Black Wolf Turbo 300 Tent – How to setup & pack away

Black Wolf Turbo 300 Tent – How to setup & pack away

– These are the Turbo
300 tents from BlackWolf. I’m gonna show you how to set them up and pack them away. So let’s get started. (upbeat music) Hi guys, Ben from Snowys here today down on the BIG4 West Beach Holiday Park. This holiday park’s right in Adelaide’s western suburbs and it
is a really easy getaway for you or your whole family and it’s fully equipped,
plenty to do for everyone. I’ve got some space here today to show you some of our products. And these are the
BlackWolf Turbo 300 tents in front of me here. This is the Turbo Lite
300, this is the Turbo 300. So, a canvas material
and a synthetic material. Weigh about 22 kilos for the light one, 26 kilos for the heavier one, and they both measure about 140
to 145 centimetres in length by about 32 and 28
centimetres for the lite here and this one’s a little
bit bulkier, probably more like around 33,
35 plus 30 centimetres ’cause of the thicker fabric. I’m gonna show you how to set them up and pack them away today
and let’s get started. So I’ve set-up the Turbo
300 Lite behind me here and I’m gonna step you through the set-up of the Turbo 300 and the canvas here. Only real difference is that
this is slightly heavier and a little bit more cumbersome to use, ’cause the fabrics weigh more but the whole process is exactly the same. When you buy your Turbo
300 tent this is what you get in your bag, this is
the main portion of the tent. You get your fly sheet. There’s five poles, two uprights
for the side of the awning and a longer central upright
for the middle of the awning. You know it’s the central one because it’s got two black ferrules on it. And then, these two poles here make up the centre ridge pole. They actually clip together to
hold the awning up in place. And you get a bag of pegs
with all the guy ropes and things you need to
set-up all your windows as gusseted awnings as well. First thing I need to do
is grab the inner tent, spread it out and peg the four corners. One thing I noticed when
setting up the other tent is that I pulled these
corners really tight when I pegged it out and it
wasn’t quite exactly square and the frame ended up being a bit skewed. So when you peg these
out just give it a little bit of play so that frame can adjust when it pops into place. Once I’ve got this one pegged in, I can lock all four knuckles
on the corners in place and push the centre hub up. That is the inner tent all set-up. To pop this into place, all you need to do is step inside, get
your hand up underneath the black hub, just gently push it up and eventually it just pops into place. Now grab the fly, throw it over the top. So on each leg there’s
Velcro tabs in underneath to attach it to the frame. You’ve got one at the top here. There’s another one about two-thirds, half or two-thirds of the way down. And then, the bottom
part of this then clips in through a side release
clip at the bottom here. From there we’ve got two pegs
on each corner to peg out and apart from the awning,
we’re all done with the fly. Now we’ve just gotta set-up our awning. I’ve got my three awning poles with the longest one in the centre here. And I need to set-up the ridge pole. Now I’m gonna put the two parts together and there’s a little push
button on one side of this that locates in the hole
on the other side here. We just put them together push this in. Slide it in so it locates in this place. There we go. And this extends, this collar
here undoes and tightens. So we can put tension across
the ridge of the awning. I’m gonna leave that shortened now. And this hook on the end
here actually locates in a little hole located in the hub at the top of the tent there. So we gotta crawl under the
awning here and put it in place. (mumbles) So I just wanna put some tension along this ridge line here. So I can undo this collar, stretch the pole out
until it’s nice and tight and then tighten this collar up and it stops the pole from collapsing in. Now I just put the guy ropes
in on the front of the awning. So that is our Turbo 300 all set-up, we’ve just gone around
and made a few adjustment to guy ropes and poles to make sure it’s all kinda sitting straight. You might need to adjust a few pegs. There are a few other
things we can do for set-up and we do always
recommend using guy ropes. There’s two on each corner
in these pockets here. You can use one peg for both guy ropes or two different pegs if you like but if you set all them up, it’s gonna increase the
stability of your tent so definitely use them if
the weather’s really poor. The second thing we can do for set-up is these windows can be
set-up in one of three ways. Firstly, they can be
zipped closed like this. There’s a Velcro tab on the
bottom to keep it protected. You could roll it open completely if the weather’s nice for ventilation. You can roll this up. There’s tabs at the top here
to secure it up the top. Or there are actually
gussets incorporated into the window so the second zip underneath here can be zipped closed. There’s an eyelet in the
outer edge of the window here. There’s extra guy ropes included your kit. Put a guy rope on here and peg it out and you can create a gusseted window so you get ventilation through the tent and keeping all the rain out still. That is how you set-up the Turbo 300 tent. Pack-up is just as easy. I’m gonna start by
pulling the awning down. Pegs and poles out and get the fly off. So I’ve got the awning down. I’ve unclipped the fly from the corners and removed all the pegs. I’ve also undone all the
Velcro tabs attaching it to the pole. I can now pull this fly off the tent, fold it up and put it back
in the bag with all the poles and then we can pack the inner away. So I’ve got the fly off. I’ve still got all four
pegs in the corners. It’s a good idea in case
there’s a windy day. You’ve got the pegs secured
to, the tent secured to the ground all the time. Now, to pack the inner away,
we step inside the tent, we grab the handle on the
roof and we pull it down. That’ll then collapse the top of tent in and then we can press each button on the knuckles, on the corners, and the whole frame folds in on itself. So I’ve taken all four pegs down now so the tent’s just sitting here loose. The frame is all collapsed
down ready to fold away. Now, as I fold this up into the middle these tabs, that are on the
end of where our pegs go, form two purposes. They also loop over the
knuckle of the frame, so as we fold it up, these stay in place. You can see without that in place it’s just gonna fall away. So this means we don’t need as many hands to hold the frame as it folds away. There’s also one strap
that goes around the middle once they’re all folded in the centre here to stop them all from falling out as well. So always better with
how to fold these neatly to get them back in the bag without the fabric being really bulky. And I actually paid attention to a new one being unfolded one day and worked it out. You wanna try and get
this kind of square shape or diamond shape here. So what I’ve done is, you
sort of push this fabric in under here to create
one, two flaps on this side. Same on the other side. And then pull the floor
right out to a corner here. Now, if we fold this
up to the middle here, we can then fold this over the top. The fabric’s nice and flat there for us to now roll it up and
secure it with our strap. And it should go back in
the bag nice and easily. And that is the Turbo 300
packed away back in its bag. Now that went back in relatively easily. I still got a bit of
space in the bag here, so it was certainly worth taking the time to make sure it
folded away nice and flat. Now, the Lite that I’ll pack away shortly packs up in exactly the same manner but it’s far easier to handle and the fabrics tend to
pack down much better just being that lighter material. You can grab these online at at our lowest prices every day. If you’ve got any questions, let us know down in the comments below. Subscribe to our channel if you want all of our latest and greatest information or hit here for some more useful videos. (upbeat music)

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