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  1. Review? The cops are kicking and punching a suspect. Unacceptable regardless but let's see the "2 sides" of the story.

  2. He led them on a chase… and then also tried to run from them when they came to his house… what did he possibly think the outcome will be ???

  3. This happens all the time, in every state, daily. Next time, just comply with their orders. It won't be that bad. Don't run!

  4. Officers do realize on your JOB people are going to run, spit, swear and a whole lot of other things. This does not give an officer the right to be a damn savage towards the citizens that pay taxes that go towards thier salary. I don't hive a fuck what he did, based on what you see is the abuse justified on a man that is obviously pinned down? If your answer is yes then YOU are the problem. F.O.H

  5. This is absolutely unacceptable! They can try to cover this up, sugarcoat this but the most high Yahweh knows and they will never get away with this! It is on camera in front of your face! They had no business punching him, kicking him, ganging on top of that man like that. All i want to know is to those who think this is justified, who is willing to trade places with that man and endure what he did? If you think this is ok it will be ok when it happens to you or one of your loved ones.

  6. It's Resisting Arrest. It's a crime. He obviously wasn't going without a struggle. What else can be used, but force?

  7. Simple…the cops are mad cause he ran and took their anger out on him. Them fists are fists of anger and str8 violence. Sue their asses!! And get hella paid…i just thank God Ackbar's alive!!

  8. He resisted arrest and necessary force was used you cant argue and fight back when getting arrested that's not how it works when the cop says put your hands behind your back and dont move that's what you do

  9. The criminal should've complied. If he put his hands behind his back, his rubber kid wouldn't have to lie his welfare collecting puss.

  10. These officers are paid to deal with the lowest dregs of society on a daily basis.While performing their job,a perpetrator runs and resists arrest,all the while doing anything he can to avoid being captured.The officers,not shown on camera,repeatedly ask Rogers to stop resisting,which he refuses to do.Please stop trying to make it seem like Rogers is an innocent man,had he obeyed the officers request to stop resisting,all would be well,and the officers,not knowing if he is armed,take the appropriate action.💙

  11. Stop with the fucking don’t know what happened before and don’t know what happened after! If they don’t have body cameras you need to be fired but they have to have car cameras don’t give us this bullshit you don’t know don’t know don’t know you do know

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