Black Wolf Turbo Lite Twin 240 Tent – Features

Black Wolf Turbo Lite Twin 240 Tent – Features

Hey campers, I’m gonna
take you for a personal tour of the Black Wolf Turbo
Lite Twin 240 Tent. It’s set up behind me, let’s check it out. Ben from Snowys here, guys, in the Brownhill Creek Tourist Park in Adelaide’s leafy eastern suburbs. It’s an easy getaway
if you live in Adelaide or a great stopover if
you’re travelling through. They’ve given us a space here today to show you some products and this is the Black Wolf
Turbo Lite 240 Twin Tent set up behind me here. It’s a great family camping
tent with three rooms, a bedroom at each end and a
living space in the middle, this great three pole awning that you can actually enclose if you like to be another sheltered space, and a rear door and an
awning at the back as well so really versatile. Weighs in at about 30 kilos and measures about 130
centimetres in length by 30 centimetres by about 35 centimetres so not the smallest but easy to set up and gives you lots of livability. I’ll start with telling
you about the fabrics. Now the flysheet is a 150
Denier Ripstop polyester and this has got a 2,000
millimetre waterhead so lots of water protection
there and lots of durability. Moving to the inner tents here, also 150 Denier Ripstop polyester and the doors and windows
within are also a fine mesh. I don’t think it’s midge proof but it’s gonna give you
a pretty good amount of insect protection from
mosquitoes and most bities. The floor is a 500 Denier polyester with a 5,000 millimetre waterhead. And last of all, the frame is
a 23 millimetre aluminium tube, the knuckles are all an alloy, and that leads up to a plastic or a nylon hub in the middle there where all the poles sort of come together. Now while I’m standing under it I wanna talk about the three
pole awning at the front here which is a really awesome
feature of the Turbo Tents. This measures about 180
centimetres out from the tent and about two metres across
from pole to pole there. And in terms of height,
well, I’m 185 centimetres so I’ve got loads of head
space in the middle here and it tapers down to probably about 160, 170 centimetres on the side
here so lots of living space. And you can actually
enclose this completely. There are zips along the side in Velcro, around the edges here,
that allow you to put walls on the sides here and on the front, also to put a screen room in here so you can create a whole nother enclosed or weatherproof area to your tent if you liked, with this awning. So coming around to the
side of the tent here. Now what we see here is
mirrored at the other end, the far end of the tent. So there is a window in here and it can be set up in one of three ways. At the moment we’ve got that
zipped closed completely. The zip’s down the side and a
Velcro tab at the bottom here for full weather protection. The second and most
versatile way, I think, to set these up is by using
this gusset underneath here. So if you undo, there’s
two zips on each side, undo the first one, grab some of the guy ropes that
are included with your kit, put ’em through these eyelets,
and peg it out like this. And what this does is allow ventilation up through the mesh window here whilst shedding the water
over the top of the window so you’re not getting wet inside but you’re getting ventilation
to reduce condensation. The third way you can set it
up if the weather’s really fine is to zip these gussets open as well, roll this right up to the top, up underneath the fly
here there’s tabs up here to secure this fabric up and out the way, so you can allow a breeze through for the whole night if you like. Great if it’s really hot or humid weather. Moving around to the rear of the tent I’ll just firstly talk
about the guy ropes here. There’s two of these on
each corner of the tent, they’re in their own little pockets. Should always set the guy ropes up if you’re in a place for
a long period of time or if the weather’s really bad. I haven’t done it today because
I’m about to pull it down, it’s just for demonstration. Two of these on each corner
plus one in the middle at each end of the tent. It’s gonna give you plenty of stability. And the last set up option
I want to talk about on the outside here is
this rear vestibule here. So this is pegged down at the moment for a bit of weatherproof
storage under here. It comes out about sort of 40,
50 centimetres from the tent. We can actually zip this open completely and use it as a second
entrance to the tent, as well. There are zips right up the side here and a gusset in here and
brass eyelets in the ends. There are two extra awning poles that came with your Turbo Twin Tent. You can use them to set this up as a weather-protected entrance at the rear of your tent, as well, and in under here is another double door. So this has got both the
solid and a mesh panel to it so we can access the tent from the rear. That’s pretty much all the
features on the outside. What I wanna do now is jump onto the, or jump in the tent and show
you everything in there. Just stepping inside the tent here. I’ve stepped through a double door here, so it’s got both mesh and solid panels and the door on the opposite side here also features mesh and solid panels. In terms of height, as I mentioned before, I’m 185 centimetres so I’ve
