Check out Elk Grove’s first Animal Shelter

Check out Elk Grove’s first Animal Shelter

In the city of Elk Grove,
this is the only shelter. And so we will service
the entire city of Elk Grove. Not only because the number of
animals we were seeing generated from our city was starting
to become overwhelming for Sacramento County, but
to also make it more convenient for residents to come reclaim their pets or
to adopt new pets. So we opened our doors to the public for
the first time last Saturday on the 28th, and we will be open on our
regular days now, from now on. It’s fully occupied.>>Yeah.
>>We can house 65 dogs, 56 cats, that’s without anybody sharing a kennel. But our goal is to stay below
that just by the fact that our animals will be kind of a revolving
door as one comes in, one or two hopefully go out the door and
get adopted or get reclaimed. So our adult cats are $40,
our kittens are 75, our adult dogs are $100 and
puppies are 150. Our small breed dogs that are gonna
stay tiny forever are also $150. Everything that comes in that
is the animal that is spayed or neutered, its microchip is up
to date on its vaccinations, it’s had an examination by the vet,
and so I feel like that’s it. It’s pretty good deal for
what you’re getting. [MUSIC]

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