"Camp Omega" Creepypasta

"Camp Omega" Creepypasta

I was about 12 years old when I parents sent me to that hellhole they was so determined to get me to camp not just that camp but really any camp I took it as code for we will be at work all weekend we don't trust you alone my parents showed me the brochure it actually looked kind of fun the pictures in the front of the brochure had slides activities and really anything at 12 year old would want in a camp it was pretty legit the kids all seemed to be having fun in the picture i kowtow to the idea and eventually gave in I remember it like it was yesterday camp Omega in the foothills Virginia in some small town it was like any other camp bunks the sleeping camp fires at night and friendly counselors looking back on it maybe too friendly at the time I thought that they were just being friendly because it was their job I've never been so wrong tempis one at first though the activities were a bit odd we had to make these dolls that look like us mine had straw for hair and blue button eyes then we had to make these bracelets with our names on them everything was personalized which I expected from camp we are campfires and share our feelings until we knew each other pretty well there are about 25 other campers and 15 counselors one camper stood out to me her name was Jeanette she was nice and didn't talk too much she was nice and didn't talk too much I was shy too so we connected easily through enjoying the silence it was the last day of the week long camp I was so happy to be going home the next day camp was fun but I missed home we sat at the fire with everyone including the counselors I wasn't sure if it was the fire but they looked familiar but their faces were pale as ghosts I shrugged it off and listened to the next activity I wish I didn't we all had our dolls that resembled us I held mine in my hands and tried not to look at it as it's blank blue button eyes staring to me this represents the old you the you before camp the lead counselor said to all of us then they had us throw the dolls into the fire I watched as mine was engulfed in flames snapping and popping as the fire consumed its canvas skin you are a new person now the head counselor told us after the doll burning they told us there would be a goodbye ceremony and dinner two of the counselors led us back to the cabins and told us to pack our stuff they explained that the celebration ceremony was at the nearby barn on the edge of the property the other counselor left so it was just one with us his name was Scott he was always nice and had good jokes he waited at the fire pit as we all gathered our things he was acting weird as I sat next to him waiting on everyone else he was staring into the fire silently with a disturbed look on his face I love you he muttered once we were all assembled I didn't know whom he was talking to so I assumed I misheard him I love you guys and I'd do anything for you he said clearly so we all heard it we all looked at each other with confused expressions but it was a nice gesture and we all said that we loved him too he smiled and got up we're ready he stated and led us through the forest to the edge of the camp it was dark and the air got thicker I was excited for the ceremony I was ready to leave and go home where there was cable and internet I'd had enough of the outdoors we suddenly exited the woods and the barn loomed in the darkness all of the camp counselors stood around it in a circle with torches in hand I felt my stomach drop I knew something wasn't right as they ushered us all into the barn it was an old rickety structure I'm sure wasn't up to any building code and I was also pretty sure we shouldn't be in there the counselors stepped inside and formed a circle around us closing the door behind them the head counselor broke from the circle and stood before us Jeanette Lewinsky please come forward for your departure she said we all looked uneasy but Jeanette stepped forward I was happy for her maybe she would get a ribbon or something called to take home the counselors moved from the ring around the barn to a ring around us for the while holding their torches I could feel my heartbeat quicken as they came closer and closer and stabbed Jeanette in the left she didn't scream and suddenly it was some pandemonium as the counselors threw their torches at the walls of the barn I didn't notice that all of the counselors had long serrated knives of them I tried to run but the barn was starting to go up like a match kids were running around screaming before being stabbed by the counselors we have to get out of here I screamed before running straight into Scott Carl you don't want to stay for the ceremony he asked me his eyes seemed to appear pitch-black and he wore the most sadistic smile on his face I punched him in the gut and ran past him out of an opening in the barn I'd never run that fast in my life I looked back briefly god I wish I never looked behind me I did see black figures silhouetted by the light of the fire running around screaming some Stood Still with our arms out accepting the steps for the counselors I heard chanting of