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  1. A great way to help people and to show that you all selfless, a quality which most of the inconsiderate human beings lack in them. Cheers for your innovative idea mates! Love from India.

  2. A brilliant idea, a direct donation link would've been good
    I now need to search Busses4Homeless

  3. Wow. They are using my favourite and the best buses ever built, The ALX400's, Plaxton Presidents and many more. ☺️
    These buses will last a lot longer than the new ones plus these buses in the video are not even that old, they are much better, cheap to maintain and run than the new buses in London service. These buses in the video don't even polut that much anyway because of the new exhaust system on them which means these older and better buses produce the same amount of emissions as a hybrid vehicle which means that TfL are wasting money on new buses that won't even last as long, much more expensive to run and maintain, have very complex systems and break down or have more problems more frequently than the older buses.

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