Crazy Extreme Punishments Given To Prisoners

Crazy Extreme Punishments Given To Prisoners

Albert Einstein once said if you put your
hand on a hot stove for a minute it seems like an hour and if you sit with a pretty
girl for an hour, it seems like a minute. We expect the same applies to prison. A minute in jail would seem like forever and
an hour of freedom would seem like a minute. Imagine, then, how some must feel when sentenced
to a thousand years of imprisonment. Imagine serving the longest day with just
999 years and 364 days remaining. But how did people end up with the longest
prison sentences ever? The following list of individuals given the
longest sentences only includes those not sentenced to a life imprisonment but instead
given a specific amount of time in years. So, here we will mention that we have purposefully
omitted such people as Terry Nichols who earned 161 life sentences for his role in the Oklahoma
City bombing, or Martin Bryant who received more than 35 life sentences for the Port Arthur
massacre. The reason for this is that a life sentence
means different things in different locations so their exact time is impossible to compare. In parts of the Netherlands, for example,
a life sentence means that you are jailed literally until you die, which would of course
would vary from person to person. And some countries don’t even have life
imprisonment as an available option for sentencing. This includes Spain, Mexico, and Serbia. So, for clarity’s sake we are sticking to
more universal and exact sentencing of a specific year timeframe. Now, let’s begin! In tenth place on our list of the longest
prison sentences ever is Ines del Rio Prada who was given a 3,828-year punishment. We’re talking centuries here, and dozens
of them. Now THAT is a long time. Clearly, those determining her fate were sending
a message. But what did she do to inspire it? Her many crimes were carried out as a member
of ETA, a separatist group associated with regions of Spain and France. This group is well-known to be violent and
Prada played a large role in many of its most destructive actions. This likely included countless additional
killings, but it was the 1986 Plaza Republica Dominicana bombing for which Prada was convicted. The car bomb used in the attack was equipped
with over 77 pounds (35 kilos) of explosives and lethal shrapnel and fitted with a remote-control
detonator. It left 23 dead and 32 wounded. Those injured included civilians. The dead were members of the police force
on their way to further training and traveling via bus. The blast sent the bus flying in the air. However, despite this, Prada would not actually
end her days in prison. She was released in 2013, against efforts
of the Spanish government to prevent it. The European Court of Human Rights had intervened
on her behalf and she walked out a free person. The ninth longest sentence on our list is
the 4,797 years given to the Spaniard Henri Parot. This was a well-earned punishment. Parot is part of the ETA as well, and so it
should be no surprise that he was guilty of many atrocities. In fact, he was convicted of as many as 26
murders as well as 166 further attempts at murder. Thankfully, he isn’t more accurate. Among other crimes, Parot was found guilty
for his role in the 1987 ETA Zaragoza Barracks bombing. Again, the attack used a large car bomb and
targeted the Civil Guard, this time when they were sleeping. However, it also hit and killed their families. The 11 dead included three women and several
children. Among them were 2-year-old twins. The week before the prime minister had made
a statement suggesting that terrorists were losing their edge. Many believed that ETA would soon be forced
to open negotiations. Clearly, if this was true, they weren’t
backing down without a fight. But many would pay for their actions including
Parot, who is still serving time for his crimes. Five men from Guatemala tie for eighth place
at 6,060 years in our list of longest prison sentences. Their crimes focused on a small area in the
middle of north Guatemala and they were soldiers at the time. What they did there was particularly heinous,
even to those well familiar with all kinds of criminal offenses. On December 6th, they worked as a part of
a unit of Kaibil special forces to attack the town of Dos Erres. They collectively killed as many as 250 men,
women, and children over the span of three days and then left their remains in a well
near some fields. By the time they moved on, as far as we know,
there was no one left living. It took years and the efforts of both the
US and Guatemalan authorities to bring any of those responsible to justice and all five
of these men were living in the US when they were arrested. Darron Anderson was sentenced to the seventh
longest term in prison, with 11,250 years behind bars. This is a little surprising given the nature
of his crimes. Anderson and two others repeatedly and brutally
assaulted an elderly woman, though Anderson was not present when his accomplices first
noticed her at a gas station. The other two followed her and rammed her
car while she drove so she lost control and went off the road. She was then raped repeatedly in different
locations. Anderson appeared on the scene later, trading
places with one of the original men and violently assaulting Stucky at a motel. Eventually she was able to dial “0” and
get assistance. In the end, he was given 2,250 years for all
he had done. However, Anderson tried what countless criminals
