Coleman Fast Pitch Event 12 Shelter

Coleman Fast Pitch Event 12 Shelter

Fast Pitch shelters can easily be set up
with two people. Lay out the roof poles, side poles, corner poles and fly. Start by
connecting the roof poles. Lay out and then assemble each side pole
section. Attach each side section to the roof poles. Next, extend the corner
holders and connect side poles to corner poles. Once your frame is complete, throw over
the fly. Velcro the fly to the frame at
each corner inside. Lift legs halfway, clip in the fly to corners and
tighten. Once the fly is firmly attached, peg in the corners. And lift legs full way. Finally peg out guy ropes and your shelter is ready for your next big event.

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  1. Sheesh i thought this was 'fast pitch' i mean don't get me wrong you guys are doing a great job. But that looks anything but 'fast pitch'. Whats the difference between this and the 'Event Shelter'?

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