You are about to hear a strange but true story Legend has it Harry Houdini the master magician once claimed that he could break out of any jail cell in the world all He had to do Was walk into that jail cell with his street clothes on I’ll be out of there in one hour. No problem. He said Well a very old jail down south heard about Houdini’s claims and They accepted his challenge on the day of the event many people gathered outside Very confidently Houdini walked right into the jail and into the cell and They shut the metal doors behind him The first thing Houdini did was he took off his coat Then very strangely he took off his belt Secretly hidden in Houdini’s Belton was a 10-inch piece of steel very tough and very flexible and Houdini started working in about 30 minutes that confident expression Houdini had when he walked in disappeared in One hour, he was bathed in sweat and at the end of two hours Houdini in defeat collapsed against the door which then opened It opened because you see that door had never been locked But that’s not entirely true is it? That door was locked. It was firmly and thoroughly lot in Houdini’s mind which meant it was locked as if the best locksmith in the world and put his lock on it The mind is powerful How many doors in your life do you think a lot but are? How many times have you been stuck in the mental prison of overthinking? Something that really had a simple solution There is an ancient African proverb that says when there is no enemy within the enemy outside can Do us no harm Your mind it is the most powerful force you will ever face It will tell you lies. It will tell you you can’t do that. You’re not meant for that You’re not good enough for that. You can’t go on anymore. You don’t have the energy you Must thank it for its opinion and carry on Because like Houdini showed us The only lock doors that exist are In your own mind the doors and reality are open and all you have to do is walk through The

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  1. Over thinking…was once about to end my life….and these positive comments from people i don't even know…somehow..just makes me feel a bit better of myself

  2. I'm watching this in a very sad moment for me.. I'm really destroyed… I think I'm not enough,, I'm not able as much as I should be… will I ever be happy about what I am and what I do?

  3. ok my question is how would he had knew that door is not locked and dont try harder……………

    first by smiply try to open door by simple approch and then try hard ways…….is that the way>>>>>

  4. me: its only in your mind its not locked. (pulls a public restroom door so hard it opens.)

    dude in the toilet: …

    me: i thought it was locked

    dude in the toilet : it was

  5. When I saw this video some months before it was having only four million likes and now it has much more.not only this video but your every other video has the same story.your videos are very inspiring ,out of the box thinking they are.that is the reason of your help me a lot in my hard times through these videos . I just want to thank you for this

  6. Houdini was pushing on the door right before he collapsed and it didn’t open. Then he gently falls on it and it completely opens up

  7. Prince Ea is the best!! He motivates me to do things I wouldn't have ever done!! Thank you for your motivation and for sharing your wonderful gift with us, Prince Ea!!!

  8. A nice message… however, if the story were true, Houdini sucks.. You always try to open the lock first and try it again over and over again during your unlocking attempt. 😀

  9. Omg This video made me open my eyes and Its true😢 The mind is really powerful and it feels like I'm in battle with it, but Im trying my best not to overthink. And I'm doing things to distract my mind out of anxious thoughts

  10. Why do u have no subscribers?

    Ok nvm I refreshed my page
    Btw these videos are so powerful, I need a president like you.

  11. There's also a different kind of overthinking- constantly evaluating what others say/comment, whether
    their gestures mean they dislike you, stressing about whether what you're doing is right or not, fussing over what other people might think of your actions/personality/choices, etc. I'd very much like a video on this.

  12. Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait… If he tried to unlock the door by picking its lock, he had to push by the opposite side that the door locks so why didn't it open in the first minute????

  13. "Secretly hidden, there was a ten inch piece of steel. Very tough. And very flexible, and houdini started working" okay. Makes sense obviously.

  14. I'm about to start a handball career, I really want to do this and one day I want to represent and play for my country! Wish me luck I KNOW I CAN DO THIS!

  15. i am seriously this close on giving up on something that is very important, currently. i have been waiting for something, like a sign, that would push me to face it and do it until i am able to make it. big thanks to you, man!

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