BTDX-Prison break tier 1

BTDX-Prison break tier 1

fuck shit is starting xdxd lol the noob put an engi down fucking flame him he will get shield buster right thats like the best fucking upgrade for engi LOL WTF NOOB DID MIDDLE PATH slow af this shit xd gay super sentries bought ugh ummm can someone dm me in discord some porn plz i need some im too lazy to get some myself whatever i think that gay will buy dartling because its the most op tower in the game ofc LOL RLY DID HE JUST BUY AN HELI LIKE DARTLING ARE 10X BETTER UNLESS HE GOES MIDDLE PATH WITH HELI b o r i n g g a m e p l a y o f w a i t i n g whatever ahmm what are u guys tough of brazilian memes? do u think they good or nah i find they ok since i live in brazil and shit oh wait now it is the time i go back acting as a noob and say that he must buy middle path right?

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