Bushcraft Dome Built From Branches and Plastic Wrap

Bushcraft Dome Built From Branches and Plastic Wrap

in this video I’m going to show you how
you can easily make a waterproof dome using branches and plastic wrap you can
also make it insect-proof by making a door or a curtain the dome can be easily
heated by a fire made nearby its radiation can easily get through the
transparent wall that will block you from smoke and insects at the same time
it was quite an unusual experience it feels like you are sitting in front of a
cozy fireplace while being immersed in fresh outdoor
air if you open the door you can enjoy fresh air while being warm if you keep
the door closed you can use the dome as a sauna at your campsite I was
pleasantly surprised by how big it is it feels like it is larger inside than it
is outside I built this dome back in 2015 and it
stood there for three years under loads of snow at times I estimated the domes
frame held up to 400 pounds 200 kilos of snow caps during the winter months the
dome shaped frame is amazingly strong because weight evenly distributes
throughout the frame’s arched structure now I will show you how I built the dome
I made a simple compass device from two stakes and a rope one stake was hammered
in the center point of where the dome would be then a hammered in the second
stake sideways it is used to prime holes for the frame’s arch that I made from a
Rowan branch I repeated the same procedure 180 degrees from the first
primed hole using my makeshift compass now that the circumference of my dome is
mapped I can clean the side of the brush and debris then I bent the first two
branches into an arch and interlaced them together securing with a piece of rope
after making this initial arch I proceeded to make three more
foundational arches around the circumference you can use natural
materials such as roots or vine to secure the members together but I
recommend using regular packing tape to save time and effort note the arches
should not intersect at the same point at the top of the dome they should be
spaced slightly apart in order to maintain equal height there are a total
of eight arches in this dome for foundational and dug into the ground and
the remaining four are interlaced onto the sides of the structure and not even
touching the ground we need to rienforce this frame laterally with branch “hoops”
after mounting those I added two oblique members to the frame for additional
reinforcement and stiffness in order to resist the weight of heavy snow caps in
the winter the last optional component to this project is the domes door
I used bird maple branches to make both the domes door and door frame the
easiest door shape you can make is round I chose to make a rectangular door for
convenience using two spreaders and a rope I achieved the desirable shape now we
only need to bend it a little to match the dome’s curvature it is easier to bend
both the door and its frame at once before bending I tied them together so
that the door and the frame match well once dried it takes about a day for the
door and its frame to dry and keep the shape now we can install the door frame
into the dome the dome ended up being 8 feet 2.5 metres tall the door reminds me
of a sub’s water-tight door perhaps I have this association because I absolutely
loved Jules Verne’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” as a child
I had to cut out a section of the arch which didn’t really weaken in the
structure okay once we installed the doorframe we can wrap the dome in
stretch film to ensure that dome’s skin is waterproof I started at the bottom so
that the top layer would overlap the layer below (just like shingles on the
roof) you need to apply the film snugly so that the layers that here well to
each other I applied two layers of film on the bottom portion and three or four
layers of it starting at the chest level I also
reinforced the skin with tape around the doorway as it was starting to rain when
I was cutting out the opening for the door the rain got heavier and I hid
from it inside I noticed that even without the door the rain wouldn’t get
inside much okay now I need to install the hinged door and the dome will be
complete I made simple door hinges from two nails
and a piece of steel wire I bent the nails into hinges and secured them to
the door with a piece of wire then I bent a piece of thick wire into two
screw eye hooks and secured them to the door frame the door is so light you can
make hinges even from a tin can lastly I wrapped the door in stretch
film and installed it note the tension of the plastic wrap changed the doors
curvature so there is a small gap between the door and his frame I fixed a
gap later by adding a longer spreader to the door as I mentioned before I built
this storage dog four years ago and now I need a large storage where I could air
dry the boards and slabs for my cabin’s furniture and cabin’s doors I decided to
make a hanger style canopy from branches and tarp I laid out a rectangular shape
plane on the ground made holes at about 50 degrees and inserted the arches into
the primed holes note it is important to keep the arches
off vertical positions for improved habitability of both a tarp hanger and
plastic wrap dome it is difficult to interlace long branches into an arch
especially if you’re doing it by yourself
you can tie a string to one side of a long branch and then repeat this
procedure for the opposite member of the arch it is important to follow a simple
principle first you need to make two side arches and connect them with
straight horizontal branches then you fill in the space in between with a few
more structural arches your hanger frame will be even and strong without the need
for meticulous measurements I used packing tape to secure all of the frames
members together I cut aspen branches to make the hangers
structural members aspen grows fast so I didn’t worry about conserving it
too much the frame was covered with the same blue tarp that was torn by a
Bigfoot at least that’s what most viewers suggested in their comments to a
previously published video it wasn’t a big deal I’ve just used homemade
grommets for my tarp kayak to fix the tear and rewrapped the kayak’s frame with
plastic wrap to go fishing the same day this was my first experience and I
wasted a lot of stretch film next time I will be able to wrap the same size dome
and kayak using only half of the roll half a roll of stretch film and the roll
of packing tape will not take much space in your backpack but can come in handy
during long hikes for example you can easily make an ultralight kayak from
branches and stretch film like the one I’m showing now it weighs less than 10
pounds 4 kilos I even tried to paddle it over rocks on purpose
to test its frame and skin and was quite happy with results
the main idea of this project is that you could build your kayak within a day
if you’re hiking in the wilderness and come upon a body of water you wish to
travel or fish this hanger looking canopy can be made a lot larger
for example while I was building my log cabin I lived in a tent and used a large
canopy as a porch the summer was particularly rainy but I could do all
tasks including cooking comfortably there the main advantage of such a
hanger style canopy is it has both the roof and the walls that protect you
against the wind and rain also such a canopy doesn’t sag has no supporting
ropes nor stakes and it is tall enough that you can comfortably stand in it the
last three points were the main improvements over the simple tent with
the camping cut I made prior to it I call it a four-in-one-canopy this simple
design will make your camping experience more comfortable I prefer to use a long
stick as a roof ridge beam but you can use a rope stretched between two
trees if you liked this video perhaps you could share it with your friends let
the people watch good videos this is Max Egorov st. Petersburg Russia also I
recommend two other videos that supplement this one: $1 Bushcraft
Kayak and Fire-Carved Furniture

