Coleman Traveller 3P Dome Tent Setup, Features & Review

Coleman Traveller 3P Dome Tent Setup, Features & Review

– G’day campers Brett from
Tentworld in Toowoomba here. Today I have with me the
Colemen Traveller 3P tent. It’s a great single room
tent which sleeps up to three people and it’s easy to
set up and easy to pack down. So let’s go take a closer
look at setting it up and some of the features. The tent comes packed in a
small bag weighing 6.65kg. The bag dimensions are 59cm long, 23cm high and 22cm wide making it easy for one
person to easily handle and pack into the back of the car. Inside the bag you will find, the tent, the external fly,
three Coleman Durawrap Poles, pegs and a tent prepare kit. When setting up your tent
there are a few things to remember. Firstly you want to find an area which is fairly level and not
too rough on the surface. And then also try and stay away from overhanging tree limbs. Another little tip I can
give you is to invest in one of these ground cover sheets. Pretty much protects
the bottom of your tent but some caravan and
camping places now require you to have one of these
ground cover sheets. If you’d like to find out
further information about ground cover sheets or any
other camping accessories please go across to our Tentworld website which is First thing is to remove and set aside the external fly, three Coleman Durawrap Poles and the pegs. Next you can role out and unfold the tent on the cover sheet. Grab the two grey poles for the tent, put them together and
weave each pole through the centre loop on top of the tent and run the poles on a
diagonal from each corner peg. Align the end of the poles
with the corner peg inserts. Peg the four corners into position. Secure the tent to the
frame using the clips. Now that the internal frame
and tent is all set up it’s time to add the fly. So let’s get stuck into it. When adding the fly it is
best to fix the rear hooks into place and pull it
over towards the front. Remember to secure the
fly to the internal frame using the Velcro attachment
points and hooks to the corner pegs. Grab the yellow Coleman Durawrap Pole. Slide it through the insert
at the front of the tent. Extend the front vestibule
area and peg into place. For further stability use
the additional guy ropes and pegs provided. There you have it folks, the Coleman Traveller 3P
Tent all set up and ready for camping. Now it’s all set up let’s
take a closer look into some of the features of this tent. The external dimensions
are 3.7m long and 2.2m wide with an internal sleeping
area of 2m by 1.9m and an internal centre hight
of 1.3m with the capacity to sleep three people. The large single room is
packed with side windows and a floored vestibule
along with large D-Doors front and back to allow easy access. The floored vestibule provides
a generous area to store your camping bags and extra gear whilst keeping them clean and dry. The tent comes with the WeatherTech System which has been wind tested to 100kph, 3,000mm water proof fly and a heavy duty PE floor ensuring optimum performance
in all conditions. An internal organiser or accessory pocket. A power chord management system. And a colour coded Coleman Durawrap Poles. This tent provides you with
an easy and quick set up. Thanks very much for watching this video on the Coleman Traveller 3P tent here. Now if you’d like to find
out further information on this tent or our other tents you can go across to our website
which is otherwise you can drop into
one of our local stores and talk to our friendly staff or thirdly you can check
out some of our other videos on tents on the YouTube channel. Cheers.

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