have attempted before him and appealed this sentence in hopes of a better one. This wasn’t the best decision, as he was
convicted again, and this time an additional 9,500 years were added to his existing sentence. Although he did later have this hefty sum
reduced by 500 years. Lucky him. And, he also went down in Guinness World Record
history. That’s right, he holds a claim to fame as
the criminal with the greatest jail term following an appeal. We’re sure he is celebrating. Allan Wayne McLaurin earns a spot on our list
with the sixth lengthiest jail sentencing of 21,250 years as an accomplice to Darron
Anderson in the robbing, kidnapping, and rape of a woman. He was given the greater jail term as the
one who initially kidnapped and assaulted the victim. However, McLaurin appealed this decision. It’s a good thing he did too, as it got
him 500 years fewer. So, that only leaves him with what, around
20,750 years to go? The fifth longest sentence was handed down
to Charles Scott Robinson of 30,000 years. The 8-time felon had his fate sealed after
just a 35-minute jury deliberation and he was convicted of six counts and assigned 5,000
for each due to savage acts against a 3-year-old victim. Prior crimes included burglary and concealing
and being in possession of stolen property. Life without parole was not an option for
the jury, which led them to do the next best thing: give him thousands of years sentencing. As he maliciously preyed upon the defenseless
and innocent, they didn’t want to see him back in society. The Corrections Department did eventually
commute the sentences to six life terms of 45 years, but the judge on the case had expected
this. He ordered all to be served consecutively. What this means is that once Robinson is up
for parole for one life sentence 13 to 15 years later, he’ll have to wait another
13 to 15 years for each of the ones that remain. Only then will he actually be eligible to
leave prison. That’s 13 to 15 years times six. In other words, the soonest he could be let
free would be in 78 years when he is 108 years old. Three Spanish men, Emilio Suarez Trashorras,
Jamal Zougam, and Otman el-Gnaoui, earned sentences of 34,715 years, 42,922 years, and
42,924 years respectively, or the fourth, third, and second longest sentences ever. Together, they were responsible for an act
in 2004 that was labeled the deadliest since the second World War. It was the worst ever in Spain’s history. It took place on March 11 of 2004, three days
before the general elections. Unfortunately, no one knew what was coming. 10 separate blasts on four commuter trains
detonated within minutes of each other. 191 were left dead and almost 2,000 were wounded. At first the act was attributed to the violent
separatist group ETA that both Prada and Parot belonged to. However, before long the investigation’s
focus turned to al-Qeida. This greatly influenced the subsequent election,
as the prime minister in charge had supported the US Iraq invasion. Needless to say, a new party was voted in
not long after and he was replaced. The three men given thousands-of-year sentences
were part of a much larger operation that involved a minimum of 18 additional terrorists. Trashorras, Zougam, and el-Gnaoui were ultimately
quite lucky to be citizens of Spain, where laws dictate that they will serve at most
40 years for their crimes, not the thirty to forty thousand of their sentences. Finally, Chamoy Thipyaso of Thailand tops
our list with the longest sentence of all at a whopping 141,078 years for a crime that
actually set the Guinness world record for corporate fraud. Her crimes involved the use of a pyramid scheme. To succeed, she abused the trust and connections
she held as the spouse of a high-ranking Royal Thai Air Force officer and as an employee
of the Petroleum Authority of Thailand. She also hardly looked criminal. Young, attractive, with raven black hair and
thick eyelashes she may have used charm to her advantage. In any case, she along with seven others ran
what’s known as a chit fund in the 1960s. Those who invested in it believed that they
owned shares in oil and would enjoy high returns. Of course, they were wrong on both counts
and their money was only used to line Chamoy and her accomplices’ pockets. 16,231 people were defrauded in this way for
decades. In the end, all of those in top government
positions were compensated for their losses. We assume the less powerful were not. After restitutions were made, her trial began. Luckily for Chamoy, a Thai law passed that
same year made it so that fraud convictions came with limits for allowable sentences. Her 141,078 years were far in excess of that
amount. It capped punishment at twenty, which while
still long, is next to nothing in comparison. But, get this, in the end she didn’t serve
even this much. After eight years behind bars she was released,
serving less than half the allowable maximum penalty. So
what do you think, do the crimes fit the punishment? Were some of these criminals whose sentences
were cut short in some way let off too easy? Let us know in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our other video
This Man Spent 43 Years In Isolation! Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t
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  1. I'm sorry i dont do justicial work but i'm from The Netherlands and i'm pretty sure there arent diffrent parts of the netherlands for the courtsystem.
    It's one country so life in prison here means the same in every province.

