Bihag: The hostage crisis | Full Episode 1 (with English subtitles)

Bihag: The hostage crisis | Full Episode 1 (with English subtitles)

Hello, Kapuso! I am Max Collins as Jessie on ‘Bihag’. And I am Jason Abalos, playing the role of Brylle who is Jessie’s husband. I have a question for you, Kapuso. What will you do when a loved one goes missing? Oh, that’s a really hard question! Maybe if it were me, if you were to ask me, if that happened to me, I wouldn’t know what to do. I wouldn’t know what I would do. It’s difficult! Me too! I can’t imagine if that were to happen to me. But that will be the big challenge that Brylle & Jessie will be facing. So to all Kapuso and Kapuso Abroad, let us now watch the pilot episode of ‘Bihag’. In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, – Amen.
– Amen. Papa Jesus, thank you for all the blessings. Please take care of Mommy and Daddy. – Amen.
– Amen! In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, Amen! My baby’s so good in praying! Son, say ‘goodbye’ now to Papa Jesus. Goodbye, Papa Jesus. Let’s go. – We might be late for your class.
– Mommy, there’s balloon! – Do you want one?
– Yes please! Okay! Let’s buy. Sir, may we buy one.
We’ll get the color blue. How much is it? – Twenty
– Thank you, sir! Thank you. Are you happy now? Yes! Oh, very good! Mommy, I’ll just replace my balloon. Sure, but make it quick. – Good afternoon, father!
– How are you? I’m good. May you have God’s mercy. Won’t you be attending the mass? It will start very soon. My son has a swimming class. – I’m sorry.
– Okay. The mass will start now. I’ll go ahead. – All right, Father. Thank you again.
– Okay. Ethan? Ethan? Ethan? Ethan… Ethan! My son? Ethan! Mommy! Mommy! Ethan! – Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!
– Ethan! Mommy! Mommy! Ethan! Ethan! – Mommy!
– Ethan! Ethan! Love? It’s Ethan… Love, you were just dreaming. Let’s go check on him. Mommy? Daddy? What is wrong? It’s nothing, son. We woke you up because you might be late for school. Baby, you have a class today. Wake up now. Wake up sleepy head. So sweet! How about five minutes more? – That’s enough.
– No! Come here already. Do you need to brush your teeth already or have some breakfast first? Breakfast first, of course! Come on. Oh, hold on. Your towel! May I check on your look? Ethan, son, take good care of yourself. And don’t forget, don’t talk to strangers! Yes, daddy! Bye, I love you! Okay! – Son…
– My son is indeed handsome. One more kiss! – Okay!
– Let’s go, son. We will be late already! Our son is indeed good-looking! Let’s go! Hey, love! Oh, sorry, sorry! – You take care.
– You take care also. I love you. I love you more. – Go ahead.
– All right! Please behave, son! Yes, daddy! Okay. Your lunchbox? Bye, nanny. Here we go, son. Put on your seatbelt. That’s a good book. A good novel about love. Actually, it’s more of a novel about fear and shame. The fear and shame of being rejected. You know, the problem of the main character is uh, #TheGirlHopedShe’llBeLovedByTheGuy Correction. #SheWasLeftDeluded And you know, when you are in love, no matter how educated you are, you won’t be able to think properly. You hold on despite how little is being given to you. In short, love is blind…and stupid. I’m surprised you are reading books of this kind. This is a chick lit. Let’s just say I’m a man who reads any kind of books. And books do not have sexual orientation, do they? – Good morning, Sir!
– Morning. Same, same. Hot mocha, sir? Hi! I’ll have my usual. Hot mocha. Wow. Hot mocha, sir. Same taste in books, and in coffee. A match made in heaven. See you. – Hello, ma’am. Here is you hot mocha.
– Thank you. – Guard!
– Sir? – This car is blocking mine.
– Hold on. I’ll just call the owner. Thank you. Ma’am, your car… Oh, I’m sorry. That’s mine. Sorry! I’m sorry. This is mine. – I see.
– I’m sorry. I’m sorry again! It’s okay! By the way, nice car. Well, I have good taste in everything. Have a good day. Okay. Baby, come down. Please wait for mommy. Ethan, here’s your bag. Your inhaler is here once your asthma attacks. Remember, it’s placed here. Okay? Here. Yes, mommy. Oh, and your ID. Son, please behave on your educational trip. Okay? Do not run around, you might stumble. Or get involve in an accident. I don’t know what to do if something bad happens to you. So, please, take care, baby. Yes, mommy. I promise. Very good! Kiss mommy now. I love you, son. – I love you too, mommy.