got about 190 centimetres of height at the peak here. As I move to the side, I’m a little way in from the door there before my head starts to
sort of touch the top. And the height of the door is probably only about 160 centimetres, maybe 150 centimetres
I’d say, to walk through. We’ll start with the features
at the top of the tent here. The main thing you notice are
these two roof vents here. Now these can be zipped open or closed, they were closed as they were or you can roll these open like this and secure them with these tabs here. And we’ve got a mesh panel that allows ventilation through the tent and it’s gonna help
reduce any condensation that does occur inside
on a really cold night. Also worth mentioning these seams up here, the critical ones are all seam sealed so it’s gonna give you a reasonable amount of weather protection if you’ve only got the inner set up but if you do want full weather protection definitely use the fly. Up in the middle of the tent here there is a plastic lantern hook that’s situated above this handle here. This handle’s actually
for pack up and set down so don’t pull on that ’cause it’s designed to
collapse the tent down. But this hook works in conjunction with loops that go opposite directions down each side of the tent here, so this is mirrored on each corner, that the plastic tabs then to go right down the side of the tent here to secure a cord that can
then come into the tent through this little 240 volt
or 12 volt access point here. So it allows us to run lights
or fans from our vehicle or from power at a
campsite inside the tent. So just looking at the
space inside the tent here. As I said, there’s three rooms. So this central portion of the tent here, the main sort of bit under the main frame, they say is 240 by 240 centimetres. My measurements come in just
a few centimetres under that. Then Black Wolf’s floor plans also say there’s an extra 180
centimetres at each end here. Now that’s loosely right. It’s about 180 centimetres to
where this curtain hangs down but then that eats into the space in the central portion of the tent here. The best way to demonstrate, I thought, how you might be able to use this space is to put these airbeds in here. Now these are 190 centimetres
in length by a metre in width. So I’ve got two of them in here, little bit of space down the middle, not really any room for storage but we’ve got that centre area for that. And they’re butt up against the ends but there would be enough
room for your head in there and if you close these
privacy screens which run across the end of each of
the bedrooms at each ends they sit just across
the end of the bed here. I’ll just zip this
halfway across, if I can. You can see this just hangs just near the end of the bed here so there’s just enough room
in this bedroom at the end for two XL single airbeds to fit in. On the opposite side of the tent here I’ve got a double high queen airbed. Now this guy measures
about two metres in length and 150 centimetres in width and it’s obviously also much higher. The height then pushes the
bed out this way a little bit because of the slope
at the end of the tent so we’ve got a bit of dead
space at the end there but it still fits quite
comfortably in here. And if we were to close one of these privacy screens here as well you’ll see that it fits just neatly up against the side of the bed. You’ve even possibly
got a little bit of room for your shoes down the side here. So there’s plenty of room in the tent for mum, dad, and two kids
plus some living space or just a games area in the middle here. If you did wanna completely seal off one of these rooms for complete privacy you can do up both sides
of the privacy screen here. Now these privacy screens are just secured on the
side with little tabs. There’s a zip that runs
across the top here and then it’s joined in
the middle by another zip that seals it off down the centre but it doesn’t seal it
off across the bottom. So there’s still a gap underneath here but we’re all sealed up there
with vents on the top here. And I can just feel that airbed touching the side of
that privacy screen there so it’s a good amount of room. The only other thing
I haven’t talked about is the features in the bedrooms at the end of the tents here. Now they do have their own
little organiser pocket here. There’s four little sections
to this organiser pocket and there’s also a lantern
hook in this room as well, just at the very end of the
tent here above the window. Somewhere that you can
just hang a small lantern so you’ve got light inside
each of the bedrooms of the Turbo 240 Twin as well. And that’s pretty much all the features of the Turbo Lite Twin
Tent from Black Wolf. Now they see you can
sleep 10 people in here, you wouldn’t be able to function if you had that many people
in there but it could be done. But I reckon it’s a perfect
tent for a family of four. You can grab these online at at our lowest prices everyday. If you have any questions about this tent let us know down in the comments below, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. If you wanna see more videos like this one subscribe to our channel and it will give you all the
latest and greatest information as soon as it’s published or if you wanna see other
Black Wolf Turbo Tent videos check out some of these ones down here.

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