Black Wolf Turbo 240 Tent – How to setup & pack away

Black Wolf Turbo 240 Tent – How to setup & pack away

– Hey folks, these are the
BlackWolf Turbo 240 Touring Tents and are really easy to set up. I’m gonna show you how to do one today. Let’s get started. (funky music) Hey folks, Ben from Snowys here today. Down in the big Fort
West Beach Caravan Park in Adelaide Western Suburbs. It is a fully equipped and easy getaway for your family right in
the heart of Adelaide. I’ve got the BlackWolf
Turbo 240 and 240 light tent our touring tents here for you today. I wanna show you how to set
’em up and pack ’em away. Starting with ’em packed up this is the 240 on my right here and the 240 light on my left. So this is the canvas version. It’s a little bit heavier at 24 kilos. Whereas the light one weighs only 19. They pack up about the same length, but the canvas one is a little bit bigger, about 33 centimetres in width, by 28. Whereas this one is about 28 by 28. I’m gonna set ’em both up for you and then I’m gonna jump ahead and
set the canvas one up in the background. And then I’ll show you how
to set the light one up. ‘Cause they both follow
the same procedure. So I’m get started. So set up the canvas version. It’s the 240 Turbo Tent
in the background here. I’m gonna show you how it’s done on the light version at the front. Now when you buy your Turbo 240 this is what comes in the bag. This is the main portion of the tent here. It’s all secured up with a strap here. And there’s also another little
strap that stays attached. It keeps all the poles in place. You got your fly sheet. You get a bag of pegs and all
the guy ropes that you need. These are all the poles that you need to set up the awning in the front. And obviously it all comes in a bag. Now the first thing that you need to do is spread the inner tent out and peg all four corners in place. So I’ve got all four
pegs in the corners now. The next steps are really easy. We’ve got four knuckles
on each leg to invert, which are these ones here. We simply pull them until
they click into place. Once all four of those are
inverted we step inside the tent and push the centre hub up. That’s the inner of the
Turbo Tent all set up. Four pegs and we invert
the poles and we’re done. Next step is to throw
the fly over the top. So there are a few
Velcro tabs up under here to secure your fly sheet to the frame. So you can just pull these
here around the frame there. And they help secure the fly
to the frame of the tent. And the clips on the bottom. And then there’s two more pegs in the bottom of each
of these just to hold. It’s a bit of extra weather protection around the corners of the tents there. Now we’re ready to set up the awning. Now that’s the guy or the fly
sheet all pegged into place. We do need to set the awning up. We can’t just roll this up out of the way. It does need to be set up. You could use the tent
without the fly sheet, but it’s not gonna be as stable ’cause you don’t have guy
ropes on the inner tent. So probably gonna need
to set up the awning most of the time. Now you get five poles
with your Turbo Tent. There’s three upright poles. Uh one of them is longer. This one here is longer. It’s got the two black fells on it. That’s gonna be the centre
pole for the awning. Then you get these two poles. Now these clip together. This end clips into this one here. And then it extends at the other end to create our reach pole. Now this has got a little hook in in here, which actually sinks in the
hub of the top of the tent. So I’ve got the three poles and a couple of guy ropes in place, just to sort of hold the
awning in place at the moment. Now we need to extend
this centre pole right out to its full height so
that it’s nice and tall. It gives plenty of head space. That’s our Turbo Light 240 all set up. That was pretty easily done by myself. There are a couple of
other things we can do to finish this setup. I’m not gonna worry about it today, But there are two guy ropes in the pockets on each corner of the tent
that we should peg out for extra stability if it’s particularly if it’s windy or bad weather. The other thing we can
do is with these windows is actually gussets in here. Um we can fold these windows up or keep ’em completely
closed alternatively with the included extra guy ropes. There are eyelets in the corners here, which mean we can zip
this open with the gusset and peg this out as a ventilated window. And that feature’s on each side. Apart from that, that is our
Turbo 240 tent all set up. And pack up is just as easy. I’ll get started. First thing, take all
the pegs and poles out from the awning. That’s my awning down now. I’m just gonna undo the
Velcro tabs that are attached to the fly in here, pull the
pegs out, unclip the fly, and we can fold it up
ready to pack it away. So I’ve got the fly sheet
off and all my poles aside. Now we just need to collapse
the inner tent down. Now to do this we step inside the tent. We grab that handle on the roof. And we pop this top section down. And from there we can press the button on each of these knuckles. And all the frame will fold in. Now just gonna pull all four
pegs outa the corners here. Now while I’m on this corner though, let’s mention this loop here. This is the tab that we use
to peg the tent down with. But this also doubles as a useful tool while we’re packing the tent up. So for each of these
corners, if we use this loop, and hook it over the top
of this knuckle here, it holds the frame together
while we’re packing it up. So we don’t get poles
falling all over the place. Now once you’re at this
stage, you can see the benefit of these straps stopping
these poles from falling out. But there’s another strap that’s attached to the tent in here. So you just want to find
that one that wraps around all the poles here and
keeps these all together, so that while we’re rolling the tent up or finishing the pack up, these poles don’t all fall to the ground. And from here we just kinda wanna flatten this fabric out a bit
and try and roll it up as neat as we can. Once you’re at this stage there is a strap that comes with your Turbo
Tent that you can use to secure all of this loose fabric. It’s gonna make it easier
to get back in the bag. So we do this up around here. Once you’ve done that, we
can get it all back inside and packed away. That is how you set up and
pack away the Turbo 240 Light Tent from BlackWolf. Now the canvas version behind me here packs up in exactly the same method. It’s just slightly heavier
fabric to deal with and a little bit of a fatter
package when you’re done. You can grab these online at at our lowest prices every day. Got any questions? Let us know in the comments below. Subscribe to our channel if you want more growdy information like that. Or check out these other
useful videos down here. (funky music)

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