[BEATTV] Last Shelter – Tip. 최강요새 워밍업, 패배작업 방법. Strongest New Warm-up Tips라스트쉘터, 비트tv

[BEATTV] Last Shelter – Tip. 최강요새 워밍업, 패배작업 방법. Strongest New Warm-up Tips라스트쉘터, 비트tv

Hello, I’m BEATTV.
Nice to meet you. Now It’s the best warm-up period. Strongest New Warm-up Description Let me briefly explain the warm-up game. The strongest day in the warm-up game. It lasts for 1,2,3,4 weeks. Before that, you’re going to organize a group. Our server is currently 120 servers, This is Gold Joe. in a raffle at a touch This time, we have a new set of gold coins. It’s from 41 servers to 454 server. There are 16 servers in total. These servers are organized through a lottery during the warm-up period by lottery Start fighting between the nearest servers. We start the first round of the It’s the beginning of the first week of the year. The draw will be made by the President. If there’s no president, The winner of the league with the highest fighting power will be drawn. The results of the draw… the present There’s no draw yet. We could be number one. It could be number 16. You’ll get a draw here. Closing the draw on Sunday Now, the most curious question is, You know, people don’t know what’s different during the warm-up period Originally, the most powerful yogae. We start collecting on Mondays. Monday: Gathering, Tuesday: Architecture Wednesday: Science, Thursday: Hero Friday: Soldier, Saturday: Kill Event Sunday: It’s a free development. Now, during the warm-up period, There is no collection on Day 1. So always remember that there is no collection. You don’t have to collect it in advance. During the warm-up period. And the other thing is, If you look at me on the sixth Both are free development. No kill event. During the warm-up period, So he chooses what he wants to do. Resources, architecture, science, heroes, soldiers. You can choose what you want here. When the MVP here was supposed to be the strongest, They’re fighting each other. I’ve become the highest score. During the warm-up period, All the servers here. Of the 16 servers, Become a person with a high score. Let me see your personal compensation. If you’re MVP, ten super currency cards Personalizing reward Not bad. I think the reward is good. I’ve given you a lot of super-reciprocal rights. He’s giving us a lot of diamonds. It’s not just about giving me first place. Second place, third place…Keep your back up. Second place gives two super currency passes. a third-place finish You’ll be ranked 20th. I hope you do the best. People are the best. I’m a citation master. He’s a citation master. Here’s an area of operation. Operation Area Marker If you look here, Operation area representation, scientific research. Gain more rich regional rewards. If you’re doing a lot of research, We get a lot of these resources. Originally There’s a box from one to three. If you continue your research, No. 4-6 Boxes 7 to 9. It opens. Click to check the resources. And when you’re a master of citation, I haven’t opened box nine yet. It says multiply by 2. It was originally 1500Dia. Multiply by 2 and it’s 3,000 dia. No resources, no cards. Order of Courage It’s double. Open to box nine. On top of that. Resources double. That’s why people call it Operation Zone, Operation Zone. You’re talking. Even if you don’t win the MVP award, If you keep opening the 9th box like this way, I’ve got enough diamond in my head. We can collect a lot. We’ll collect a lot of diamonds. with a lot of acceleration. We’re gonna save a lot of resources. So when the level is low, It’s more effective. a citation master The sooner you do it, the sooner you do it, There is a high probability of being MVP. so Those of you who want to charge, The Medal of Merit in the beginning when you buy Because I can speed up the citation master. Even after the Greatest Warm-up. in the newest days I can win the MVP award relatively well. After this warm-up game, After the draw, according to the results of the draw, Randomly, two servers match. on the score of victory The ranking will continue to change. But first of all, they’re going to have to do it. Now I’m going to do a lot of losing work next week. Let me explain the defeat. Okay, if you look here, We’re starting to have the best. So if you’re going to lose, Your server. Then you’re gonna have to lose the first week. It’s the best. Here it is It’s the result of last month’s best day. Can you see the number five server here? 299 server. Look, I’m gonna lose in the first week, Win in the second, third and fourth weeks. in this way The servers that rank 1, 2, 3, and 4 above are: He went up to Legend Joe. But here’s the fifth-largest server. 299 server is one loss. I lost the first week. After that, he won three times. Residences in Goldzo. We’re gonna lose the first week. I lost in the third week. That’s why I’m currently ranked 10th. #1 is winning #4. Second place is defeat number one. a defeat in the fourth week The third place was lost in the third week. #4 was lost in the second week, #1. So, in a nutshell, It’s not a loss in the first week. The next time you lose, You can think of yourself as the second and fourth place. That’s why you’re referring to this. If you’re defeated, Think about what you’re aiming for. If you’re going to lose, It’s good to lose the first week. If you lose the first week, If you’re going to stay, I lost in the second or third week. You have to lose number 2. from the bottom up the fifth or lower From the top six, no matter what. I’ve lost more than 2 times. So the best loss is in the first week. You think so. Please refer to the table here. Your server is in a warm-up game. How many points do you get? Check it out. in this regard in the process of defeat Use it as a reference. Check these scores. What if we’re going to do that? No. 16 server. If we’re on the first week, It’s almost hard to lose. in view of this You can lose the game. the most important thing is We’re going to have to do a lot of research on the geographical representation. At this point of the day, from a personal point of view Because I get this good reward. the study of the strongest birds I’m going to study the Marking of Operation Zone. Do your best~ That was [BEATTV]. I hope you’re all well compensated during the warm-up period. on the morning of next week I’m collecting on Monday. Hang up the collection in advance on Sunday. I hope you get a good reward. Yes, thank you. Subscribe! That’s good!
Please press it. Thank you for watching until the end. Subscribe! Good! I’d like you to watch the video clip.

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  1. 앗!! 비트님.
    워밍업 주간이라해도 말세중일 때는 일요일에 크로스 서버로 넘어가서 약탈 가능하지 않나요???

  2. 비트님 질문이 있습니다.
    전념 빨강색 다섯시 끝에있는 미사일공격시 50퍼 확률로 직접공격가능 .
    이게 말로 이해가 안되서요 ㅎ 쉴드를 강제로 벗긴다는 말인가요?

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