Cohen Gets 3 Years In Jail For Covering Up President Trump’s ‘Dirty Deeds’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Cohen Gets 3 Years In Jail For Covering Up President Trump’s ‘Dirty Deeds’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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  1. Is that how donald plan to drain the swamp? Have all his "best people" indicted and incarcerated including himself and his family??
    Freaking Genius!! 👏👏


  3. Lucky he's not black or white Christian it would have been 20 years. But because he's a rich Jew he gets 3 years in a play house jail

  4. I don't know how anyone can listen to that tape in context and not come to the conclusion that Trump clearly wanted Cohen to pay off Karen McDougall in cash so there was no trail. Cohen mentions 'financing'. The right answer to that would be, 'Yes, set it up.' Instead we hear Trump say 'Wait a second…what financing?' Listen to the inflection at the end of his voice when he says 'pay in cash..' That is clearly a suggestion to counteract the suggestion of financing. Then we hear Cohen's adamant 'Are you kidding? No way!' denial to the idea of 'paying in cash'. Trump offers ANOTHER suggestion 'check'. It is so blatantly obvious

  5. 7:05 Napolitano is one of the few voices on Fox that is worth attending to. "Under the rules, . . . unless they are intending to DO SOMETHING with that evidence." That means they are intending to indict, or at least do their level best to indict, no matter what the "policy" of D o J may be. Things are getting interesting, and remember, you heard it first from Napolitano.

  6. Michael Cohen!!!!! You will be with out ur family for three years. While this trump will be free as a bird with his love ones going everywhere laughing having a marvelous time and now he back stab you. Was it worth it kissing this trump butt???

  7. Cohen was pretty pathetic how could he refer to #trump as empathetic and humble. was he awake when saying that?

  8. 06:00 Hmmm, 3 different sets of rabid dogs, three sets of prosecutors, like cops, with grudges: Mueller, et al. ; SDNY D of J; and especially NY State AG. "Oh, Lordy," says Mr. Jim. The Pig wishes he'd never ever messed with firing Comey.

  9. An attorney doesn't just arbitrarily spend his client's money without the go ahead from his client. From the tapes you can hear Trump disscussing the payment he didn't ask Cohen, what are you taking about? He asked about the finance as to how they would make the payment that proves that two people appear to be collaborating in an illegal campaign transaction.

  10. Cohen more than likely has information that could not only put this mob (the administration) in prison for a long time, but possibly life. It’s going to take some serious soul searching for this man to realize what he’s truly done. Not only to this great state, but to his real family who was willing to stand by an believe in him. Exactly why I say: Imagine how hard it would be to stare into your son or daughters eyes every day or night and lie to them about the harsh realities of your hidden agenda in a place that claims to be for the greater good of the people. This is bigger than politics, we have a world problem.

  11. Usual Fake News against Donald Trump. Cohen will say anything to the court and the press which will make him look good.

  12. Justice is corrupt, this criminal should be 20 years in prison. I hope we find more corrupt deals to keep him in jail , that for sure will be a 5 star jail room. Soooo disappointing! Everyone that was found guilty are free.

  13. Hey lefties, wheres the outrage over Mika Bzerzinki using a derogatory term for homosexuals? Why aren't you up in arms calling for her resignation.

  14. Goes to jail March 6th? That's some white privilege if I ever saw it. Most people go to jail NOW -when their time comes..

  15. Hearing those things Cohen said about Trump back when he was still a sycophant, the utter, shamelss ego stroking of it all, it's truly cringe worthy.
    Maybe as part of the punishment, Cohen's room can be equipped with speakers playing an infinite looped recordings of those words of praise he used to heap on Donnie boy, and let him cringe or reflect on how wrong he was about the guy.

  16. Trump is Gone Y'all! The GOP knows it… and the ones that admit it first will save their Legacy. The first one that separates from Trump will start a domino effect.

  17. Everyone thank Avenatti for bringing to light the illegal activities of Cohen on behalf of trumplethinskin. Whatever else happens with him, he should get credit for that.

