I’m Papa jack this is Logan and we are
we are from Earth and oh guys if we weren’t captured before we’re definitely
captured now Jake Jake wake up Oh guys why is there
handcuffed around me Jake are you in my room beam your room Jake this is an
alien spaceship hey we’re still here hey did you miss back home asleep
there’s bacon and eggs on the table house no no this isn’t good Logan the
escape pod the alien my memories all blurry and muscle locked us up in here
they found us it’s not gonna do much Logan we’re locked together
hello mr. aliens I mean yeah before we were in the middle of a solar system in
an alien spacecraft hiding from aliens which was bad on its own but now we’re
locked in an alien prison come on hello the door’s locked okay all right just
just calm down all right we can get out of here we just got to figure out a way
I’ve gotten out of a lot of prison escapes before okay it’s just like a
classic human prison escape except with the aliens and they have blasters and
we’re in the middle of a spaceship so even if we do get out of them we’re just
in space but okay we can’t think that far back guys can do this Logan empty
your pockets anything that you bring all your emergency escape equipment and I
don’t have anything you don’t have anything Logan in case we get locked
into prison the amount of times I’ve been locked in a prison I bring a lot of
emergency escape equipment the scanner looks like I’ve got power airbag system
it’s all this other random stuff in here I think there’s a shirt there’s a little
cool car yeah there is looks like we’re not the first ones to be locked in this
prison my question is what happened to those who are before us and guys don’t
forget if you want to help us escape from here be sure to smack that
subscribe button as well as that like every like and every subscription helps
us escape also if you see anything comment down below is there might have
been some things we missed stopping with the car we gotta get out of here someone’s coming exact ball sack like
we’re not trying to escape or anything are Carter’s that’s why hello alien sir
uh we are enjoying the accommodations you’ve given us it’s very nice he would
like to know when we will be freed and let go back on earth I don’t think he
speaks English oh look Logan it’s a friend stick he’s
trying to be friends yes I accept your piece that really hurts Oh what like a
Taser I okay that was not a friend stick that was that I was not the opportunity
of a French stick I think he’s giving us food in the kitchen
Hey thank you sir we’re very grateful for your food if we could just have some
food and water I mean at least we got yummy food and I gotta say Logan when it
comes to being chefs these aliens really know what they’re doing Jake I’m not
eating this hmm mmm that is I don’t know what they put in this I don’t know what
spices they use but Logan you gotta try this food it is amazing maybe we just
stay here it’s not that bad I don’t even got space we’re together
she locked up we cannot play with this dice forever Jake right okay I guess we
should probably escape all right well the first rule in escaping from prison
is getting the handcuffs off now I use my scanner since one of us brought a
prison escape device should be able to get some information on this
okay well it’s deafening out human or any other tech that we know of but it
does use an electrical circuit it looks like these handcuffs
use an electric lock let’s play what this thing is we can figure out a way to
get the electric lock open then maybe we can disable the handcuffs what here
could short-circuit it no there’s a t-shirt a water bottle definitely not
the racecar is this something inside here there’s
something in here we can use it’s a secret box the hidden compartment it
looks like what I suspected we got a battery we can use this to power the
lock hold on keep a lookout for the alien I’m not seeing any aliens I got
the wiring pulled out here now I should be able to power it there’s a small
chance that we both get electrocuted yeah great okay yep now if I just jig it
just right oh cool Scott it there we go I got it locks activating hey it’s three
new wheels inside there we go it should just release like
normal perfect okay now the bigger issue we need to
figure out a way to get this block door open if it works like the other doors in
the spaceship there should be a way to override it
aliens probably weren’t counting on us being able to get our handcuffs off
which means okay this one might be a little bit more difficult if it is a
lock panel for a door we’re not gonna be able to short-circuit it the aliens
wouldn’t be that dumb but what we might be able to do is break it I check this
on the wall here looks like it’s some sort of air canister maybe a fire safety
device of some sort okay be careful with that thing all right this looks like
there might be some sort of fire extinguisher that they have in here I
might be able to use the fire sink careful be very careful Logan I might be
able to use the fire extinguisher to freeze the lock no if I could figure out
a way to activate it we might be able to use whatever gas they have inside to
freeze the lock that could be enough to jam the door and allow us to get out it
won’t last long but if we move quickly it’s making a lot of beeping noises do
our fire extinguishers on I think people’s like that doesn’t look like
it’s a fire extinguisher okay oh it’s faster well there’s a handle here so
maybe if I just turn the handle a little internal door error unlocking now that
works okay if we don’t a lot of time come on Jake if there’s anything I’ve
learned about being an alien spaceship its you have to be quiet so this time be
very quiet okay yeah we’ll be really quiet Hey aliens your door lock sucks
papa Jake master prison escapes thumbing out
cheap what did I just say I might spoke a little too soon Logan
looks like this is a double door lock we got a secondary panel here and it’s
completely blocked off oh is bring my prison escape bag for a reason
maybe I can use this if it works similar to our main door this should be a wiring
system inside here that we can short-circuit I just need to get this
