it’s raining heavy here in India and
while I’m busy doing this let’s just say things in Belgium does not look that
good Sharia is Islam to be clear there is no difference between Islam and
Sharia it’s just a name democracy is the opposite of Sharia in Islam we believe
that Allah is delicious later Allah makes the laws he is the one who tells
us what’s allowed and what’s forbidden all right kid it’s your boy Chris here
with the illegal immigrant accent to talk about illegal immigrant problem in
Belgium yeah that small little country in between Germany and France yeah that
is Belgium ladies and gentlemen so Belgium’s total population is around
10.1 million and around 6 percent of the population is Muslim according to the
stats released in 2010 and how are this Muslim doing in Belgium well don’t take
my word for it look at this video this is hint Fri ahi a 30 year old
journalist her parents come from Morocco but she considers herself a Belgian
through and through she was born and raised in the small
Flemish town where she also went to school and had her first job hidden
speaks fluent Arabic and has written much about the lives of Muslims in what
is called the dar al-harb the non Islamic world her recent book about the
rise of Muslim extremism in Belgium has attracted a great deal of attention her
theory is that young Muslims of both sexes between 15 and 25 years of age are
becoming increasingly radicalized they reject Western values even their parents
are alarmed it seemed and these parents often say I see my son or even my
daughter becoming so radicalized I don’t understand it pray he says Muslim
extremism is a phenomenon of youth and it is increasingly appealing to women of
all myths I spoke with several women radical Muslim us whose highest ideal is
to marry a Muslim warrior we call these women jihad brides now you might ask so
Chris how is the terrorism doing in Belgium well I would say fairly okay I
mean not as good as London or France but it’s okay you know what I would give it
a three point one rating out of five so there were about four terror attacks
between 2016 to 2018 the first being on March 2016 coordinate terrorist attack
killed 32 and injured more than 100 at bursa Brussels Zaventem Airport and on
the metro station sorry I’m very bad with names
especially pronouncing names which is outside my country which is India thank
you very much now second attack which was on June 2017
Belgium’s security forces helped prevent a suspect terror attacks at the same
place Central Station no the third attack was on August 2017 a man attacked
two soldiers with a knife in the same place and the last attack was on May 28
in white 2 police officials and a passerby were killed
shooting in the city of our name that I cannot pronounce in a suspect terror
incident now how are they coping up with Belgium’s culture the same old story
like every other European countries Belgium is no different Sharia is in
demand the Islam party that are putting up twenty eight candidates in September
they want segregated transport segregated living and they want
Hallel everywhere and Sharia and I can see it coming so there’s a massive white
flight and academics and teachers and certain individual will tell me their
truths they will tell me there are unauthorized mosques that the teachers
are giving up hope that people want to move out but they don’t want to be seen
to be saying that because it goes against the liberal narrative but really
these areas still exist there’s a massive mosque there run by Saudi it was
given a 99-year free lease on a massive building in Belgium as long as they
could bring in extremists in arms to have access to these migrants and then
we wonder why we end up living with the jihad ease next door no I just want to
ask this question of why why Sharia I mean don’t you just respect and admire
the culture and the law of the respective country that you are living
in I mean if someone from UK or Belgium or Germany or France is asking this
question why Sharia we have our laws and we have our own culture and you are in
our land then why Sharia which violates human
rights people asking this question and racist they have the full right to ask
this simple question if you ask me the main problem with Islamic radicalism is
with the mosque I guarantee you okay do a sting operation without letting anyone
know around the mosque in Europe and you will find 80% of them teaching Head
speech teaching radical thinking to the younger generation which is causing this
whole mess and that moms needs to be holding accountable for this whole
situation this is what I believe and I think I’m right
of the Imams they pretty much spread radicalism and hatred for other
communities in most around Europe Raymond do that pull us up when I hair
all right kids so that was my time now before I sign it off I just want you to
know that if you make fun of my accent that’s completely fine but just make
sure that the joke has to be funny okay now the time has come that I will
start begging for you to subscribe so you know what click on the subscribe
button and click on the notification bells so that you can get notified every
time I upload a video and I guess here that was pretty much it and I’ll see you
in the next video till then my friend go fuck yourself and bye

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  1. I am very proud of you, hats off to you for your dedicated work towards justice.Really respect you because European people have become weak and inefficient and no body cares about the crimes committed against their own people. If their people are itself like that then why should an Indian living so far away think about all these stuff. But, you are an exception, I browsed through your videos – admired your journalism. God be with you and with Justice.

  2. i am muslim and i live in belgium i respect belgium's culture and i am flemish but i think that those muslim emigrants have gone too far. ( just to tell u i am not an emigrant)

  3. I jist found your channel and love it. I LIKE THE WAY YOU GIVE SERIOUS NEWS IN A FUN AND INTERESTING WAY. And I even like your accent. But the overloud music shocks my nervous system and hurts my ears and I don't like that. Who likes their nervous system shocked? It is like being thrown into a frozen river in the middle of winter time. And my ears, they are still ringing.
    So please turn it way down or even off.
    Wishing you well.
    Your very newest subscriber; at least for a short while.

  4. dude 95% of them are from Pakistan and Afghanistan and Iran or Iraq ,me as a Muslim i feel ashamed from these stupid Muslims who are making problems with other people countries , imagine if Jews or Christians did the same to Muslims countries ??? what will Muslims reactions be?? exactly the as shown in the video .. i feel so sorry for the Australian and French and German People .. this not what Islam teaches us .. these stupid Muslims are being racists to the land owners .. man i feel so bad for them .. also i'm from Kuwait and Muslim and if this happened in Kuwait the government would immediately kick them out.

  5. I have really enjoyed your videos. I subscribed right away. I don't feel it's racist to want to preserve our culture in the west. Thanks for pointing that out in your own hilarious way.

  6. Kid ,you have some confusion about India. India also face Islamic terrorism. So blame terrorism, extremism not Indian . And yes, fuck yourself (admin)

  7. As a Belgian, this has been a problem for a long time already, but i consider us to be on the lucky side of things, because funnily enough the migrants in our country actually integrate to our society in a civilized manner, they do change our landscape quite a bit but when we compare it to what's going on in France atm… The difference is pretty big, and apart from the fact that we'll probably be outnumbered soon, i don't think it's that big of a deal, most Muslims i know don't support the Islamic party and at least in the youth (where i know some people) radicalization isn't a problem, in fact, religion is not part of our everyday life, most of us accept that people have different beliefs and understand that we can coexist peacefully.

  8. Hey rest aside the topic.You are really very talented and hilarious…just keep giving your honest opinion like u do…

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  11. Only positive- all their children will be educated FOR REAL and rralize what fools these IMAMs and radicalists are. They will want new Iphones, not 70 (male)virgins

  12. if everyone started blaming the real culprits (Americans) for invading Iraq and Afghanistan Europe wouldn't have an immigration problem in the first place, people immigrate usually to avoid war, hunger and get jobs if the other countries will give them jobs. Only terrorists use immigrants to enter other countries illigally and start doing stupid shit like trying to change european laws that were there way before they ever arrived in the country.

  13. Islam is a religion of peace …..killing non believers In Quran is right … is flat and it is right because Allah said it

  14. Even Indian knows what happened but the politicians have no balls.blood is in their hand.war like Lebanon Christian well come Muslim refugees and refugees pay back by killing Christian It's MUSLIM ideology from the beginning.don't be silenced fight for your survival Belgium people.

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