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  1. It’s not vague!!! It’s clear we’re u on ur own property?! Nope guess what that’s loitering!! Did u follow commands or cooperate nope u decided to stir the pot and poke the bear!! And guess what u got arrayed UR OWN FAULT! Now u want to cry and play the victim and play the race card! Fuck ur stupid ass!!

  2. PIGS

    Citizens have the right to use lethal Force when law enforcement is putting people in fear of their lives and violating their civil rights.

  3. Damn. Black folks being arrested for just standing?! What's next being shot while sitting in your own home…oh wait. Da fuq is wrong with world?

  4. What the ever loving fuck? At their own HOME? The lawsuit had better make the community think twice about hiring such obvious IDIOTS as cops.

    So THIS is how a "great" country treats it's CITIZENS? Arrests them for BEING AT HOME? Sue the living shit out of the PIGS.

  5. Cause there black hahah wtf no shit … black people should already know wassup … its gana be 2020 and mf are and will always be racist no matter what year … just how the u.s.a is

  6. I’m sure there was much more to this! Someone had to call the police about them! Cops just don’t just show up at someone house, they are too busy to just check porches for this. Sooo…..let’s have the whole facts instead of selective fake news🤷🏻‍♂️😉…..guess we will see what’s next. I’m guessing confrontations with neighbors sparked this🤔….and, if you disrespect the police when they show up, it’s sure a quick ride to the pokey!😂😂

  7. This is why we celebrate every time a scumbag in blue is killed on the street

    not enough of those cowards die on a daily basis if you ask me

    Save a Life kill a cop

  8. Making shit up as they go along! Just another bad law designed to arrest black people.
    The sidewalk in front of my house is my responsibility to shovel so I know that's my sidewalk. So how the fuck can we get arrested for standing on the sidewalk in front of my house? Something smells!

  9. God-Dam cop gave me a reckless driving ticket because my tires squealed a little when I pulled out of 7-11….dirty m o f o s btw im not black.

  10. Such an overreach.

    Special interest groups doing this to smokers driven by their leases and illegal unconstitutional city laws made by power greedy elected to go loiter outside to smoke – and then the frisks and rolls turn their lives upside down.

    Its wrong



  11. You can’t loiter on your own property… this is disgusting. Thank goodness the man that was tazed didn’t have a pacemaker. They throw that man off his OWN damn porch? These charges were dropped I hope.

  12. Seems like they were hanging out on the sidewalks, and impeding traffic. Most likely they got complaints from other neighbors. Just sayin', they sure ain't telling us enough information about their past dealing and this current story.

  13. The law thinks they are above the law. The family should sue all the cops individually also. Then sue the township for giving them dirty rat bastards p.o.f.s. a job, that comes with a tin badge.

  14. Wtf!!! Standing in front of my own house that’s loitering wtf I can’t stand in my own yard wtf! Fuk that sht dnt move here fuk the local government and police. Sad sht U can’t even stand in ur front yard.


  15. Try to pull me off my own porch….this will be my last day in this orchestrated systematic evil country…when are black indians going to wake up and fight. You did it in preschool when u thought clearly. Now u an adult and u are a punk. I don't understand yall act like this country is so good and yall are millionaires. Just go to church wait on Jesus while whitey continues to build destruction🐑

  16. Would like to see the whole story. It was cut down and shown in short clips for a reason. But, I don't suppose you people understand why.

  17. The police just say no comment when they fuck up well they gotta answer for something they are not gangsters or.are they?

  18. All these cops do is go around looking to trouble happy black folk. It’s almost illegal for black people to be happy around Cops. We are not safe in this world around these fake ass protect and serve MF’s.

  19. Your property is literally the only place where you can’t be considered as a loiterer. I can’t imagine how traumatizing it must be to be singled out by police as criminals for using your own front yard and porch.

  20. Start a recall election against the mayor and the city council. I keep telling people this and nobody listen you get the law enforcement and the courts you deserve because you elect the people that control them. Why do you think the cops get away with the shit they do is because the mayor of the city council and the judges allow it. Go after the politicians they let people that understand that the police have to be put on a leash because they're vicious dangerous lying worthless pieces of shit.

  21. This is just more proof of the war on blacks and the poor. They have criminalized being black. These race soldiers need to face the kings justice.

  22. A bunch of drop high school who become cops…what do you expect?
    Hope soon or later cops will be shown their college degree.

  23. They had all the lawful constitutional right to kill the OFFICERS for a unconstitutional unlawful arrest! Supreme court rulings numerous times on that subject!

  24. Kidnapping and unlawful arrest is still illegal in America! COPS should be HUNG for TREASON for BREAKING their OATH to the constitution and being unconstitutional and unlawful!

  25. Who is the victim? No victim no crime committed! And the fictional entity called the state cannot be the victim unless there are damages ! Where are the damages and where is the victim! No corpus deliti no crime! The unconstitutional COPS are actually the CRIMINALS!

  26. My college professor is a psychiatrist for the sheriff and police department in my area. He stated that the psychological test bundt cake there must be childhood trauma.

  27. Seems like even black cops are trained to be racist against black people……sad situation we have here in America, did we learn nothing from WW2?

  28. Every single cop needs to die i honestly dont fucking care if there good or not . i hope every officer that was involved that there family's end up dying in the most horrible fucking way possible . piece of shit pigs .

  29. WOW !! We're all losing our Rights? Dragged from the porch? In California, Cops can force you to the ground and search you out of the blue. Then use the excuse that you matched a suspect. Very embarrassing. Was done to me in front of my house. To this day, it's still with me. Richmond CA

  30. One guy was on the porch to this residence but was arrested for supposedly loitering – total madness. The police officers need to learn the meaning of loitering.

  31. They had every right to open a can of lead on these pigs. You libtards what to give the government a monopoly on martial power by violating the second amendment this is an example of what you will live under. Liberty 1775

  32. Wanna bet the cop shop is full of Christians, Catholics, Baptist’s and Protestants..?
    They really hate the brown.
    They still demand there slaves and the right to murder lgbtq folks.
    What we Americans need is a non religious political system and no religious people in policing.
    No religious person should ever lead .
    They are drone followers of any and all oppressions.
    Can’t trust the religious.

  33. When Law Enforcement are allowed to commit unlawful acts and go unpunished you’re no longer a government of law but a government of men!

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