panel off unless you brought a screwdriver okay did you bring a
screwdriver did you bring a screwdriver why would I bring a screwdriver you can
use a screwdriver anywhere you should always have the stuff on hand you think
I like bringing this bag around everywhere okay it’s fine all right I
think I got it in there you might want to stand back this thing might explode
off kg I’m just gonna Jake I think I’m just gonna sit back
here okay well that’s one way to break up a
law I might have made a little bit more noise than I anticipated but at least we
got access to the wiring behind here all we need to do is short-circuit the panel
yeah blue wire black wire my mo catch a tiger by his toe if he hollers let him
go eeny meeny miny moe all right blue wire it is oh thank you see you’re the
master prison escapes but you’re doing eenie meenie miney that’s all part of
the plan Logan eenie meenie miney moe is an extremely important part of breaking
out of prison okay don’t lock critical failure looks like we’re good to go
all right well let’s go we’re one step closer to getting out initiate what are
those red dots look like lasers okay all right they might a laser proof this room
either we trip a laser and it’ll sounds off an alarm or we’ll be triple laser
and let’s just not trip the lasers we can figure out a way to find out where
the lasers are angled we might be able to maneuver around them let’s see
there’s a vent pipe here might produce some steam we can use that to identify
the lasers or you rip the pipe out and we lose our oxygen one of the other we
got take some chances here if we’re gonna get out this alien spacecraft oh gee what if that’s poison Oh if it’s poison then we have a different
problem but at the very least looks like it’s solving this problem an idea where
the laces are oh yeah I can see the lasers right now we seem to get under
them and into the next room careful not to trip any of these lasers all right it
looks like the next doors open okay all right good thing there’s no aliens in
here come on follow me pull to the ground and don’t let
yourself touch the lasers probably stay low to the ground and get past the
lasers easiest thing I’ve ever done okay it’s actually not that easy let’s close the story okay lockers I’m
sorry let’s do some alien blasters and devices over here it would be so nice if
you would be able to break me free from my prison your your your prison um okay
what what is your name and how do you know to speak English my name is Jim and
I can adapt to any life forms language I am here to help and serve you yeah I
guess I guess Jim can’t jump ah all right well hold on Jim let’s get you
out of here yes Jim is free from his body after 400 million years I am
finally free Thank You human I am completely in your debt for the rest of
your life uh okay Jim wolf Jim were we’re currently trying
to get home and we need to get back to the alien escape pod okay you know way
that we can get out of here we just broke out of the prison of course
activating ship schematics now it appears as though the escape pod is
located northeast of the ship’s corridor the quickest way to get there is exiting
through the wall to your left waltz where I left a solid cardboard I
mean out there is space are you trying to insinuate that we jump out of the
ship to the other side of the ship is that to ship the ship jump that’s a
little bit crazy Jim Jim I’m not gonna do that it’s simple you can exit by
cutting a hole with the energy weapon to your right there’s also supplied oxygen
tanks a five-second jump and you’ll be at the other side of the airlock I mean
he does make a really good point we could cut through the entire ship don’t
we have to do is jump maybe 200 yards if what he’s saying is true and we can use
these this should supply us with oxygen and then it’s just like jumping 200
yards in outer space with zero oxygen and zero pressure and making our way to
Jake I don’t see a weapon that could cut through this cardboard whoa okay uh this
might be the power weapon he was talking about
cool careful Jake okay all right so all we need to do is cut a hole in the wall
the differential and the pressure should shoot us flying out like a cannon will
fly through the sky I’d like to pretty birds hit the wall be careful I am so
sorry I didn’t mean to do that okay hit the other airlock get inside get inside
the spaceship and into the escape pod once again Jake you know this thing
actually works okay here quickly get your helmets on before I cut the door
we’re gonna have to activate your oxygen tanks using these this should be
compressed oxygen inside here will activate this and hook our helmets up to
it and then fly to the other spaceship are
you ready ready as I’ll ever be okay let’s hook up to this let’s get out
of here all right here we go Logan see cuz that out of space yeah okay now
what you need to do is hold on tight and jump the ship should be there I know it
looks like darkness but once you hit the ship I’ll pull the airlock open and
we’ll both get in I’ll see you on the other side Jayco the scariest thing I’ve ever done
how do we jump through space before so that’s pretty cool okay come on we need
to get to the escape pod now before they find out we’re gone all right all I need
to do is figure out how this thing works take the last time we were in here
aliens captured us let’s go fast okay there’s gonna be something to this so
I’m gonna be in the wiring we hold on hold on
that’s how I tried the computer system access denied
yeah okay but why is access denied missing a key for ignition
wait the key the keys missing took this off the guy eliminated in the control
panel in the first place this might be the key check this out look right here I
think this might fit in there and be the key to initiate the escape pod access granted shit turned on oh it’s
the ship take you off what we’re in business okay computer take us to earth location Oh guys that has been one crazy ride
finally we get to go home if you guys love this big dismiss as awesome as we
did be sure to smack that like button as well as hit the subscribe button but
this has been father Jake we’re headed back to earth we’ll see you guys next

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