– Okay. You go ahead. Be good, okay? Don’t be naughty or you might be lost. Yes, papa! Why did you remove your favorite bracelet? No reason! I’ll just get it back later when you fetch me. – Bye, Papa.
– Bye. Let’s go. The bus might leave you. Goodbye, papa. We are temporarily cutting the show for the hottest news
from our field reporter. Thank you, Drew. We received a tip from a police friend that there is currently a hostage taking at the Manila Film Center. We have no details on this yet but that is why we are heading to the Manila Film Center to verify this incident. Stay tuned for our return with more details on this news. There is a commotion here at the Manila Film Center, Drew. because of a certain bus taken into hostage by an armed man. Most of the passengers in the bus are grade school students. Keep quiet! Close the window! If you still want to see your parents, follow what I will say! Hey Atong, do you know
what school these hostages go to? Yes, Drew. According to my sources, they are students of St. Mary’s Little Lamb Academy. Ethan! Mommy. These students, together with their teachers, are here because they are on their field trip. Unfortunately, an armed man held them hostages that until now, has not yet been identified and whose motives are still unknown. You! Don’t try to misbehave! Why? No! Don’t misbehave! Or else I’ll shot one from you! How are the child hostages there? Do you see them? Yes, Drew. From where I am situated at, I could see the children from the window of the bus. They seem to be crying and most of them are from six to eight years old. Brylle, answer it! You know, Atong, that’s traumatic for the children. Do you see policemen over there? Indeed traumatic. And, yes. There are policemen present here. They are now securing the area
surrounding the bus. And the Special Action Forces Group has already arrived including some officers of the government. Do you have anyone there like a member of the Special Action Force who can give information about the hostage situation there? As of this moment, there’s a meeting between the Government Officials and Special Action Forces Group that’s why we cannot go near them. But stay tuned for more updates in this hostage taking incident at the Manila Film Center. Excuse! You are not allowed to enter. Sir, I’ll just look for my son. I am the mother of one of the students inside. I just need to find my son. I’ll be quick. Ma’am, the children are inside the bus. You can’t get near the bus. Stay here. Sir, are you doing something to save the children? Ethan! Ethan! – That’s my son! Sir, he’s my son! The one wearing white –
– Yes just stay there, ma’am! – Please allow me…
– Ma’am, don’t be stubborn! What are you doing to save the children? Why are they still there?
My son might get hurt! Ma’am, we are working on it. What are you doing?
The bus is just right there! Why don’t you just kill the hostage-taker? Sir, calm down! We will take care of it.
Just stay where you are. Don’t let the kids get hurt. We know what we are doing. Did my 10AM-appointment arrive already? Not yet, doc. I’ve already done my rounds yet that patient hasn’t arrived. I agree. Dr. Alejandro’s Clinic, good morning. Why? What happened? Doc, you need to the ICU now. Your patient there is having seizure. Okay.I think I left my phone in the car. Can you get it? – Sure.
– Thank you. My phone. You! I told you not to come near here! I wish the sniper will shoot him. Don’t come near! Or else I’ll shoot all the teachers here! I will kill all the kids! I don’t like your proximity! Stay away! Or I will shoot all of them! Stay away! There! You stay there! The food, where’s the food? The water and the cellphone? Where are those?! They’re coming! Bring some food! Send someone! An unarmed one! Faster! Nanny, keep fighting. Fight. One thousand one. One thousand two. One thousand three. One thousand four. One thousand five, thousand six, thousand seven Thousand eight, thousand nine, thousand ten. Please give epinephrine! 1 milligram. IV push every three minutes. Son, keep fighting. You can do it. Keep fighting. Check the pulse please. – Doc, we have pulse.
– Check the vital signs. Doc, we have heart rate: 93 We have a blood pressure of 130/80. We have stable vital signs. All right! Good job, everyone! Take care of the patient. I’ll inform the parents. Doc, thank you very much. Because of you, our child is alive. – Thank you again, doc.
– I just did my job. Can we see him? Of course! Thank you again. Hi. It’s you again. And it’s you also. My gosh… So, you are a doctor. For a long time already. Sorry, I need to leave you.