  18. Society is not served by putting Michael Cohen in jail for 3 years. He will lose his license to practice law, has to pay restitution and he is otherwise destroyed. Trump is a different matter.

  19. This is what happens when you SELL YOUR SOUL to the devil. I feel sorry for Cohen's family but definitely NOT him. Bye Felicia!

  20. WHY is Trump still in office – the man is a lowlife criminal. He is a disgrace to his country but, more urgently, he is a serious danger to his country.

  21. Cohen will remain silent if during his tenure as Trumps lawyer someone died as a direct result as in knowledge of a "Hit".

  22. Has anyone else noticed that the longer people stay around tRump, the worse they start to look? It's like tRump just sucks the life right out of them.

  23. Throw the kids in jail first. To paraphrase Ragnar Lothbrok. "How the old boar will squeal when he sees how the piglets suffer!"

  24. All of the above and most below.   First noticeably is he arrives (I presume for sentencing) with a lady (quiet fit in one way)on his hip wearing crutches.  I may be wrong but who is she?   Daughter?  How touching!   Whether civil or criminal those who should be 'thrown in the garbage'  in the court system (defense), are advised and styled to appear as 'clean cut, misunderstood and won't do it again; … comes the Judge". We have more or less the same legal game here in Ireland:sadly without the jail bit for white collar crime.    normaleewright at google mail ie with the dots and so forth.

  25. Two of a kind, Cohen and Trump. Can't wait to see his boss follow him to the Big House. I just hope Trump doesn't get sent to a white collar minimum-security resort like Cohen did. He deserves worse. A Russian prison would be ideal, but I suppose that is out of the question.

  26. The funny thing is,even if all this was known before Trump was elected, he would still be in the white house, morality does not a president make,(apparently) .

  27. When she said Michael isn’t a patriot I immediately thought about his kids. They witnessed his statement with a heavy heart. They need to believe their father is a good man. They will be subjected to more negativity surrounding this. Maybe with that in mind , people will back off with their harsh words about their father. He is their father , they should have to bear the hostilities about their father.

  28. It's becoming clear that Trump will be allowed to ride this out and make a soft landing. Even some Democrats in congress are hinting that there is a realistic expectation that Trump's core base, even though an insignificant minority, will pose a threat to the American people that law enforcement may have difficulty in containing if Trump is even charged, let alone convicted or sentenced.

  29. Another way Americans can send a message to those who break the law and get off free – Never buy their product again. Put the Enquirer out of business. And don't forget to get ready to vote in November send the Republicans home.

  30. Does this mean the man who paid for this misdeed gets off scot-free? He has been scot-free all hus life, a real scofflaw.

  31. @1:42 Cohen, Sep. 2016: "The words the media should be using to describe Mr. Trump are: generous, compassionate, principled, empathetic, kind, humble, honest, and genuine."
    Wow, a perfect 0 for 8!

  32. All these rich and infamous people who thought their money and political influence protected them are now 'talking' to each other to save their own behinds from people like Robert Mueller!..Trumpian lawyer going to jail..A General officer headed that way! Trumps sons headed that way..And probably Trump himself!..All these mega rich people who know them, and may have even helped them in the past, must be worried that they may find themselves 'in the gun' ! This will all be happening 'behind the scenes' and they will be in full on protection mode right now! Sit back, and watch this slowly unfold as they begin to deny that they ever knew Trump! The mega rich, will totally betray him until he looses everything!

  33. Remember who requires "blind loyalty." Trump demands his staff, cabinet and anyone he has interest in, to make a total single loyalty pledge to him alone. Above the law, above the best for citizens of America, above the best for the whole world and countries we are aligned with, above anyone else even those others in the room, or even in the best interest for their own families and even themselves. All allegiance to Trump! We have an aberration, to say minimally, holding the position of our American President. God help us.

  34. I'm sorry did I hear that right or did I just have a stroke or something? That trump is: Generous, Principled, Empathetic, Kind, Humble, Honest, and Genuinine? How could Michael Cohen get all that out of his mouth and keep from busting out laughing is so beyond me!!!