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  1. You don't have to make these time consuming projects with your stretch film. You can just wrap it around two trees or a few sticks stacked in the shape of a tepee and get a good wind and rain protection in just a few minutes. Or you can make a large lens using plastic wrap and water that will allow you to get fire should you find yourself in dire straights with no matches.
    Of course, everything comes at a price. Plastic wrap is trash and I disapprove littering the nature.Β 
    My Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/advoko

  2. Thank you for the lovely video. That is incredible!!! Wow first time I have ever seen anything like that! Even a canoo. Wowβ€οΈπŸ˜±πŸ’•πŸ‘πŸ’—πŸ˜²πŸ˜πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

  3. Fabulous! We loved your video. The plastic wrap is genius. We look forward to your next videos. Thanks from Canada.

  4. so very cool!!! thanks for sharing! BTW – have you ever hear of a product called 'Press And Seal" ? it's like plastic wrap, but MUCH better, especially for the projects you're using it for.

  5. If you allowed me, I would add a simple hint on your Amazing job and awesome ideas: 7:32 on that stage 2 more arches in diagonal would give quite important strength to the structure.

  6. I understand the concept of using what's around you, but can a person use this same concept with pvc pipe? Everyone has been commenting on it being a great greenhouse. Thanks, it was pretty cool to watch you work with the branches. Thanks for sharing.

  7. if in the uk, search ebay for: PALLET WRAP – Clear & Black Stretch Cling Shrink Wrap Film – Strong Cast Packing

  8. Absolutely amazing ❀️❣️❣️ the place is stunning and your talent made it more eye and heart catching.. wish I could experience such life style I'll be spending my day planting 😍

  9. 6:35 – Should be noted that this dude forged the axe he is using. Then used the axe with a temp handle to make the real handle. Then forged a draw knife to help finish the handle. Then added some carbon fiber around the handle near the head. Then molded some PVC to make a sheath for the axe – 2 styles.
    I watched the Russian video of the process on his other channel, still real cool without getting one word of it. The English translated versions are awesome, keep them coming please
    Savage AF!

  10. Amazing that St. Petersburg has such beautiful ornate buildings, and you are building for simple and natural living! Very interesting!

  11. Does not protect your camp from wild animals looking for food. The fire produces
    Hot ash and embers. Not good on plastic.

  12. What if you covered it in cement and left holes for windows and custom makewindows with glass on inside that opens in and screens that open out.

  13. If youve got aligators your like a package of meat from the supermarket yikes there are benefirs to a wood canoe that you cant see through

  14. Very cool video, thanks for sharing. I used to do something similar with coat-hanger sculpture wrapped in plastic wrap and then heated until it melted slightly, then painted with a mix of primer/plaster. Have fun and stay safe out there.

  15. This isn't bushcraft. Its kitchenn craft mixed with girly man who wants to pretend he's a real man craft πŸ˜‰

  16. Was a lot of the knowledge you have passed down to you by someone?. Surely you couldn't have obtained so much by yourself?. I could be wrong , your videos blow me away. Awesome work mate!.

  17. Hi, please make a separate video of the setup at the end (four in one canopy), including the chair! πŸ™‚ I know it's simple, but we all love to see you build stuff..

  18. Love your channel β™‘ especially diy projects that are easy to copy and nice to look at…you inspired me to do some bushcrafting myself, thanks!

  19. Holy fuck! Just blow up in a ball of flames if they plasitc catchs fire! How fucking stupid can you be πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  20. Angry😠Earthling🌎.

  21. That's thinking out of the box!! Our brains are programed from childhood not to think out of the box..if our education system would be better we would be traveling at speed of light by now..
    Warp factor three Mr Scott!!

  22. This design could work as a greenhouse, yes?! Awesome bro! Love this and plan on using it! As well as your verticle fire tent heater with the pipe 😁

  23. You used plastic wrap. We call it "shrink wrap" in the US.

    When you made and posted this video, were there any discussions or concerns about the plastic when exposed to sun for long periods?

  24. Was fΓΌr nen idiot bist du denn? Dann schreib deine Videotitel auch in Englisch, wenn du schon in englisch komunizierst. Vollspaken…. Gibt gleich mal nen fetten dislike.

  25. Interesting wooden frame constructions. But so much disposable plastic in nature! From the distance it looks more like a wild garbage dump. I also prefer the classic sweat lodge construction with blankets and tarps.

  26. It is sooo interesting to see people respiond to such ideas and techniques that truthfully we used thousands of years ago.. and to see how excited people get. This tells me that "experts " continue to have it all wrong in thinking people are so hell bent on "futurism"… I see so many kids eyes light up when they see stuff like this.. its absolutely clear to me that mankind will always have a desire and need to think with his hands and build, to improvise, and to work off his basic instincts as a living being.. Some aspects to being a hum,an being will and can never be replaced or emmulated.. HUmans are so interesting and such unbelievably adaptable creatures, ones the world has never known . Thank you so much for getting people "back in tiune" with the beauty of being human. Your videos are amazing.. and I truly feel like they are SOOO important for so many people..

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