Camping Magic English Stories for Kids from Steve and Maggie | Learn English with Wow English TV

Camping Magic English Stories for Kids from Steve and Maggie | Learn English with Wow English TV

It’s Steve and Maggie – Wow English TV. Great. Finished. Hey Maggie, the tent is ready. Woo-hoo. Oh. Hello boys and girls! Hello! We are camping. We’re going to sleep here tonight. Yeah. Oh, what was that? Oh look. Can you see it? Can you hear it? Oh look. What is it? Yeah, it’s an eagle up high in the sky. I don’t like eagles. Oh Maggie. Are you scared? Yeah. Don’t be scared. Look, eagle’s off the bed. It’s getting late. Time for us to go to bed. Come on. In the tent we go. Good night Maggie. See you in the morning. Good night. Hoot. Oh. What was that? What was what? I can hear something. Hoot. Oh. Yeah. I can hear it. I think it’s an owl. Oh. Let’s try to see it. Come on. Hey. Hooh. Where is it? Where is it? Oh. Hey. I can see it. Haha. Wait a moment! There are two. Hey. Maggie! Maggie! There are two owls. I don’t like owls. I’m going home. Oh. Hey. Look! Maggie is scared. Hahaha. Hey. Are you scared? No, I’m not scared. What are they? They are owls. Yeah. Silly Maggie. I’m not scared. I’m sleeping in a tent. Haha. Good night. Chrr pfff chrr. Oh. What’s that? I can hear something. Can you hear it? You can? Well, what is it? I don’t know. Oh. But I could find out on my forest animal app. So, I just press record and it tells me what
animal is outside. Oh. It’s a wild boar. Look. This is a wild boar. I think this a wild boar outside. Shh! Ach. It’s gone. There are no wild boars here. Haha. I’m not scared. No! I’m not scared. Oh. Howl. Listen! I can here something. What is it now? Okay. Let’s find out what’s outside. What is it? What is it? What is it? Ohhh, It’s a wolf. Look. This is a wolf, but It can’t be a wolf. Can it? No, it can’t be a wolf. Howl. It can. And there are more wolves outside more than
one. So, what are they? Say with me. Start low. They are wolves. What are they? They are wolves. What are they? They are wolves. What are they? They are wolv…howl. Ha. No. There can’t be wolves here. It’s just in my head. I need to sleep. Oh. Dear. Oh. What now? What can you hear? Oh. What is it? It’s a bear. It’s a bear. Oh. And I can hear it. I can see it. It’s coming getting bigger and bigger and
bigger. Oh no. Aaauu. Help. It’s a bear. It’s a bear. Help. Oh no. No. There are wolves. Au. There are wild boars. Au. Hahaha. It’s a teddy bear. This must be Maggie. Where is that naughty naughty bird. Are you scared? Maggie! Hahaha. Hihihi. It’s Steve and Maggie. Let’s go to the castle. Good idea. Let’s go to the castle. Yeah! But how do we get there? Let’s go on your new motorbike. No, we can’t go by motorbike. Hmm, because… Oh, this is great. Hey, look at my new motorbike. It’s really fast. Hey, say with me. But really fast too, it’s a motorbike. It’s a motorbike. It’s a motorbike. What is it? It’s a motorbike. It’s a motorbike. It’s a motorbike. Yeah! Let’s go for a ride. Helmet on. Ok. Ready. Steady. Oooaaaa. You see. Ooo. So we can’t go by motorbike. Let’s go by bus. I don’t want to go by bus. No. I don’t like the bus station. Because… Oh, I am looking for my bus and Maggie, of
course. Can you see them? I can’t. There are so many busses here. Hey, say with me. But slowly. There are busses. And again. There are busses. One more time. There are busses. Too many busses. Hey Steve. Oh look, there’s Maggie. Come on, let’s go. Look out! There’s a bus! I know there’s a bus. NO! There’s a bus! Ooohh! There’s another bus. You see Maggie. OK. Then let’s go by boat. No, I don’t like boats either. Uh-oh. Remember last time? Agrrrr. Oh, hey. It’s a beautiful sunny day, great to go
