Choquequirao – Solo Hiking “the Other Inca Trail” for 3 Days

Choquequirao - Solo Hiking “the Other Inca Trail” for 3 Days

[Applause] okay this is the start of my four-day choke ikeda trek day one just passed my first person and when signing in I saw that there were only four other people who left this morning so not many people on this trail which is a good thing that was all downhill and I'm already sweating I can't imagine what it'll be like to go up it it's pretty though okay so down there you see the bridge right okay enhance enhance enhance there's the bridge I got to get down there hola keep me amo Craig we're like a half-dozen people at that campsite a lot of food a lot of stuff it's fancy there's no way I'm gonna stay there it's like it's not even half the day don't let's keep going it's all uphill from here it is all uphill from here need to make it to the campsite before dark do you love us I'm going to pass out no God please no no tonight's specialty in evening coffee this is a journey Walker anytime anywhere that I was given from Guatemala that is not bad at all well so this is all uphill for a long time I'm just gonna go really slow well I've got the nice cool morning air and shade from the clouds all the way up to the village okay I see buildings and campsite I think I'm getting close to the top that's quick killing it that day blitzie stuff they say I feel good super yummy hola aqua so I'm starting to think this would probably be the best campsite if you could push the first day and not dilly-dally you can make it up here full-on chicken all right should be uphill just a little bit but pretty much smooth sailing all the way to the campsite where I'm going to drop my stuff and then probably go up to the ruins all right almost of the ruins almost a joke Akira joke khaki joke achillea joke Akira oh I can see it see you run very nice people at the top here a little party get this lovely thank you thank you Sierra bye-bye all right I'm just gonna head back to my pack get some water wind just look at some sunlight so I might just grab a bite to eat and maybe start to head back down to the river I'm almost there you can hear the river I'm so happy I'm here solid flat smooth ground I don't recommend anyone to do that honestly those one of the toughest things I've ever done I cannot wait to just lay down well I got oh I am tired but I gotta get this tent up do we hola good morning don't come in here don't know get all right get up no no no no so I'm just gonna take it very slow the rest of this video is gonna be me complaining a ton I just know it okay here that running water I can see the end up there I'm gonna take a break at this shade though I met a water 100% out of water Oh Hey I'm back in New York this is the bean age superstore my entire trip to Peru was made possible by B&H photo and right now I'm in their New York City superstore and I always gear up thank you on any last-minute accessories before I fly out for a shoot this place is everything though and if you are in the city in July check the link in the description below for the actual date make sure to stop by for their hashtag Adventure week because I'll be giving a talk in this space all that will hold on one second I'll be giving a talk in this space all about how I planned shot and edited this travel film so come and hang out please so check the links in the description below to see the gear that I used on this film information about that talk and a full guide on how you can do it yourself thank you for watching and thank you being H photo for supporting travel filmmakers like myself

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  1. Recorded an hour-long solo podcast all about this trip and my thoughts on digital nomad life, minimalism and filmmaking –

  2. Really cool video. I did a longer variant of this hike in 2006 and had a very similar experience, even with an ant infestation and a tarantula in my tent. What an amazing spot. I'm glad to see it is still pretty low key in terms of tourist infrastructure.

  3. I did a 5 day 45 mile walk to Machu Picchu. The first night I got food poisoning and altitude sickness and spent the entire night vomiting. The day after I travelled (very drugged up) on a local horse up to Salkantay point along a 100 metre drop. I thought I was going to die haha! Awesome to see you hike in the Andes – tarantula was wicked too!

  4. Kraig, I think this has to be my favorite of your films so far. Honestly just incredible on so many levels!

  5. Man I can't tell you therapeutic your material is to me. The quality of the editing is amazing. Thank you.

  6. Kraig, your videos are beautiful and keep me going by living vicariously through you in my boring ass desk job. Love this one.

  7. The question is, how did you charge your drone battery at the tent? Nice vídeo man, keep walking Journey Walker kkkkkkk

  8. Man, choquequirao was the hardest thing i ever did in my life and you made it and also made this great film while hiking!!! Awesome!!!

  9. Those Canyons are incredible!!!What a hike.
    2:25 laughed so hard, How hot was it?
    3:56 ;D Man that would suck had they got in everywhere longer…
    4:10 Nice water treatment pouch and quite a bit lighter than a pump. AquaTabs are my FaV…may want to check those out additionally for your next trip for quicker water-treatment; 2 liters per tablet or break in half with your fingernail for two 32oz bottles, one pack of AquaTabs covers 200 liters of treatment about the size of a pack of stamps <<<Minimalists dream $8.25 on Amazon now and just realized they're actually a prime item now. #WIN
    5:28 That morning Fog <3
    7:20 Always marvel at the work that went into those stone structures…the fact that so much of it is still intact and freaking level as can be after all this time, erosion, earthquakes….
    10:48 <<<What a find <3
    And crushing it on the sponsor, B&H heck yes, love those guys.
    Great film Kraig, love it.

  10. When I watch your movies, I'm completely engaged, completely entranced and I never want them to end. Nice work as always sir.

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