Coleman Instant Up Gold 8P Tent – Features

Coleman Instant Up Gold 8P Tent – Features

– Hey folks, I’ve got Coleman’s Instant
Up 8P Gold Series tent set up behind me here. And I’m about to take you
on a personal tour of it. Let’s check it out. (RNB music) Barefoot summer is here guys down under, BIG4 West Beach Holiday Park right in Adelaide’s Western suburbs. A stone’s throw to the
beach over my shoulder here, 20 minutes to the city that way. The park’s full of facilities, there’s something for Mum,
Dad, and the kids here. And it’s really close to the city, so it’s an easy getaway. They’ve given us some space
today to set up some products and give you a run through. I’ve got the Coleman Instant Up 8P Gold set up behind me here. I wanna give you a walk around and show you all the features. Let’s start by looking at the outside. The first thing at the
front here is this awning. Now this awning can be zipped closed, to close this vestibule
in, in really bad weather. Alternatively, it comes
with three awning poles, one taller one, so we can
create a peaked awning out the front here for a
shaded entrance to the tent. Now there’s two windows on each side of the Coleman Instant Up Gold 8P tent. Now I’ve got the storm
flaps rolled up here. We can roll them closed
for complete protection or there are guy ropes in
the corners to allow us to peg it out as a bit of
a protective shade awning over the top of the windows. So, these two windows are also
mirrored on the other side. At the base of the tent here, these sort of cone shaped things, it’s part of the Coleman
circle ventilation system, allows a bit more airflow
up underneath the tent here, and there’s an internally
adjustable vent inside that we’ll show you shortly. If we go into the rear of the tent, one more window at the back here. Once again I’ve got this
storm flap rolled open. This also zips closed for full protection. And also, features guy
ropes in the corners, so we can peg it out as an awning over the window if we like. I wanna show you the fabrics that the Gold Series is made of. We’ll step back around the
front to have a look at those. Now these are Coleman’s Gold
Series fabrics in this tent. So this fly sheet is a 75
denier, 185 thread count, ripstop polyester. The interior of the test here
is also 75 denier polyester, doesn’t have the ripstop feature
in that one there though. (unzips) The mesh that’s used throughout
is an ultra fine mesh, I don’t think, I’m not sure
it’s a midge proof or not. Probably not quite, but it’s certainly a nice,
fine, soft, fine mesh. (zips) The floor of the tent is what’s called a 420 denier, polyoxford PVC. So the outer, well the main fabric is
a 420 denier polyester, but it’s got this PVC backing on it. It doesn’t have that crinkly
sort of feel that a tarp does, so it’s a nice soft floor,
and it rolls up really easily when you put it away in the bag. And the frame is a steel frame. And it’s got plastic knuckles in the top, and a plastic hub at the top as well. The one last item I’ll mention
is this little doormat here that comes with your tent. I haven’t got it pegged out ’cause I’ve got this set up
on top of a ground sheet here, at the moment. This is ground sheet is
2.44 metres by 4.88 metres, so it fits pretty well. If I didn’t have that there, I
could peg this little doormat this is just a shay cloth
material, out at the front here, for a bit of a protected
entrance to the tent. That’s pretty much all the
features on the outside, let’s step inside and have a look. (unzips) Now the door to get in the tent here is actually a double door. It’s got both solid and mesh panels, so we can leave it open
if we like for the breeze. Alternatively, we can
leave it open all the way and just seal it or tie it back with these tabs on the corner here. Now if we look at the height of the tent, the door where I’ve just walked through is about 150 centimetres. But once I’m inside, I’ve
got 190 centimetres of height at the peak here. And I’ve got about that
same amount of height for a reasonable amount of space around the centre of the tent. So, I’ve got plenty of
room to stand up in here. If I start with the
features at the top here, this is a little lance and hook that we can use to hang lights
or whatever we like up here. That works in association with these clips that run down the side of the tent here to hold a power cord in place, right down to the base here, there’s a red zip in the corner
which allows an access point for a 12 or 240 volt power
cord to come into the tent. Now if I start at the front
half of the tent here, there’s a window on each side. Now there’s windows pockets
and vents on both sides. So that is also mirrored
on this side over here. Now these windows feature internally adjustable privacy screens. They zip from the bottom up, so we can close it right up if you want to keep the breeze
out or to keep the warmth in. We can just leave it partway open if we want to allow
high-level ventilation, or we roll it open completely
and use this tab to secure it so it doesn’t flap around in the breeze. Moving a little further
down underneath the window, is a storage pocket here. So there’s three compartments to this, a thin one on each side, and a larger one in the middle there, so that’s mirrored on the
other side of the tent. And then at the very
base at the tent here is Coleman’s circle ventilation. The moment that’s zipped open, there are little tabs here
we can use to secure that fabric just to stop it
flapping around if we liked. Or if we zip it completely
closed, once again, it stops the breeze from
coming through the tent. But I’m not in warm weather. This really helps ventilation
throughout the tent, it stops it feeling too stuffy. Now all the features in
the front of the tent here are also mirrored in this
back section of the tent, so we’ve got another window on each side, another pocket on each
side, and another vent on each side down here. Plus, another window in the rear here, which also has an internally
adjustable privacy screen. So there’s plenty of
ventilation in this tent. The last feature I want
to show you inside is this internal room divider,
which is actually removable. Now there’s tabs on the
corners here, which we can take this out completely if we want. I’ve got this open like
curtain at the moment, so it’s just sitting there out of the way. Alternatively, if I undo
these tabs here and roll this closed it allows me
to completely seal off, well not completely seal, there is a gap, top and
bottom and around the sides, but it gives us a bit of a privacy screen between the front and the rear room. Just to give you an idea
of how you might be able to use this space inside the 8P tent, I’m gonna grab a double
high queen size airbed and put it in the back room, and then I’m going to fit two
single airbeds in the front room here. (unzips) Now you can see that you can
fit it all in here and you can still function as a family. Let me grab those. So the space inside the
Instant Up Gold 8P tent, I’ve got 420 centimetres of length, and 235 centimetres in width here. So this Coleman double high
queen sized bed is about 200 centimetres long and
about 150 wide, and I’ve got a bit of space here,
probably about 30 centimetres before the internal room
divider comes into play. And then at the front there
I’ve got two XL single airbeds, which are about
a metre wide and about 190 centimetres in length. So you can still get down
the middle of the tent there. I’ve still got room to stand here. The airbed is just touching
the rear of the tent here, so there’s plenty of room to sleep, plenty of room at the front, it’s a great family camping tent. That is all the features of the Coleman Instant Up Gold 8P tent. It’s a great family camping tent. It’s easy to put up, there’s
a room for Mum and Dad, and there’s a room for the kids. You can grab them online at, lowest prices, everyday. I hope you found that useful,
we’ll see you next time. Don’t click away from us yet guys, if you thought that video was useful subscribe to my channel
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