade which gave me 36 million points
and as you can see how I got those 36 million in that one amount you’ll see
this 43 million the same exact way putting me well over 70 million so guys
just to make this video short and sweet so that you guys have a really good
understanding what’s going on with building coz the answer is very simple
and I’ve explained this in other videos and we’re just gonna make it a quick
recap so you guys know exactly what to do what you’re going to do is you’re
going to store your RSS and you’re going to save from the weekend of ke
if you did hero day on Sundays like I always do you have lots of RSS that gave
you zero expenditure which is why I always do it every Sunday then I take
all that excess resource all that excess money that I harbored up and I focus on
building up my buildings and making those things happen setting them up
ahead of time a lot of these buildings as you’re going to see especially on
higher levels have days and days to complete so what do I do
on the speedup hours of every gathering day okay I use those speed ups during
those hours to either get a purple or gold chest depending on my resources at
that time and that gives me additional RSS with additional speed up so while
all the same lowering and reducing these amounts some of these war room upgrades
and things like that or four and five days long they’re down to two days
because I use the my speed ups effectively like I showed in my speed up
video I’ll pop it up here I used them effectively to give me additional RSS
and additional speed up so we don’t waste anything and then when you come to
building day you hit your 100% ticket you wait for the double-dip hours which
we’ve talked about in previous videos and you crush it guys if you continue to
do that you will be phenomenal player in the game and you’ll have a very very
easy time guys if this information is even remotely helpful like I always ask
you it only takes a second please please please please please hit that like
button like button like button please anyway subscribe please I’m gonna put
out good information you already know triple holics gaming a surf aids signing
up you

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  1. You got this CoZ thing down to a science. I’m still learning from your videos but I know hero day is killing me. Congrats on your lvl 23 ✌🏽from state 236.

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