sailing in a boat. Look, there’s a boat, there’s a boat,
there’s a boat. There’s my boat. Hey Steve. Oh, hey Maggie. What are you doing? I am going sailing in a boat. But there isn’t a boat. What do you mean, there isn’t a boat. Ohhh, you’re right Maggie. There isn’t a boat. Look, there isn’t a boat. Say it with me, there isn’t a boat. One more time, there isn’t a boat. Pffff. Haha. Brrrr. That water was really cold. Hihi. Ok Steve. So no boat. No trains. No busses. No motorbike. Let’s go by helicopter. No. Plane. No. Hot air balloon. Hot air balloon? What? Ok. Let’s go by hot air balloon. Haha. Wow! Maggie. This is GREAT! Yeah. Look, there’s a plane. Yeah! It’s getting bigger. And Bigger. And BIGGER! Oh Maggie. OH! Oh, where are we? Oh no. We’re flying over an airport. Uh-oh. Look, there are planes everywhere. There are planes. There are planes. There are planes. There are planes. There are planes. There are planes. Oh no. Look, there’s a really big plane. Ohh. Are there any planes? No, there aren’t. No. Good. Maggie, that was crazy. Yeah! So many planes. But look around. Hey! There aren’t any planes. Hihi. Say it with me. But slowly. There aren’t any planes. And again. There aren’t any planes. Last time. There aren’t any planes. No, hihi. Ahhh. Oh, look. Hey. We are nearly at the castle. Yeah! Look, I can see the castle. Hihi. It’s getting bigger. And bigger. And bigger. Yeah! Hoho. Wow! Maggie. We’re here at the castle. Yeah! Hey. Wait a minute. How do we stop?! Oh no, Maggie. Stop, stop. Stop Maggie, stop. Oh no. Uh-oh. Oh no. Look. The castle is getting smaller and smaller
and smaller. Maggie, what do we do? What do we do? I don’t know. Oh dear. Oh Maggie. Why didn’t we go by a bus. What! Or by train. What?! Or by car. Oh god! Car. Uh-oh. It’s Steve and Maggie. Hmm. A sandwich or pizza? Oh, hey, hello. It’s lunch time and I am hungry. I’m hungry too. Come on and let’s do something to eat. Do you like spaghetti? No, I don’t. No, I don’t. Do you like spaghetti? No, I don’t. No, I don’t. She doesn’t like spaghetti. She doesn’t like, she doesn’t like, she doesn’t
like spaghetti. No. What about this? Do you like chicken salad? Yes, I do. Yes, I do. Do you like chicken salad? Yes, I do. Yes, I do. She likes chicken salad. She likes it, she likes it, she likes chicken
salad. Yeah. What about you? Do you like fish sandwiches? No, I don’t. No, I don’t. Do you like fish sandwiches? No, I don’t. No, I don’t. He doesn’t like fish sandwiches. He doesn’t like, he doesn’t like, he doesn’t
like fish sandwiches. No. Heyyyy. Hey. Did you like that? Yeah? Then please like it, if you love it, you can
subscribe. Just touch here. Go on. If you want to watch another Steve and Maggie
clip, touch here. Yeah. Thank you.

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  1. I can only guess about everyone's motives here, but I come here for my fix of Steve and Maggie and keep coming back for Aunt Agatha. She's a handsome lady! Steve my daughter loves this. She will be 3 June 1.

    Steve, get used to knowing that a lot of parents love you for giving our children true learning experiences, a variety like no other online that is fun, innocent and encouraging. That's probaby sure for everyone who's learning english also. I send LOVE your way.

    Big fan here! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. My 27 month old baby girl loves you and learn a lot from you. Thank๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ‘

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