[BEATTV] Last Shelter – 금색악세 풀셋 쉽게 만들기^^; Accessories jackpot▶ 라스트쉘터, 비트tv, last shelter beat

[BEATTV] Last Shelter – 금색악세 풀셋 쉽게 만들기^^; Accessories jackpot▶ 라스트쉘터, 비트tv, last shelter beat

IM30 Please remember. Don’t lower your chances of making accessories. an accessory challenge
We’ll get started. Target is a dress note. We’ll get started. Engine, central control system first. We used 250,000 diamonds. The goal is Engine Synthetic a combination of two gold and two orange 250,000 additional diamonds used Buy at once this time. Dread Note Come out a lot~ This one’s here? Here it is. Use 101 bullet proofs I think it’s similar. I think it looks similar. Okay, I’ll buy you one more. I’ll try two gold and two orange. There’s no limit on purchases. We had 109 hearts. It’s the same. Dread Note Okay. It’s right. Here we go. The engine’s on. Let’s go. 47.6% Let’s go! 47.6 Please come on out,” he said. It’s not mine. Let’s go. nice Isn’t this it? Okay~ It’s a success with one shot. It came out well in the first shot. Dread Note I’m going to the central control system. I’ll buy some more ingredients. Dread Note I gave you 102 hearts earlier. bulletproof membrane Give me a lot. Okay, uh, Mr. Shue. That’s not good enough. Let’s go 1 gold and 3 purple ones after a long time. That’s 20%. I am going. Central Control System 1 gold, 3 purple challenges Here we go. Let’s go. 20.4% Are you watching IM30? Let’s make it. I am going. 20.4% Let’s go! Nice shot! We succeeded again! Another success! If you’ve made two of these, It’s almost over. It’s almost a success. the hardest thing Donghwa, thank you for your support. Currently 1 million diamonds are used See you again….What should I do? There’s too much bulletproof. Now you have to look at the material carefully and use them. First, I’ll synthesize the remaining ingredients. gold and gold There’s a thousand of these. That’s awesome. Here… here we go. What’s your name? We’re going to Sussefan. You can make a lot of stuff in gold. The small quantity is Uh… I don’t have much of this. I have to go to orange.
To change. I’ll go like this. I don’t have much battery like this. Is it true that there aren’t many? Wait a minute. Don’t rub it. You have to look at the remaining quantity. two gunpowder a gunpowder One gunpowder, two batteries. a gunpowder wire wire two wires, one wire a piece of wire No wires. It’s right to go with gold, wire. Here we go. gunpowder 47.6% I am going. Okay… 47.6% cleanly. Suspension nice Three consecutive successes!!! Tyre Challenge Let’s just go slowly this time. Here we go. Tire Tire Let’s go. Ah… …failure… Oh, a failure. First, I’ll keep it. First, keep it. gold, gold, orange, orange I’ll buy some ingredients. We’re going to use the weapon. Synthetic It came out. gold, gold, orange, orange We have to succeed this time. If you fail, you can’t hit it with 1.5 million diamonds this time. Please… 47.6%, let’s go. One, two, three Let’s go, Nace. Wow~ 4 successes! Four Gold Successes Currently, 1 million diamonds are used I made 4 pieces of 1 million diamond. I didn’t wear gloves. It was gloves. Gloves Now, I’m… gathering energy. I click a lot here. in a hurry Click a lot with your mouse. Let’s go. Let’s go. Nice~ It’s almost finished. I’m almost done with this. Okay~ We’ve got 5 successes now. Five Gold Successes Diamonds are 1.2 million currently used What can I do before? Tires? Maybe all the ingredients are gold. It all ended in gold. It all ended in gold. Brother~ It’s all made of 1.2 million diamonds. We’re all done. 100% Now…The remaining materials are 100% synthetic. So we’ve got to make sure that the engine and the central control system I have to make it first. I’ll press this 100%. This is 4,000 diamonds. I’ll shoot you clean. Now… It’s all-time. It’s almost… With 1.2 million diamonds. We have some ingredients left. almost as good as ever It’s much better than mine. Anyone who wants an accessory, Please give me Kakaotalk through BEAT TV. This was BEATTV. Subscribe! Good! Please press it.~ Please watch the recommended video.

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