Black Wolf Turbo Plus 300 Tent – How to setup & pack away

Black Wolf Turbo Plus 300 Tent – How to setup & pack away

– Hi guys, set up behind me are a couple of wrap and pitch, two room, awesome family camping and formal drive touring tents. They are from Black Wolf. They are the Turbo Plus 300. I am going to show you how to set them up. Pack them away! Let’s get started. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) Hey folks, Ben from Snowy’s here today. Down at Big4 West Beach Holiday Park, which is a super convenient and free get away for you and your whole family right in the heart of
LA’s western suburbs. Got some space down here today to show you some products and I have the Black Wolf Turbo Plus 300 tent here in the light and the canvas version. The canvas version gives you a bit more weather protection. It does come in at a
heavier weight, though, and it does offer a bit more durability. But, the light version is easier to manage and far more affordable. Both of them measure about
145 centimetres in length. This one about 35 by 35 centimetres. Whereas the canvas one is a bit bulkier. Still, 145 centimetres, but about 38 by 40 in width and height. In weight, 27 kilos for the light up to 35 for the heavy one. I am going to show you how to set them up and pack them away today. I will get started for you. I have got the Turbo Light 300 Plus setup over here now. I am going to run you
through how to set up the canvas version here. What comes in your bag
when you buy your Turbo is the main tent. This is the inner and
the frame altogether. This is the fly sheet here. You get your upright poles, there are five poles her, which all form part of the three uprights that you need. The longer upright has
got the two black furrows. These two poles form the
reach pole for the awning. You get some curved poles and some of the straight poles in the bag here. These form the poles that creates the backroom of this tent. It is a two room tent with a sleeping area in the back. Of course you get a bag with all of the pegs and guards that you need. First thing you’ll need to do for setup is grab the inner, spread it out, and peg all of the corners around the base. The pegs that come with the Black Wolf Turbo tent are actually quite substantial pegs. No need to upgrade those
they are pretty good. If using it in sand or anything like that you will need some sand pegs. You will put the pegs in around the base. There are seven in total. Three across the back and one in each corner for the main frame. To pop the main section
of the tent up here we go to each corner,
lock the knuckle in place, and step inside of the tent
and push the centre hub up. Then it will all pop into place. That is the main portion
of the tent set up. It just requires a small amount of muscle just to pop that into place. Now our inner tent is all setup. We are going to throw
the fly of it shortly, but we do need to put the pole at the rear of the tent. Hop around there and I will show you where that goes. To setup the back of the tent you will need these extra poles that came with your Turbo 300 Plus tent. There are two up rods that joins by a spring in the middle. We will put them together. One of them for each side. Then, there are these curved poles. These, have to go together like this with the little corners one the ends. No good if you put them together this way. This way will not work or if
the corner is in the middle. You are looking for the right combination like this. You can do that, but that
is not going to work. These corners need to go on the ends. This feeds in through this sleeve on the top here. These upright poles sit up
against the frame, here. In the ends of the frame lead the end of this frame here
to lift the backroom up. Notice the pole in the back does just sit on the ground up against
the frame at the rear. Now we have to throw the fly over the top. Give yourself a few
minutes to orient the fly. The zips and the Velcro that feature on it go to the awning at the front. If you make sure that you
have that at the right end it will sit over the
rest of the tent nicely. That is the fly over the top. It would certainly be easier if you had a second set of hands
to try to drag that over. We are going to put the
pegs in around the base, but before we do that there are Velcro tabs underneath here that we need to put in around the frame. That features on all
four upper right legs. There is one at the top and one about halfway down the pole. Put all of them in place. There are pegs around the base and there are clips at the bottom. Those secure the fly to
the bottom of the pole. Once we have done that we can set up the awning at the front. I am going to set the awning up now. I have my three upright poles. The shorter ones are the ones with a single furrow. The one with the double black furrow is the long, centre pole. These ones make up the reach pole. There is a push button here. This gets assembled or clicked together. This hook on the end here gets located in the hub at the top of the tent. This forms the reach pole that comes out along the three pole awning to give us at reached awning. I have my three awning poles sitting loosely in place. The reach pole is in place. I just have to put my three guys ropes in for awning at the front where it is going to set up. I just tapped the awning there now it all setup ready to go. That is our Turbo 300 Plus tent pretty much all done. The only thing I have
not setup for you today are the guy ropes of which there are two on each corner. One here and one here. They are in their own little pockets. There is one in the rear, as well. A guy rope at the rear,
above the rear room. The other thing I have not setup for you are these windows. There can be setup in one of three ways. You can either roll them right open. You can zip them close,
as they were just then, or they do have eyelets in
the corners and gussets. You can actually zip this
gusset closed underneath. Using the extra guy ropes
that come with your kit put a guy rope in here and peg it out so that you have ventilation
underneath the window and you are keeping the rain out. That features on the
other side of the tent and you have the same window at the rear of the tent, as well. That is our Turbo Plus 300 tent all setup. That was pretty easy, I did it by myself. It would certainly be easier if you had a second set of hands. Pack up is pretty easy too. I will get started. The first thing is to
collapse the awning down. That is my awning all collapsed down. Now I will pull the pegs
out from around the base. The fly, un-clip it from
the feet of the inner. I have also undone all of the Velcro tabs attaching it to the pole. I can now pull this fly off of the tent. Fold it up, put it back in
the bag with all of the poles. I have removed the three pegs from the back of the tent
and taken the pole out. I just want to pause for a second and tell you about a pretty cool little
feature that is in here. It is quite easily missed upon set up. There are clips on the
very back of the tent. This is the sleeping area,
that extra room at the back. They marry up to clips featured
at the top of the tent. If we clip them in here as
we go to fold the tent up later we do not have extra flaps of fabric all over the place. It makes it a little bit tidier. Do not forget that step. The poles and pegs are out of the back. I still have the four pegs in the corner, which is a good idea just
in case the wind picks up. Your tent is still secured to the ground. We now need to collapse
the mainframe of the tent. The first step to doing
that is to step inside and grab that grab handle in the middle and collapse the tent down. Keep your head out of the way so that it does not hit you in the head. That is the main centre
hub collapsed down. We just need to go around to each corner, press the button on each of these knuckle, and that will collapse these legs. Now we can start to fold them
all in on top of each other. I am taking all of the
pegs out of the corners. There is one other feature that is going to help a lot with pack
up and it is these tabs where we pegged the tent
down when it is setup. This is also useful for set up in that this loop marries up
with a knuckle up here to hold these poles in
place while we are trying to hold everything
together and roll it up. If we do that on each
corner there is another strap that goes around all
of the poles in the middle to keep them altogether
instead of them all falling all over the place. To make it as easy as possible
to get back in the bag, especially with the
canvas bag because it is a bit more cumbersome,
when you fold all of this try to get a diamond or a square. Pull this bottom section right out and fold this fabric as flat as you can. Try to get all of the lumps out. It will help if you let the windows down before you fold it. Lay it as flat as you
can and fold the bottom in like this and the
sides over and it should roll up again as small as you can get it. I am going to admit that
was a bit of a wrestle to get back in the bag. The light version over
here would certainly be far easier to fit
back in this carry bag. If I spent a bit more
time flattening it out before I rolled it, it probably would have made a difference. That is how you setup and pack away the Turbo Plus 300 tent from Black Wolf. You can grab them online
everyday of the year from at our lowest prices. If you have any questions
about the Turbo Plus 300 tent let us know
in the comments below. If you want to see more
videos like that subscribe our channel and we will give you all of the latest updates or head here for more useful videos. (upbeat music)

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