  35. Trump has committed impeachable crimes before and after taking office, an office he attained only through the help of a Russian misinformation campaign that was fully coordinated with Trump's network of criminal associates. I heard this: no transition team,conspiracy, obstruction of justice, emoluments, violation of campaign finance laws, money laundering, perjury, racketeering, corrupt foreign practices act violations, bank fraud, tax evasion and filing false tax returns? Trump seems to think if he breaks the law in full view of the public that somehow that does not count as a crime. For the President to behave so foolishly shows he has no knowledge or respect for the Constitution, and that he thinks he is the Dictator in this country. He must be removed from office. These criminals must be charged with their crimes, tried, and put in prison for the safety of the American public.

  36. I don't agree with them letting AMI off the hook!
    Their position as an organization of the press, it has an obligation of the media! They are bound by a code of ethics & they have dishonored that code along with lieing to U.S. Citizen's & that is unforgivable!
    As such they should be heavily fined & procecuted for their crimes!

  37. Despotic orange faced tyrant. No respect for the office of president. Thus no respect should be afforded Trump. Why won't his wife divorce him? Surely she has some principles. Trump is clearly a habitual liar.

  38. That is exactly what happens when you are loyal to Satan's spawn, the great DECEIVER, donald trump. Bye Felicia to Cohen and very soon to donnie the con.

  39. Mr. Mueller is saving the very best for last…. trumpturd and his criminal kids!!!! Get your champagne bottles ready folks, better days are ahead. 💃🍷🎉🎉

  40. Listening to old news reels of Cohen in this vid, I can not but be thankful he is headed to prison!
    GOD KEEP US SAFE FROM trump and his demented cult followers, the Republicans.

  41. So everyone’s mad at Trump because he slept with a bunch of random women, and to keep the random women from publicly disgracing his image, he paid their ransom.

    Big deal.

  42. AWW,  who is Cohen's   "little tiny Jim" for this Christmas Carole??  Did she start shooting up dope cause Da has embarrassed the family?  Imagine being one of his kid's??WHAT A SHAME.

  43. Since Trump has been in the White House I feel as if the Nation has been in a perpetual state of Enama Administration. It's an unpleasent thing to go through but once the 'Poop Pops Out' you feel really good and lighter. We have an amazing Country but a young one, I see this experience as a profound learning one, one we'll come out stronger and wiser.

    Take a brief moment of time from texting and twittering and know who's running your town, state, and country it's alot more fun than an Enama. Have a nice day and follow your bliss.

  44. Anyone reading this ever dealt with a Lawyer? They are crooked from day 1. Cohen just brought it to another level! He should have never got a deal, Lawyers are supposed to know better!

  45. On the
    vulnerability of the National Enquirer: 
    I personally believe Hillary should sue the National Enquire for the
    maximum for colluding with Trump to report false stories about Hillary for the
    purpose of destroying her political career to help get Trump elected
    president.  This goes beyond the first
    amendment of free speech where the NE publishes outrageous phony stories that
    people know are false and it is just designed to sell magazines, this was a
    coordinated attack with the goal of publishing false material with the goal of
    affecting a presidential election.  It is
    difficult to win a case against tabloids but some have succeeded.  In this case the evidence is already out
    there of David Peckers intent.  I believe
    the National Enquirer would not risk it going to court but would immediately
    try to settle with Hillary Clinton out of court to save the paper.

  46. ∫☨ل͢ ̄͊ 𝖋🇺🇸ㆍᖇᕮᗪㆍᵂᴴᴵᵀᴱ⌖ᴮᴸᵁᴱㆍ💊ㆍ℞ Ξ ⎺⎻⎼ ̬ ⎼⎻⎺ ͠⦿̄⎳⋃̄ ✞↕ 🌏 Ω❗🦅 ⎤🏴‍☠️
    Right. So where is the evidence ? [crickets]

  47. Let's think for a moment?  In prison, the RULE OF LAW states, "snitches get stitches," and snitches are right there with child molesters and pedophiles, so Cohen might not make it out of his cage in Otisville, ever… Priceless!

  48. what is the dirty deeds, This network is liberal elite corporate own. trump is running out of 2020 opponents. Hilary cannot cheat this time.

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