some sort at first I couldn't make it out but it grew louder we know what's best for you we love you over and over again the sight of Jeanette's last breath as a mouth filled with blood flashed through my mind and I ran I ran into the forest my heart beating my ears like a drum I didn't know where I was going I was just running in the direction that we came from the chanting followed me we know what's best for you we love you it repeated like a broken record over and over the glow of the ax Ferno lit the property dimly so I was able to come out the other side where the cabins were I looked behind me again I could see the brush moving and the chanting growing louder how did they find me how did they follow me we know what's best for you we love you I run faster but I felt a hand tug at my shirt I fell and it fell with me I looked back to see the counselor he had taken my ankle in one hand and a knife in the other his eyes were empty pits and his skin was white as a sheet I screamed and kicked the knife out of his hand with my other foot that loosened his grip a bit and gave me time to get back to my feet and run towards the exit the sign reading camp Omega stood hauntingly he above the entrance I ran straight through it the footsteps behind me stopped as the counselors did I looked behind me again and there they stood looking trapped inside of the camp grounds stood all of the counselors still a stone as if they couldn't cross the gate it started to rain and that's when they put up their hoods I didn't even notice the hoods and robes before even in the dim light I could tell they were blood-red we know what's best for you we love you they chanted again I started the back away slowly my eyes widened terror as they pulled their daggers out again I thought they were going to throw them at me part of me wanted to run and scream but the other was transfixed on the scene playing out before me in unison they raised their blood-stained knives and stabbed themselves in the neck blood spurted everywhere I could see it mix with the rain as it flowed down their necks and they fell all I could do was scream and run down the dirt path into the little town it felt like weeks that I ran until I found the town and the police station relief washed over me as I enter the wooden doors I must have looked like a mess my hair was matted with a mixture of sweat and rain I probably have blood on my hands I looked down at them they were clean the rain must have washed the blood off I walked to the front desk as calmly as I could where the secretary looked at me she had a shocked expression on her face as if I just risen from the dead I assumed it was because of my disabled appearance I tried explaining everything to her the camp the counselors what they did everything she looked shocked and gave me a glass of water do you want to call your parents Carl she asked me yes please she gave me her phone and I called them up I'm surprised they could understand me since I was choking on my own tears and snot that ran down my face and accumulated into my mouth became as quick as they could to pick me up an hour later they arrived at the police station I was so relieved that they found me that once I got in the car I closed my eyes I felt safe I must have fallen asleep because when I opened my eyes we were in an unfamiliar place I blinked a few times we were parked inference for brick building that loomed gloomily overhead it was then that I realized something the woman at the police station how did she know my name where are we I asked with apprehension my parents looked back at me with sad expressions son were at a mental institution we worried about you my father stays it flatly majeure fell open you don't believe me I asked Kyle you've been missing for a week now you showed up on police station in this small town ranting about some camp with murderous counselors my mother stated I was silent trying to process everything Carl you know what's best for you we love you they chanted in unison

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  1. He repeated himself fr copyright in case someone else is reading the same story and try to claim it as their own

  2. Omega Camp sucks
    Camp omega sucks
    Yes camp got banned for hate speech
    and banned ban ban ban ban ban ban 26894353132689435313268943531326894353132689435313268943531326894353132689435313268943531326894353132689435313268943531326894353132689435313268943531326894353132689435313268943531326894353132689435313268943531326894353132689435313268943531326894353132689435313268943531326894353132689435313268943531326894353132689435313268943531326894353132689435313268943531326894353132689435313268943531326894353132689435313268943531326894353132689435313268943531326894353132689435313268943531326894353132689435313268943531326894353132689435313268943531326894353132689435313268943531326894353132689435313268943531326894353132689435313268943531326894353132689435313268943531326894353132689435313

  3. things i hate:
    1.wen people miss splell
    2.when people repeat stuff
    3.when people repeat stuff

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