Camp Counselor Training: “I Have a Better Sense of Responsibility.”

Camp Counselor Training: “I Have a Better Sense of Responsibility.”

Athletics! Camp Sloane has been around since 1928. We
just celebrated our 90th anniversary last year. We are a camp that’s all about
inclusion, growth, responsibility, and I think that in everything we do at camp
that’s what we’re trying instill in our campers. We decided to send Mabel to
Camp Sloane mainly because of the environment. It was healthy, it was free and
clear of electronics, and we were really impressed with their core social values. Whenever I come home from camp, I have a better sense of responsibility and independence, and that translates into school with group projects and just better at managing my schedule and my time. We’re thrilled with it and I know she is, and I think it’s going to serve her well for a long time to come. Camp Sloane! So I’m in a counselor-in-training
program at Camp Sloane YMCA, and this program introduces a new set of
responsibilities to the campers such as sleeping in tents with campers and
making sure that everyone is accounted for. It’s a four-week program intended to teach them what being a counselor would be like and
preparing them for the next year as a junior counselor at camp. Being a CIT is really awesome because you get like all these new responsibilities. We got to do things
like shadowing. I shadowed Frisbee classes and I taught swim lessons. I really like that they’re giving us more of an insider’s perspective while still
maintaining aspects of being a camper. And just trying to prepare them to be
the best versions of themselves so when they are staff members, they’re the best
staff they can be. Here are some rewards I’ve won, and the Torch Award is
something that camp gives to someone who is very caring, honest, very responsible
and respectful. Mabel is amazing and I love her so much. She was a great leader
to all of her campers in Senior Village. She made sure everyone felt welcomed,
included, and that they accomplished something by the end of the week. She
always wants what’s best for the greater good, and I think that’s a really big lesson for teenagers to learn. My first week, I was kind of down and nervous, and we talked she kind of helped I got to really make a connection with a few campers, and I remember when
I was a camper looking up to the CIT that I had living in my tent and how
much fun I had with her and just being able to have that impact on someone else. So, Mabel has grown a lot during the summer. I think she’s really taken on
responsibility even when no one’s asked her to. She has really developed as a caring
and compassionate citizen. Being a CIT at camp this summer definitely has taught
me more conflict resolution skills and made me better equipped to handle difficult
situations between younger campers. She’s a really big voice here at camp and it’s
been great seeing her grow as a leader here at camp.

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