Cassie, nagpasalamat sa ginawang tulong ni Marga | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

Cassie, nagpasalamat sa ginawang tulong ni Marga | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

And take note
it’s gotten viral. It gained a lot of views. Viral? But I didn’t upload that. Sorry, Kristoff. LJ and I uploaded it. It’s a really inspiring video, so we uploaded it to share it to everyone. Hope you’re not mad. I’m not mad. I was just surprised. Some people reached out to us
They’re willing to be donors. Thank you, Tope. You shouldn’t be
thanking me. Thank them instead because
they uploaded the video. But we wouldn’t upload it if
you didn’t show us the video. Still… You two are the reason
the video went viral. I think there are people asking
as well on Marga’s vlog. Marga? She vlogged about your situation
during the event. Can you ask he
to come here? I want to thank her. Sure. I’ll ask her. So yeah, my hair
got stuck like… I see there’s a Maxwell reunion
in your room. Is this the reason you asked me
to go here on short notice? If this is a reunion,
she shouldn’t have been invited. Her aura gives me bad vibes. Just don’t mind her. Cassie wants to talk to her. Let’s just endure her presence. Wow! Did you go
on retreat this summer? Care to share? Hey, we’re here for Cassie. Fine. Marga, I just want
to thank you for what you did. That means a lot to me,
>that’s why I’m grateful. Even if we disagree
most of the times, you still chose to help me. Don’t ever think
I did that for you. It’s all for Kristoff. Still, thank you. – Well, I guess now we’re even.
– Even? You’re not the only one fighting
a battle here. If you’re fighting to survive, I’m fighting to keep
my family together. Did you know your mother
almost destroyed my family? Can we take a break from
our quarrels just this once? No matter how many times
you tell me that, I won’t believe it. Fine, don’t believe it then. If you won’t tell me
what Tita Romina did, then I’ll just leave. That’ll be better Marga,
so Cassie can rest. Please.

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