  2. What was the longest duration of a house arrest without electronic devices you've had and how did you deal with it?

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  4. 1:21 In Serbia the largely petitioned Tijana's Law was accepted. This means anyone who abuses a child gets life imprisonment with no forgiveness.

  5. Believe it or not but take it from someone whos done plenty of years in prison…it goes bye fast. Ur beginning statements i dont agree with

  6. I was in prison in florida with a young white guy who buried 4 people alive and got almost 700 years. Real life. I seen more. Thats one example of quite a few

  7. When u go to prison they give u a paper with ur release date on it. Those with life sentences say year 99999999…. Meaning basically who knows

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  9. In the netherlands life sentence means 20 years, we believe prison is a proces for rehabilitation and not a punishment

  10. wait a life sentence in the netherlands my country is 25 years in prison and interment in a mental hospital after maybe called tbs. so that thing about a life sentence needs to be revised.

  11. Just their luck some medical breakthrough will come through that allows people to live indefinitely, and they'll have to serve the length of their sentences. lol!

  12. What happened to the original narrator for these videos? I have not heard him narrate any new videos in a very long time.

  13. On the off chance one of these people survives their entire sentence.
    It'll cost roughly 9 billion to keep them alive, not adjustin for inflation (so probably more)

  14. It makes no sense to sentence a prisoner thousands of years in prison. Shouldn’t 70 years or 100 years be more realistic.

  15. I think the title is wrong..
    Would an extreme punishment not be people being judged harshly?

    This is like guiness highest prison sentences lol

  16. Judge: I sentence you to 300 years in prison!!!
    Prisoner: *serves 300 years* Can I leave now?
    Future Judge: NANI?!

  17. Your saying these people killed a few people for a cause they believe in,,,,,,,,, but it's ok when the Americans drop a atomic bomb on Japan and 70 000 people men,women and children for a cause they believed In I believe that's what your saying !

  18. Eeeehhh In The Netherlands, a life sentence isn’t really a life sentence anymore. Once you served 20 to 25 years in prison, you can actually make a comeback.

  19. Do you think they will ever know we corrupt and give thousands of years sentences for job security? This way we paid for LIFE!!

  20. How can people serve these prison sentences? The prisoners will die WAY before the end of their sentence. Life expectancy is only around 81 years. How can people spend thousands of years in prison?! That's impossible! Even the judges and lawyers that gave them the sentence and the guards who put them in prison would be dead WAY before thousands of years.

  21. There is a HUGE difference between 900 years in prison and Life. If you have an expected release date, even if it's in the year 3455, you are eligible for programs and work while in prison. If you have a life sentence you do not get those programs.

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