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  1. amerikkka land of the thief home of the the SLAVES fucc thiz demonic fascist murderous vile insidious gluttonous korupt society n all itz allies u.s.a UNDER SATANz AUTHORITY

  2. This dude was set up. He probably stumbled upon a pedophile cult and tried to do something about it. It's so obvious. Punk ass masons at it again. I saw this stuff in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. You wouldn't believe how many top officials are pedophiles.

  3. Stupid mother fucker got away with the sick ass shit that he did for like 4 years this dumb bastard tries to fucking be a cop and gets caught he wouldn't have tried to be a cop he would have probably got away with it for a long time they had his DNA but nothing to match it to until he went to fucking fill out to be a cop you stupid mother fucker dumb flat out dumb

  4. Smh fuck that, those victims can be anybody's daughters, mother, aunty, nieces etc.. These niggas need to get dealt with

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