I still have patients to attend to. Yeah. It was nice seeing you again. Same here. Are you really okay, miss? Sir, can I make a call on your phone? My phone’s battery is dead. I’m sorry, I don’t have my phone with me. Ethan? Ethan! Sir, how long will it take to save the children? My son is being hit by his asthma. Ma’am, don’t be stubborn. I don’t know how to answer you right now! Just stay where you are. It’s only the start yet the scenes are so intense already! I couldn’t even breathe through those scenes! I wasn’t expecting that! Before we continue watching, here’s a shout out to our international viewers! To watch more episodes of ‘Bihag’ overseas, just visit Let’s now continue watching! It seems the world is so small for the both of us. How many times have we seen each other today? If I were counting, maybe around… three times? I have a patient here. She’s also in the ICU My nanny. Dying of cancer. Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. It’s life. It’s short. That’s why they say, be happy all the time,
and make everything worthwhile. Jade, the usual. I agree. You only live once. Thank you. Same taste in soft drinks. Same taste in coffee. I am so shook. Oh, yeah! – Cheers?
– Cheers. Doc! Doc! Here’s your phone. – Oh, thank you.
– Please check. You have a lot of missed calls. Excuse me. See you again. Let’s go. Cesario Dornado! Your requested food is already here! Including water and cellphone! Bring it in front of the bus! Bring it here! Hey, you! Come over here! Come here! I said come here! Get the food. Go, get the food! Get it! I just hope they will shoot him. Faster! Get inside! Why didn’t you shoot?! Hello. I understand your rage because of your Officer. You are mad because you lost your position and your job. Release your hostages.
Do not involve the children. I will make sure we will review your cases. We’ll do it ourselves! You know that – Hello? Cesario! Hello? Sis! Finally! That was long. I’m like dying in boredom here. So, how’s Nanny? She’s still in the same state. But, I have good news for you. What? I’m crushing on someone. He works here. A doctor. And he’s making me so thirsty, sis. Knowing your taste in men, I’m sure, he is hot. How old is he? Well, thirty something, I think? Oh, daddy-material. I’m sure, he’s married. No. He does not wear any wedding ring. So, I’m guessing, he’s single. Well, go! Go for it. Be quiet! Hello! Cesario… What time is it?! Cesario, we will give all your requests. Just give us enough time. It’s already night and nothing has happened yet! You’re not really taking me seriously, are you? Just wait. It’s coming! What was that?! Drop on the ground! You really want to try me, huh! You! Come with me. Do you think I’m not going to shoot this? Cesario! Put that down. We can talk about this! Please! Watch me! I am going to kill this teacher! Cesario, don’t! Men, move in! Gigi! Gigi! Gigi! Gigi! Gigi! Help us! Please help us! Bring the Medic in. Gigi! Gigi! Help us! Gigi! Ethan! I just want to see her! Ethan! Gigi! Ethan! Get off me! My child, Gigi! Gigi! Hold on, that’s my daughter! Gigi! Gigi! What did they do to you, Gigi! Gigi! Ethan! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy is already here. Stop crying now. I’m sorry, the subscriber cannot be reached. Please try again. I’m sorry, the subscriber cannot be… I’m sorry, the subscriber cannot… Doc? Doc, here are the files of our patients. Thank you. Why is Jessie calling? You still cannot contact her, sir? Anyway, I’ll try to call her again later.
Thank you for these. You can do this, Gigi! Bring some wheelchair here. What happened? Help. Be careful. My child. Ready! 1, 2, 3! Nurse, take off the shoes. Be strong, my child. Papa is just right here. Gigi… Thank you. Thank you. Mommy… Ma’am, what happened exactly?
Is he also wounded? Just a minor scratch. That’s the blood of the child who was shot. Go, prioritize the other kids.
I will take care of him myself. All right. Be strong, okay? Paging Dr. Brylle Alejandro, you are needed at the Emergency Room, please. Paging Dr. Brylle Alejandro,
you are needed at the Emergency Room, please. Hi! Hello! I have two sandwiches. You want one? Why not! Thank you! What’s your name? Gigi, and you are? Ethan. My God, son. You are lucky you were not hit by a bullet a while ago. I was supposed to be hit by the bullet, Mommy. Earlier, when the bad man was shot, he fired his gun so many times. That’s why Gigi was shot. Gigi! She saved me. We did everything we can, sir. I’m sorry. Gigi! Gigi saved your son’s life but you let her die! You are a liar! You beast! Amado is suing you for negligence and medical malpractice because of his daughter’s death. If I were to die, will Sir Amado still sue you? I will face that Amado. In the meantime, Mommy and I do not want you to be saying things like that. Okay? He is so mad at us. And to Ethan. I feel sorry for him, Brylle, but I’m
afraid of what he said. Your husband is a useless doctor! I will have my revenge! I will kill him! Whew! Our pilot episode is such a cliffhanger! I agree, Jason! To all our Kapuso Abroad, you can watch episodes of ‘Bihag’ via GMA Pinoy TV! Thank you for watching, Kapuso!

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