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  1. Nicely chopped up video, I wonder what went down in front of the Wal-Mart, and of course during the moments you clipped to make sure that this looks like a victim.

    Probably has a record can mean a ton of things from racial profiling to maybe the cops dealt with this guy before, and quite frankly if I saw this walking stereotype of ebonics I'd figure he had a record too.

  2. Congress and the WH, the USDOJ, the Supreme Court, are dead silent on this issue. They will not reform the police. They will not protect the rights and liberty and life of Black Americans.

  3. I will have someone film me cussing out a cop so wen he attacks I'll reach deep in my pockets and pull out a lawsuit

  4. You are an idiot bro. All he had to do was stop and say my bad, I was not aware that I could not ride my hobber board inside the store. I’m leaving. That’s all the officer wanted to hear.

  5. You guys have to check your facts, all of the states have laws saying "If a person engages in profane fighting words or utters a true threat with profanity, those words may not be protected speech."

  6. I'm tried of seeing police beat everyone damn I wish I could whoop there ass I just know they'll arrest me if I do thow. Bastard's hate bad cops 😡😠

  7. People like you are the reason why kids these days have an irrational sense of entitlement.

  8. I hope everyone of you who defend that cop get violently arrested at a time when you too are not breaking the law and see if your opinion changes. Mine did. I was so bias in favor of cops till they beat me and false arrested me for false charges all the while as I was respectfully calling them sir and ma'am. My being respectful didn't mean a damned thing to them at all.

  9. This is "machoism", that's the culture anymore in U.S. police departments. It's like "my dicks bigger than your, and I'm gonna' show ya'. That's all I see. Even the female cops try to act macho. Cops are douches.

  10. The officer was responding to a call. Due to this the male was detained due to the fact he was part of a call. Once he refused to give his name that’s probably cause for arrest for resisting.

  11. Not sure who is more a dumbass the mouthy kid who needed correction or this dick making this video.

  12. those same dicks that mouth off to police will do it to their teachers. They should arrest them, they won't act that way when big bubba gets to him

  13. Well, first off anyone with common sense knows not to ride a hover board inside of a store. Secondly, he was verbally abusive in a public area which is disorderly conduct, third yes you have the freedom of speech but we have limitations on our rights. And the officer had probable cause to ID considering he was breaking the law and causing a disturbance they did not show up for no reason. Ultimately, this was not a racial issue it was more of a person who thinks he’s immune to rules and gets checked for it so please stop pulling the race card and see stupidity for what it is.

  14. You can't get arrested for cursing thats ridiculous, sometimes officers arrests black for the most bogus reasons

  15. Yay police officers just because you are being dicsrecspected does not mean you have to arrest the person

  16. "wrong way" laws don't apply on private property, and almost always do not apply to pedestrians, regardless. the cops/DAs in this country break the laws all the time, banking on our inability to afford defense :-

  17. Hasan, listen. Don't ride a hoverboard in the mall in the first place, don't instigate the situation, and you won't get arrested, STUPID.

  18. As long as you aren't threatening a cop, it's not against the law to cuss them out. Disrespectful-maybe. Illegal- no

  19. the guy doing this video tells a story of an innocent black man being harassed by the cops. now… the cops do not go around randomly to places all over the world, someone has to call them. play the call that was made why the cops were there in the first place. show the video of exactly what the black was doing that got someone's attention to call the police.

  20. and this guy is talking like this is going on all over the country. so why then haven't i or anybody in my family had a single encounter with the cops in over a decade? oh i dunno, because we don't do things that draw the attention of the cops lol

  21. I hate seeing cops suspended it makes me cry but when they are killed for no reason NOW that's something to celebrate

  22. How about let’s show the police I little respect and none of this would happen why don’t he wanna talk about that

  23. This man is a race baiter why don’t he say the fax’s about white police officers killing black men because it’s lie all ppl like this man wanna do is race bait if it was as bad as he says he could give use some numbers of how many times it happens but he can’t Because it’s a lie

  24. As a police officer , you can’t simply ACT because the subject hurts your feelings , there’s no violation of the law period ! Why do you think recruits in the academy get smoked ? Meaning broken down by using offensive language against them so they don’t violate someone’s rights for simply being cursed at !

  25. No we need… more cops we need more cops standing up for themselves as well as there e brothers Not like you’d know loyalty to anyone. P.S. the servers at hooters don’t count

  26. You act like an ass….be treated like an ass period! Your right it's not a race issue…its a generation issue! Act like you got some sense in public

  27. Hey pj I bet you do all this shit from your mothers basement because you don't have a job! Come to Portland & will kick your ass!

  28. They police assholes are making me sick and I’m from Africa, Iv been watching a few of these types of videos and it makes me so damn mad like they should arrest these police motherfuckers and sentence them to prison for life without bail because they need to be stoped, police isn’t supposed to bring fear it’s supposed to bring relief I don’t even know what eles to say tho this mess up shit, sorry for my language but really now

  29. This vedio is all against cop….cops are the one who are keeping society safe…otherwise these young animals make it a jungle where no one will be safe…always respect the cops.i am with the law…and police who is keeping us safe…got respect for cops

  30. He rode a hoverboard in Walmart, He didn’t know he was unable to ride a hoverboard in Walmart, so they call the cops for him 2 leave. He left. They continued following him which was unnecessary, that’s why the guy started cussing, because he was irritated. So all of you saying that he deserved it, is wrong 🤡 the cop was HARASSING him. Period📌

  31. Wait.

    Unruly kid?

    Unruly …BLACK…kid.

    Cops and prosecutors are enforcers for the rich and shock troops for Wall St.

  32. that officer should get a promotion and a gold medal for teaching these disrespectful youth a lesson & how you should speak with police officers

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